Mobile Legends Lylia Guide: Best Build, Emblem and Gameplay Tips

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Lylia is fun to play type hero, who leaves her footprints all over the battlefield while wrecking her enemies in Mobile Legends. She is a very powerful mage who can dominate both early and late game very easily. Before releasing in the original server she got buffed and after launch, she got nerfed. But now she got buffed again ( skill 1 lower CD). So as an early game damage dealer or as a buff invader, Lylia is a perfect mage to play. If your enemy got squishy heroes don’t think twice to pick Lylia. In this guide, we will be seeing these ban-worthy hero skills, items, emblem, as well as some tips and tricks on how to play Lylia in Mobile Legends.

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Mobile Legends heroes like Ling, WanwanPharsaCarmillaSilvanna, HayabusaAtlasLuo YiYu Zhong, Aurora, Khaleed, Freya, Khufra, X.Borg, Lesley, Tigreal, Valir, Cecilion. So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Lylia.

Skill Analysis

Lylia is a hero that has four abilities which are one passive and three actives. In this Lylia guide, let’s see what are her abilities in Mobile Legends, and when you can use which skill to get the best out of her.

Passive – Angry Gloom

passive skill

When the energy dot will turn into a gloom, she will get power from that gloom and increasing her movement speed by 15%. The gloom can be upgraded up to five times and each time it will increase its detonation damage. After a successful trigger, the damage can be stacked up to four times and the maximum increased movement speed will be 35%.

Skill 1 – Magic Shockwave (AoE)

skill 1

Skill 1 is basically an attack wave, she will release a gloom or a furry ball in a designated direction which will slowdown enemies by 40% for 1.5 seconds while dealing 250/300/350/400/450/500 amount of magical damage.

Its an AoE skill so it hits all enemies in its path. If her skill 1 hits the shadow energy it will turn into the gloom, explode, and deal with magic burst damage.

Skill 2 – Shadow Energy (AoE)

skill 2

Lylia will place shadow energy balls in the area, this can be stacked up to five times. If you place it near enemy units it deals magic damage and slows them down by 80%.

When you hit the enemy only with the energy it will deal 100/110/120/130/140/150/160 amount of magic damage, but when you detonate it with your skill 1 it will deal 250/275/300/325/350/375/400 amount of damage. This is an activated skill in level 1, but it can be leveled up like other skills.

The skill effect like Zask’s spawner, whenever you leave the place or it goes out of your screen view area they will disappear.

Skill 3 – Black Shoes (Blink)

Skill 3

The shoe following her keeps a track of her state that she had four seconds ago including position, HP, Mana. Whenever you press the skill it will take her back to the past state while refilling shadow energy stacks and HP Regen by 10%/15%/20%. Casting this skill will also increase her movement speed for 2sec/3sec/4sec.

Skill-up Method for Lylia

Max out skill 1 first followed by skill 2 and Ultimate whenever available.

Best Emblem Set and Spells for Lylia in Mobile Legends

Emblem Set

Mage emblem is most suitable for Lylia, cause its final talent point to decrease the value of your item by 10%.

Mobile Legends Lylia Guide Mage emblem
Emblem Set of Lylia
  • Mastery(+1),Agility(+2)
  • Observation(+3)
  • Mystery Shop(+1)

If you want more movement speed then you can put your all talent points in Agility in 1st row.

Use this Magic emblem only if your mage emblem talent points are lower than this emblem. However, if you want to read an in-depth emblem guide, check here.

Mobile Legends Lylia Guide Magic Emblem
Emblem Set of Lylia
  • Energy(+3)
  • Desire(+2),Observation(+1)
  • Magic Power Surge(+1)


Retribution is the best battle spell for her and it is very suitable for your item build. But in case you don’t trust your teammates or enemy team got too many CC heroes then you can use Flicker, Sprint, and Purify too.

Best Builds for Lylia in Mobile Legends

Build 1

Mobile Legends Lylia Guide Build 1
Build Set 1 for Lylia in Mobile Legends
  • Demon shoes (for mana purpose)
  • Lightning Truncheon (amplified damage after every 3 sec)
  • Calamity Reaper (basic attack will deal additional damage)
  • Divine Glaive (if life >70%,extra magic pen)
  • Concentrated Energy (after each kill, hp refill)
  • Holy Crystal (extra magic damage)

In this build we mainly focus on pure magic damage, if you want extra safety then build Immortality in place of Holy Crystal. We recommend you retribution spell with this build so don’t forget to buy jungle blade and upgrade it to level 2.

Build 2

Mobile Legends Lylia Guide Build 2
Build Set 2 for Lylia in Mobile Legends
  • Arcane boots (more magic pen)
  • Lightning Truncheon
  • Fleeting Time(skill timer reduced)
  • Winter Truncheon(physical defense plus 2-sec immune)
  • Concentrated Energy
  • Genius Wand (extra movement speed)

If your enemy team has too many CC heroes or 2 Assassins then you can try this build. In this build, you will get an extra defense with your magic power. You may have to change some items according to the enemy. But remember Lightning Truncheon is the core item for her.

Mobile Legends Lylia Gameplay Tips

Lylia can start with any lane, either she can go inside lanes or play in mid depending according to your team pick. But all she has to do is support her teammates. When it comes to gameplay, we can break it down in two phases. Our Lylia guide includes the perfect game plan for the early and mid/late game in Mobile Legends. However, a player must need a good understanding of the map to bring the best out of any hero.

Early Game

Start with mid lane, it’s your best lane to level up quickly. First, buy a magic necklace with your gold, then you don’t have to recall time and again for mana shortage. If you took Retribution then your next item should be Beast killer(don’t upgrade it to max level, level 2 is enough).In this stage bully your enemy and play aggressive. If you think that -you will only farm in the early game and after building all of your items you will attack enemy then that is a no situation.

Early  Game with Lylia in mobile legends
In-game action with Lylia

Lylia’s main purpose is to poke the enemy and kill them in the early game. Try to take blue buff if your assassin doesn’t take it or else invade enemy red with your Tank. Don’t stand still in one place for a long time, try to roam in bushes. Clear other lanes minion or help your carry for a successful gank. In order to do massive damage with your skill 2, you have to hit them first with your skill 1, then spam the gloom with the help of your skill 2 stacks. Once the chain reaction started your enemy will be gone.

Mid/Late Game

Try to stack your skill 2, don’t just use it anywhere (skill 1 is enough to clearing minions). Keep that in mind, you can no doubt use your ultimate to refill your skill2 stacks but in this way you will lose your only escape skill, so use it wisely.

During a big team fight (5v5 gank) first use your skill 2 (5 stacks damage) with skill 1, in that time if your hp is low or you are out of stacks press your ultimate but only if you know enemies MM/Assassins‘s position. Your first priority is always to help your team so try to farm enemy jungles whenever you get chance. In the late phase try to rotate with your tank or direct them to rotate with you and follow minimap to do more successful gank. Remember to follow your shoes. It’s not only an escape tool, but it will also provide you a vision on the map. So during your movement use the brain and place your shoes in a safe place. When you get CC’ed by enemy don’t panic just try to click skill 3 and Bingo you back with nearly maxed HP.

Use this Skill Combo, whenever needed:

Skill1+Skill 2 (usable 5 times)+Skill1+Skill 3

Mobile Legends heroes that can counter Lylia                      

Heroes with hard CC skill and long stun effect can prove to be a strong counter for Lylia.

  1. Selena
  2. Guinevere
  3. Franco
  4. Chou

That’s all for today’s guide about Lylia in Mobile Legends. Do you prefer to use Lylia in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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