eFootball PES 2021: Inter Milan Iconic Moments Review

Once an Interista, always an Interista

eFootball PES 2021 has definitely upped the ante when it comes to the releases of Iconic Moments. Since the Datapack 2.0 update, users can relive match-winning performances from all the legends of the game in coin packs where several clubs have their icons up for grab. Several users have a great array of Iconic Moment players over a set of different clubs, with some mainly focusing on collecting Iconics from their favorite clubs. End of the day, it all depends on luck. With legends being easily churned out in the game slowly, Iconic Moments players can add to the real glam of your squad. Despite the odds to get an Iconic Moment player is very low, many players try their luck to get one. Continuing our Iconic Moments review series, in this article, we shall review the Inter Milan Iconic Moments in PES 2021.

Whenever any new Inter Milan Iconic Moments are released, this review will be updated with the new set of players. We have previously reviewed the Iconic Moments players of the following clubs from PES 2020, so feel free to check those reviews out.

PES 2020 Iconic Moments

PES 2021 Iconic Moments

Inter Milan Iconic Moments

We currently these three Inter Milan Iconic Moments that have been released in PES 2021 this year, with all of them being added in Datapack 4.0. Whenever any new Inter Milan Iconic Moments are released, this review will be updated with the new set of players.

Ivan Zamorano

Playing Style: Fox in the Box

Looking back at the Iconic Match

Inter Milan faced Lazio on 6 May 1998 at the Parc des Princes with around 45000 fans in attendance. It was the first single-legged UEFA Cup final. Both teams were coming off a stellar campaign, with both the Italian sides dominating every opponent they faced. However, Inter Milan got the better of Lazio as they beat them 3-0 to win the title.

Zamorano initially opened the scoring in the fourth minute, getting the end of the long pass from Diego Simeone. It followed with both teams looking for scoring opportunities, but the scoreline remained 1-0. 15 minutes into the 2nd half, Inter Milan’s Javier Zanetti then doubled Inter’s lead with a fierce right-footed strike mid-way through the second half with the assist provided by Ivan Zamorano. Ronaldo then sealed the win with Inter’s third soon after, getting his way past Marchegiani before slotting home for his 6th goal of the tournament. After Inter almost sealing the win, Zamorano was subbed off at the 74th minute, after providing a solid performance.

Player Analysis

Zamorano comes across as an interesting CF. Not well-rounded poaching stats like other CFs of his profile, neither has the dribbling and creativity of other CFs. Just like his Legend version, a Fox in the Box playstyle to start with, Zamorano’s game basically lies in his forward runs and positioning. His offensive awareness is very good, and that 95 stat is surely a very good reflection of that. Zamorano lies centrally most of the game, and his runs are also in central positions which means teams with narrow formations can get the best of him.

Inter Milan Zamorano

His dribbling is below average, to be honest, and his first touches aren’t the best either. But on the ball, his close control is pretty decent. This means after his first touch he can hold the ball in tight spaces and then shoot. Finishing wise, no complaints, a very good finisher of the ball, with almost the necessary shooting skills a striker needs. While his weak footed shots aren’t accurate, it does finish the task wherever needed. His Heading skills are really good, coupled with that offensive awareness, players can notice him sneaking in spaces left in the box to go for the headers.

Passing is another issue, really inconsistent, and this troubles a lot whenever players need to have a quick 1-2s. Even with One Touch Pass skill, passing could have been better but still, it is not. Physicality to push defenders off is good and balance isn’t a problem. Another big plus is his conditioning, with 8 form stat, he remains in the best (green) condition most of the time.

Formation Discussion

He fits well in 2CF formations. As a lone CF, Zamorano needs to be played alongside wingers who make runs to the box. 4-2-2-2, 4-3-1-2 are the best ones, while him being used for poaching purpose only.

Luis Figo

Playing Style: Prolific Winger

Looking back at the Iconic Match

Table-toppers Inter Milan faced Parma FC on 20th November 2005 in Guiseppe Meazza. Inter needed to win to keep their first place on hold, as Parma also needed a draw at least to stay in the Top 10 race. However, it was the former that got the better of the other, as Inter secured a 2-0 win thanks to 2nd half goals by Figo and Cambiasso.

PES 2021 Inter Milan Iconic Moments

The first half was Inter domination but still couldn’t get through on goal. The 2nd half had the same story, but it all changed when Figo got the end of the Juan Veron pass and finished it with his right foot to get Inter the needed 1-0 lead at the 68th minute. After Figo got subbed off for Cambiasso, the Argentine midfielder did not waste time to bang one in just 2 minutes after he got subbed on. The performance in this match got Luis Figo a deserved PES 2021 Iconic Moments card.

