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Roma e Gloria!

The eFootball PES Iconic Moments has been well accepted by the eFootball community within a very short time of its release. Football fans can now relive and cherish the favorite and memorable moments of their favorite clubs and players, while also playing with them in the game. Previously we have discussed the Iconic Moments sets of several top clubs. In this installment, we’d be discussing the Italian giants AS Roma and their Iconic Moments. We would be analyzing the players’ attributes, and suggest the best playing styles and formations for them. Hence, make sure to read till the end.

Whenever any new AS Roma Iconic Moments are released in PES 2021 or eFootball what we call it from the next season, this review will be updated with the new set of players. We have previously reviewed the Iconic Moments players of the following clubs from PES 2020, so feel free to check those reviews out.

PES 2020 Iconic Moments

PES 2021 Iconic Moments

PES 2021: AS Roma Iconic Moments

We currently have four AS Roma Iconic Moments released in PES 2021 this year. Whenever any new AS Roma Iconic Moments are released in PES 2021, this article will be updated with the new set of players.


Playing Style: The Destroyer

Looking back at the Iconic Match

15th December 1996, Roma vs Napoli at the Stadio Olimpico. The goalkeepers on both ends, Sterchele on the Roma end, and Taglialatela on the Napoli end had to make numerous saves throughout the match. Taglialatela’s day was just 12 minutes away from a perfect clean sheet, however, the Brazilian stopper had something else in his mind. At the end of a superb counterattack by Roma in the 78th minute, the Napoli keeper somehow made a great save however, the rebound fell in favor of Aldair who made his run across the field into the opposition box. The ball as it bounced back off the keeper’s gloves came at a suitable height for Aldair to dive in and head it home, giving Roma the lead.

Adlair - AS Roma Iconic Moments
Adlair – AS Roma Iconic Moments

This moment went on to become an Iconic moment for many occasions. A penalty save as well in the match by the Napoli keeper made sure the scoreline was 1-0, and the match belonged to Aldair. Roma finished 12th that season in Serie A eventually.

Player Analysis

As it is apparent from his stats, Aldair is a good option for purposes like tackling, ball recoveries. However, his height is a bit short for winning aerial balls. Now, considering that the players would train Aldair to the maximum level, but won’t use the club boost, Aldair’s overall counts to 95. Except for his heading and jumping (which are each of 93 ratings), the other 3 defensive stats are all above 95, with ball-winning being the highest, at 99. He also runs low on physique and stamina ratings, much lower than what a decent CB should have. In case club boost is used, his stats gain a massive boost too, with all defensive attributes rising above 95.

No less great though, having Aldair in your team has its benefits included. ‘The Destroyer’ is excellent in 1 v 1 ground defending, has a massive defensive awareness, and knows how to win back balls, with a minimum of fuss. His skills include heading, interception, and man-marking, which makes him a tough opponent to get through, on the ground as well as an attacking threat from set-pieces.

Formation Discussion

Aldair perfectly suits into any kind of 2 CB or 3 CB formation, as long as there are no other destroyer defenders alongside. It just needs to be made sure that his familiarity is 100% to the formation. Also, since Aldair has a tendency to maintain a high defensive line, it is better to use him for a possession playing style. Lastly, since he is not particularly the best for winning aerial battles, avoid using him as the central CB of a 3-man CB formation.


Playing Style: Offensive Fullback

Looking back at the Iconic Match

It was 1999’s 3rd October when Fabio Capello’s Roma faced Fiorentina at the Stadio Artemio Franchi. The outstanding Brazilian right-back didn’t take much time to make an impact in the match. At the 17th minute, he made a progress near the opposition box off the ball, because of a freekick Roma earned. The freekick bounced back off the wall, fell in front of Cafu, who didn’t take much time to react and score a banger from outside the box to the top right corner, leading Fiorentina keeper Toldo with no chance. Again, after Damiano Tommasi‘s 59th-minute goal for Roma, when Roma led 2-0, Cafu scored another similar type of goal from outside the box and found the bottom left corner this time. This 2nd goal’s celebration gets featured as an Iconic moment in the game.

Cafu - AS Roma Iconic Moments
Cafu – AS Roma Iconic Moments

The game eventually finished 3-1 to Roma’s favor, and interestingly, the sole scorer for Fiorentina was Gabriel Batistuta, who gets featured next in our article. With this victory, Roma maintained their 5 games unbeaten run at the beginning of that season, however, they lost the next match to Juventus and finally finished 6th in Serie A that season.

Player Analysis

Cafu is arguably one of the best right-backs to have played the beautiful game. The Brazilian World Cup winner has all the stats necessary for being a fullback under an attacking-minded gamer. A fully boosted Cafu has 93 shooting and speed, besides having all the other stats more or less nearby 85. Included with 99 stamina, he can put in ‘pinpoint crosses’ and ‘long throws’. However, his crosses are lesser clinical than those from Trent or Roberto Carlos, but mind that Cafu can conveniently cross with his both feet.

