eFootball PES 2021: Real Madrid Iconic Moments Review

Hala Madrid!

The addition of Iconic Moments players has no doubt increased the appeal of eFootball to players around the globe. Just like other European clubs, the Iconic Moments Series of Real Madrid players too became popular among the gamers. Now, having reviewed all the other Iconic Moments player cards teamwise, it is now time we turned our focus towards the 13-time UCL Champions, Real Madrid. This very club has had an astounding 9 Iconic Moment players. We shall be discussing each one of them individually in this article, so do read till the end. Also, feel free to check out other teams’ Iconic Moments reviews.

PES 2020 Iconic Moments

PES 2021 Iconic Moments

PES 2021: Real Madrid Iconic Moments

We currently have ten Real Madrid Iconic Moments released in PES 2021 this year. Whenever any new Real Madrid Iconic Moments are released in PES 2021, this article will be updated with the new set of players.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Playing Style: Prolific Winger

Looking back at the Iconic match

No other La Liga match has more importance and iconic moments than El Clasicos. So was the 2nd La Liga El Clasico of the 2011/12 season on 21/4/2011. Having lost in the return fixture back in 2011’s December, Real Madrid took an early lead on the 17th minute this time, courtesy of a Sami Khedira goal, thanks to Puyol not being able to clear a loose ball. After the goal, Barcelona took control of the game and scored through Alexis Sanchez in the 70th minute.

However, the roaring celebrations of the local crowd were short-lived. Just after two minutes, Cristiano Ronaldo silenced the Camp Nou with a poised finish past Valdes from an Ozil assist. The goal and the celebration that followed is referred to here as the Iconic Moment. With this, Ronaldo scored his 42nd goal of the season and Real Madrid almost confirmed their La Liga title.

Player Analysis

The Ronaldo card in this instance is an LWF, the position in which he himself played at that time. The max overall is 98, which further extends to 100 with club boost. Considering that the players would use Real Madrid (Madrid Chamartin B) club boost, Ronaldo’s best stats are included in the physicality and dribbling departments. Some of his in-game skills include Scissors Feint, Heading, Long Range Shooting, Acrobatic Finishing, First-time Shot, Penalty Specialist, Captaincy, etc. Hence, it is evident that Ronaldo has several skills from varied departments, be it finishing, dribbling, or shooting.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Real Madrid IM

The best thing to do with Ronaldo is to dribble and cut into the opposition box, showing some skills and try testing the goalie by shooting towards the goal. With the decent curl, his shots may have, curl shots can be tried too. Knuckle shots while taking a close-range freekick and using him as the main target for headers during setpieces are also a must. With 99 Jump, he can easily jump beyond many defenders. There’s also no question regarding his stamina, which is rated at 96. He can use his both feet equally well in the game, so don’t hesitate to shoot from wherever or whichever angle you get with Ronaldo towards the goal.

Formation Discussion

Ronaldo works best at LWF and second-best at CF. For LWF any 4-3-3 manager’s formation would be the best option, as long as crosses aren’t expected from the LWF. Although he is comfortable with both feet, his strongest foot is right, hence he has to cut in from that left-wing position. Also, as said earlier, regarding using him during setpieces for the headers. Besides, his knuckle shot is also an attractive skill while taking freekicks, but mastering it in the game requires immense practice. In case he plays at CF, any formation with more than 1 forwards works for him.

Iker Casillas

Playing Style: Offensive Goalkeeper

Looking back at the Iconic Match

Yet another Iconic Moment with Real Madrid and Barcelona in it. This time it is about the 2011 Copa Del Rey Final on 20th April. Mestalla Stadium, Valencia witnessed a toe-to-toe encounter between the two bitter rivals. Till the 31st minute, no team really tested their respective opposition keepers. Even after 90 minutes of play, it was all square between the two at 0-0. Eventually, Pinto’s tests came, but for Casillas, it was on the 75th minute that he saved 2 consecutive Barca attempts on goal! After that, another save to deny Iniesta kept the clean sheet intact. Even after 90 minutes of play, it was all square between the two at 0-0.

