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GodLJonathan10: How does the destructive Indian PUBG Mobile player fare on the global stage

Who’s better? Hear from the experts!

Who’s the best esports player in PUBG Mobile now? There is no precise answer to this question. Because in the competitive scenario, every single player in every part of the world has the potential to put up a good fight against one another. Despite that, some of the players do end up fascinating the audience’s eyes with their god-like performance. For a small country of India, PUBG Mobile was banned for around 10 months, before it saw Jonathan Amaral aka Jonathan10 was making his mark in the pro scene! Months and years have gone by, PUBG Mobile has been relaunched in India in the form of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). These months have seen Jonathan10 switch organisations, joining GodLike Esports. In this piece, we will break down GodLJonathan10 as a player here, how he stands in PUBG Mobile against the Chinese and global players from outside the world.

Most Team Finishes by GODLIKE Esports
Image via Krafton

We did not take any fan theories, vote results or any other random opinions into account. This can be considered a critical analysis from our point of view. Despite the game being named differently in different places, it is a point of debate to consider who is the best in the world.

Rise of TSMentJonathan

Jonathan Amaral, now known as GodLJonathan10, is, arguably regarded as India’s best assaulter and one of the best in the world now. Like most of us, he started playing PUBG Mobile just for fun. He took his inspiration from Mortal, Sc0ut and Chinese professional players to play better. Starting from Season 2, he quickly found out the improvement he is doing in this game and ended up joining a clan named “Skull”.

PMCO Grand Finals Scorecard
Image via PMCO Grand Finals

On the 14th of June, 2019, Skull clan failed to qualify for the semi-final of PMCO Spring Split for just 2 points. In that tournament, Abhijeet Andhare aka Ghatak was playing for ORB, who recognized his potential. He offered him to play for his team. After some days, Team Entity formed its PUBG Mobile roster, where Jonathan was included. Showing some dashing performance in tournaments, TSMentJonathan was able to attract the limelight on him.

Jonathan: A hacker who does not use hacks

Other Esports players have previously criticized Jonathan at a point in time, as they thought he was using hacks. Even ScOut reported his id to Tencent to ban him from PUBG Mobile! Everyone thought he was not playing in a legit manner. It looked unbelievable from a long distance, how he played that well taking no extra facilities. The mid and long-range sprays of him are something opponents don’t want to fall under.

GodLJonathan10 PUBG Mobile global
Image via PUBG India Series 2020

Some of his achievements would add up to the above argument, of why he is named a hacker. Entity Gaming became the champions of the PMCO Fall Split in the November of 2019. They won a prize amount of $60,000 and also qualified for the PUBG Mobile Global Finals. TSMentJonathan10 secured 28 kills that brought him 4th position in the highest kill leaderboard. He became the MVP on PUBG Mobile India Series, while his team won the championship title. In PMIS 2020, he secured 16 kills alone in a semi-final and set a record of the highest kills in the PUBGM Esports scenario.

After TSM took the decision to disband their PUBG Mobile roster, the roster consisting of Jonathan was acquired by GodLike Esports. GodLJonathan10 now aspired for the bigger platform as Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) was released in India.

How GodLJonathan10 is different from Esports professionals

It is a known fact that professional players play at a whole different level. But among them, GodLJonathan10 marks as one of the most dangerous players. He is so good that facing him in 1v1 is like meeting the death itself! So, what makes him so good at close range?

GodLJonathan10 PUBG Mobile global
Image via Tencent Games

He has blended himself with his gyro-sensitivity in a way that his accuracy to connect bullets is way better than the other players, especially when playing in no-scope. Headshots are crucial in a close-range fight, as players do get an upper hand by connecting bullets on the enemy’s head. He can connect headshots and move left-right (jiggle movement) quickly at the same time.

Nowadays, everyone knows how to perform a hip-fire, quick-prone, jiggle and other tricky moves. Therefore, it is getting harder to win every 1v1 combat. Here comes the point of connecting most of the bullets in such an encounter. GodLJonathan10 is the best at it.

Chinese professionals: G.O.A.T. or GOD of PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile was first released in China. Chinese players have focused primarily on zone-rotation and strategy, whereas the rest of the teams focus only on gun power. Having a destructive gun-power is a boost for any team, but, when playing a battle-royale, a proper strategy and rotation around the zones is one of the most important factors, that make a difference from the other teams.

GodLJonathan10 PUBG Mobile global
Image via Tencent Games

We have all seen the monster-like gameplay of Chinese assaulters and it seemed like others were no match for them. Chinese players are outstanding, but there are some extraordinary players other than China. We spectated how Fnatic dominated in PEC. We have also not forgotten how global players have clutched against the Chinese teams. The domination of a team does not show its actual performance. Rather, teams that can perform intellectually when rotating and taking fights, are the good ones.