Defensively he also is pretty decent, but his attacking attributes supersedes the defensive ones. Particularly, the ‘long range shooting’ ability, inspired by the brace from the original Iconic moment match puts the final garnish.

Formation Discussion

It is obvious Cafu can be best played under an attacking-minded manager. Possession play or counterattack doesn’t matter as long as familiarity is 100%. He can be a decent addition in a 4-man or 5-man defense. However, for a 3-man defense, he can also be played as an RMF, but don’t expect good defending from him then. As Cafu’s strength is comparatively low, try playing him under an ‘all-out defense’ manager. In case you have a FITB striker, don’t hesitate to put in early crosses from Cafu.

Gabriel Batistuta

Playing Style: Fox in the Box

Looking back at the Iconic Match

The day was the final matchday in Serie A, on 17th June 2001. With Juventus just 2 points behind them, a victory was what Roma needed. Any other result would be doing no favor. However, a determined Roma side proved too strong for Gigi Buffon’s Parma. Roma took the lead within 19 minutes with Totti’s goal. The lead doubled itself with Montella’s 39th-minute goal. However, it was the 31-year-old Batistuta’s 78th-minute goal that got celebrated the most across the Stadio Olimpico that day. With that goal, Roma sealed the victory, and Italy knew their new league champion. It was Roma’s 3rd ever league title, and it was majorly brought to them by this Argentinian.

Batistuta- AS Roma Iconic Moments
Batistuta- AS Roma Iconic Moments

Signed from Fiorentina that very season, Batistuta became an instant hero for the Roma fans. Although he wasn’t Serie A’s top scorer that season, he was Roma’s highest scorer with 21 goals across all competitions. The moment he won that game for Roma is considered as an Iconic moment in the game.

Player Analysis

Being a Fox in the Box, Batistuta has better shooting and finishing stats than speed, dribbling. His kicking power, finishing, offensive awareness, the comfort of using both feet make him a lethal force anywhere near the box. Be it inside or just outside the box, Batistuta is one of the best finishers in the game. He’s a good option for heading home balls from crosses and setpieces too. As his strength rating is on the higher side, he can also be used as a target man, or someone to shield balls against defenders, turn and make up the play. Although mentioned earlier too, considering his age to be 31, he still has a decent speed when on the ball in-game.

Batistuta also is able to use knuckle and rising shots, which makes him a decent freekick taker too. However, his low stamina is an issue, hence he might show his fatigue towards the end of the game.

Formation discussion

A key point to remember while using Batistuta is that he should be played only as a CF and nothing else, for extracting the best out of him. Also, it won’t be wise to use him as the sole forward. Using him in a 4-4-2, 3-5-2, 5-3-2, 4-3-1-2, or any other 2 CF formation works best for him as long as there are players to feed him balls inside the box.

Francesco Totti

Playing Style: Classic No.10

Looking back at the Iconic Match

Roma and Francesco Totti need no introduction together. The moment Konami wanted us to recall, was from the 2006 season’s away game against Sampdoria on 26th November 2006. More than Roma’s 4-2 victory in that match, it was Totti’s goal that grabbed the attention worldwide. The lobbed ball from Cassetti was beautifully volleyed in by Totti from a tough angle on the left side of the goalpost. The signature thumb-sucking celebration followed, which is also available in the game.

Totti - AS Roma Iconic Moments
Totti – AS Roma Iconic Moments

Roma finished runners-up in that season’s Serie A but eventually did end the season with a Coppa Italia, under captain Totti. He was undoubtedly Roma’s top goalscorer that season with 32 goals across all competitions.

Player Analysis

Totti has decent finishing and passing stats. His dribbling is no less impressive. However, the only drawback of him in the game is his speed. With club boost, his speed reaches a maximum of 80, which is considerably low. His heading and jumping are poor too, which doesn’t make him a wise choice for the CF position.

He has a decent curl on his feet too for tough angled finishes. His injury resistance is low, but that doesn’t stop Totti from putting in some delightful assists, since he is too good with his passes, both grounded and lobbed. A classic no.10 Totti can be a good addition to the squad which plays possession keeping football from outside the box.

Formation discussion

Totti can be best played as an SS or an AMF right behind a CF. Him being the sole CF won’t be the best of choices. He can also be played as a CF, but with another CF beside him, or maybe as a false 9 too. As his heading isn’t that good, of course, he won’t make a good sole CF. Formations like 4-4-1-1 with an SS are the best for him. Any other AMF containing formation suits him, as long as the manager prefers possession play. Totti is too slow for counterattacks.

With this, we come to a conclusion to our AS Roma Iconic Moments guide. Make sure you drop your suggestions on the aforementioned players’ gameplay. We also have guides for other teams’ iconic moments too, do check them out.

Which AS Roma Iconic Moments do you have in PES 2021 and what are your thoughts about them? So, let us know in the comment section below!

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