Player Analysis

Just like his Legend version, Figo has similar stats here too, and has the same playstyle of Prolific Winger. This Inter Milan version card is tailor made for players those who love dribblers in-game, and Figo is an exceptional dribbler here. He possesses 95+ stats in Offensive Awareness, Ball Control and Dribbling, with all three clearly reflecting in his overall game. Being a winger, he often stays wide, but drifts inside whenever you create a scoring chance inside the box.

Inter Milan Luis Figo

Figo’s finishing is not something we are a fan of, as the same can be inconsistent at times. Long-range shots of his have the same story, so better to dribble into the box and score or create scoring opportunities. Curled shots are good too, and his outside curlers are fantastic. Figo’s creative aspect of the game is brilliant, with great passing abilities and also a very good crosser of the ball. He is great at free kicks too, so you can have him as a good option for set pieces.

He is not the quickest, but he does have a good burst in tight spaces while moving forward. Still, players might get a feeling that he gets caught up soon even after dribbling past players, but it isn’t the case all the time. Again, 8 form stat gets a good reflection of his consistency and overall making him a good contender for the spot.

Formation Discussion

Figo is best suited as RWF or a creative SS. He works best in a 4-3-3 or 3-2-2-3, with other positions of him playing with a goal poacher in a SS role like a 4-2-3-1 with a fixed SS to take advantage of his incredible passing.

Lothar Matthaus

Playing Style: Box-to-Box

Looking back at the Iconic Match

Perhaps one of the most iconic games in Inter Milan’s history. Certainly one of the most meaningful at San Siro: Inter vs. Napoli on 28 May 1989, the game to win Scudetto number 13, the Scudetto of records in what was called one of the most competitive Serie A season of all time. Facing one of the strongest Italian sides with names like Maradona, Careca, Inter Milan needed this win to get the Scudetto in their name.

Inter Milan Matthaus

In the 10th minute, Antonio Careca denies Walter Zenga with a prodigious save. Then, both Serie A top scorer Aldo Serena, and Argentinian Ramon Diaz fail an easy chance to bring their side ahead. Diaz then hits the crossbar with a header on which Napoli’s goalkeeper Giuliano Giuliani seemed hopeless. But just four minutes later, here comes the moment that silences the whole Giuseppe Meazza Stadium: Careca catches a long-range pass by Alessandro Renica and, from 30 meters, delivers a blast that center Zenga’s goal top left corner in the 36th minute.

Baresi was subbed out to bring in Bianchi for more offensive football. However, all bad omens for the home supporters are cast away four minutes after the break, when a volley by Nicola Berti is unluckily deflected by midfielder Luca Fusi into his own net. Careca, served by Maradona, tries to scare the Nerazzurri again, but his razor-sharp left-foot shot ends its run on the post. Finally, in the 83rd minute, the San Siro crowd can release their tension and start rejoicing, when the star signing from Bayern Munich Lothar Matthäus finds the Scudetto winning goal from a free-kick, placing the ball in that perfect spot right on Giuliani’s right, which is still remembered as of the Iconic goals in Inter’s history.

Player Analysis

The Legend version of the German midfielder is already one of the best legend midfielders in the game, and this PES 2021 Inter Milan Iconic Moments version is not far from the title too. This Inter Milan card does give full justice to one of the best midfielders of all time. Matthaus is an all-rounder, with both offensive and defensive prowess, which does give a clear reflection of how well he will perform. A Box-to-Box midfielder, unlike his Bayern Munich Orchestrator version, the former makes a solid pick for any position.

PES 2021 Inter Milan Iconic Moments

Offensively, Matthaus has very good stats, to begin with, 85+ Offensive Awareness and Finishing suggests the same. Being a B2B, he is really good at bombing runs forward, and gets back whenever the defence needs help. His Ball Control is good, and even though Dribbling isn’t his prowess, it is enough for a profile like his. He is quick and agile, and his Kicking Power does make him good at generating harder long shots and without surprise, accurate ones too. Set piece taking is another wonderful ability, he does keep them very accurate.

His passing is excellent, and he has the best of the passing skills like Weighted Pass, Through Passing in his inventory too. Speaking of his defensive abilities, he is again providing excellent defensive cover too, has very good ball-winning prowess; with skills like Interception and Man Marking, he does make sure to slow down the play of the opponents. Not the tallest of mids but still he does win many headers too, which comes across as another plus. He is an engine to the squad and runs full 90 without the issue of stamina drop. Overall, he adds flavour to any midfield, and definitely one of the bests in the game.

Formation Discussion

Matthaus fits in any formation, as the playstyle being Box-to-Box makes him more versatile, and following his all-round ability, he can even be played as an AMF without a drop in familiarity. Some formations we suggest are 4-3-3 in a flat midfield role, 4-2-1-3 in a double pivot to get the best out of offense and defense, or even as an AMF with similar roles in 4-2-2-2 and 4-3-1-2 respectively.

Did you find our PES 2021 Inter Milan Iconic moments review helpful? Who have you got from the above list of Inter Milan Iconic Moments in PES 2021? Let us know in the comment section below!

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