We believe that the best players do come from the best teams. No one can become “the best” individually. So, we cannot say that the Chinese are built different in PUBG Mobile. They are just too good and consistent.

Reasons which make the Chinese players stand apart

Teams in esports tournaments are obliged under an in-game leader (IGL). A team that does everything in a match is controlled by him. He takes in-game decisions single-handedly. The consistent and reputed Chinese teams do not rely on a single person’s decision. Rather they do trust their teammates, every action is taken based on their synergy. Yes, despite having an IGL too, he is not the one, who makes all decisions by himself. Opinions from other players do matter when playing.

GodLJonathan10 PUBG Mobile global
Image via PUBG Mobile Club Open

Another thing is, Chinese teams do play in harder settings. There is aim assist, FPP tourneys, no hit markers or footstep markers has made their reflexes a lot faster than the global players. Therefore, when playing the global version, things have become a lot easier to handle. Game for Peace offers an extra advantage over PUBG Mobile/ Therefore, these Chinese players can master new things and get used to them quickly.

GodLJonathan10 vs Chinese players

Therefore, now the bigger question is “Is GodLJonathan10 better than Chinese professionals?”. What actually happens to the GodLJonathan10 v Chinese standoff?

GodLJonathan10 PUBG Mobile global
Image via PUBG India Series

Acknowledging someone as the individual best would give rise to deep controversy. Battle-royale is a kind of game where only skill can’t save you. GodLJonathan10 is admittedly one of the best players in PUBG Mobile, and so are the Chinese. We cannot just switch to any claims whether he is the best. Because, not only GodLJonathan10, there are a few players with skills like him out there.

Every player has his style of playing, gun preferences and has a different in-game role. Based on these criteria, the proper comparison is not possible either way. Chinese players study the game so well, that they have started every meta, which we have seen in PUBG Mobile ever. Who had imagined that UMP47 would be used in competitive tournaments?

PMGC 2021: Jonathan failed or GodL failed

The PMGC 2021 has recently finished which saw Nova Esports have ended up as champions. GodLike Esports, despite getting a chicken dinner in the final map of the tournament, failed miserably. Prior to that, there was a lot of controversy around GodLike Esports as they got the invitation to the PMGC, which generally would go to the winners of the BGIS 2021. The top 3 teams for the tournament failed to make the cut due to eligibility criteria, which saw GodLike Esports represent India on the global stage.

Among the other teams, GodLike Esports had a fair amount of experience on the international stage. GodLike Esports fared miserably, finishing 13 out of the total 16 teams. They failed to create much impact, being caught out of rotations and was finished, as they could not take up fights at advantageous positions.

PMGC 2021 Champion Standings
PMGC 2021 Final Standings (Image via PUBG Mobile Esports)

Therefore, now a question does arise, “Jonathan failed or GodL?”. There are some things that need to be cleared first to answer this question. A player can’t perform completely, without proper coordination with teammates. From what we saw in the just-concluded PMGC, it was clear that GodLike Esports was a tad arrogant and a bit overconfident, taking other teams lightly. They lacked in making proper rotations, pushed blindly to the other teams. They just failed to study the other teams properly.

With the inclusion of Saumraj from SkyLightz Gaming on the final map, it was able to take a chicken dinner. Even with a moderate final day, it was not enough to place them even in the top ten. Putting the performance of players’ aside, GodLike Esports have failed its fan base and the supporters. GodLJonathan10 has failed to make a mark in the global stage of PUBG Mobile.

Position of GodLJonathan10 in the PUBG Mobile global stage

After the poor performance in PMGC 2021, the ability to be consistent, the downgrade in the performance of GodLike Esports is very clear. GodLJonathan10 did not play up to the mark at the global PUBG Mobile stage. Teams like NAVI, NGX, or even NRx while showing their rise, we only managed to see the downfall of Jonathan and the gang. Here are 5 reasons why NOVA Esports have won the PMGC 2021. The point difference between Nova and second-placed NaVi was 47, which clearly shows the domination level of the defending champions.

Final Thoughts

It is a common thing that players will be compared to each other. Mostly, the crazy fans are always eager to put them in scales. They try to establish every argument on behalf of their loved ones. Driven by emotions and their feelings to the game, it’s permissible to do so. Yet, being a supporter of anyone does not mean that the other players are not worthy. We should not spread any hate towards anyone. Maintaining a sound community should be every supporter’s goal.

What are your thoughts on the performance of GodLJonathan10 on the PUBG Mobile global stage? Let us know in the comments below!

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