PES 2021 Real Madrid Iconic Moments - Casillas
PES 2021 Real Madrid Iconic Moments – Casillas

Eventually, the clutch moment came at the 103rd minute through Ronaldo who headed home a cross from Di Maria. The game ended 1-0 in Real’s favor who won brought the Copa del Rey home and how vital were those few saves from Casillas! This iconic moment reference clears the fact that no matter how easy games any goalkeepers have, those few vital saves at any point of the game prove to be so crucial at the end. In its aftermath, Real defender Ramos dropped the cup from the celebration parade bus and later said that the trophy itself had jumped to meet the fans.

Player Analysis

Casillas has a 94 overall, which becomes 95 while wearing the Madrid Chamartin kit. The Spaniard is one of the best offensive goalies available in the game. He can almost stop anything and everything from getting into his goal. The Real Madrid former captain is especially good at stopping long-range shots, due to his 99 reach. Also, shots from the point-blank range don’t bother him much, due to his 99-rated reflex and GK awareness.

- Real Madrid IM

However, due to his comparatively lower handling and clearing, he can have weakness during corners and long freekicks. Casillas also comes with GK long-throw skill, which helps while initiating attacks quickly from the back.

Formation Discussion

Goalkeepers’ performances have very few benefits from the formations he plays in. However, considering that Casillas is an offensive GK and that formations with 4 defenders are most of the times offensive formations, trying to play Casillas in such offensive formations. There are questions regarding the differences between offensive and defensive goalies in terms of a team-play. Just remember that with defensive game style, defenders tend to stay back, whereas playing an offensive GK, who tends to charge towards opponents to close in the space, would create misunderstandings between the GK and defenders.

Fabio Cannavaro

Playing Style: The Destroyer

Looking back at the Iconic Match

Real Madrid fans remember it as the ‘Hart-attack’ title win of 2007. Rivals Barcelona topped the league through the major part of the season. However, being 6 points short, Madrid at a point was at fourth. Sevilla looked more of a title rival to Barcelona at a point than Real. Barcelona’s form took a dip from midway, after January. In May they failed to beat Real Sociedad the same day when Real came back against Espanyol for a 4-3 win. Consequently, with equal points, Real went on top of La Liga for the very first time that season. The head-to-head aggregate being 5-3 in Real’s favor, helped them to overcome Barcelona despite having the same points. On the penultimate day of the season, Barcelona was pretty much denied the title by city rivals Espanyol with a 2-2 draw.

Finally, on the ultimate matchday 38, with both Real and Barca being on 73 points, the former just needed to match the latter’s result to be crowned the champions. Barcelona thrashed Gimnastic by 5-1 and despite conceding first, Real won 3-1 against Mallorca on 17th June 2007, to win the title. Cannavaro‘s solid defensive performance that day, and also in overall the very first season at Real Madrid definitely helped them clinch the title. Cannavaro won the Balon d’Or amidst this season for his performances in the World Cup for Italy.

Player Analysis

With a 96 overall without club boost, the recently added Cannavaro is one of the best CBs now available in the game. Being a destroyer, he is blessed with massive 99 rated Jumping, Aggression, and Defensive Awareness. He also can put in some vicious long balls during counterattacks. The Italian’s speed is decent enough for a CB. With the club boost, his ball-winning just gets a bit better from 98 to 99. Due to his highly-rated jumping, but relatively low heading, he is very good at defensive headers and winning aerial battles. However, he is a quite bad choice during his own team’s setpiece.

- Real Madrid IM

Cannavaro’s other notable skills include Captaincy, Interception, Acrobatic Clearance. Despite the low passing stats, the defending stats alone make Cannavaro a must-have defender.

Formation Discussion

Being a Destroyer, Cannavaro often tends to aggressively charge towards the opponent attackers. Thus, leaving a void in his position. Hence, formations with enough defensive choices, or a decent defensive midfielder is a must. Also, managers who have flexible positioning should be preferred. Likewise, formations like 3-5-2, 5-3-2, 4-1-2-3, etc., can be fruitful.

Roberto Carlos

Playing Style: Offensive Fullback

Looking back at the Iconic Match

The title was kind out of reach, but to the Los Blancos, winning the El Clasico wasn’t less prestigious. The reference here is of the 1999/00 season’s second La Liga El Clasico, at the Bernabeu. The Brazilian left-back was the first to get his name on the scoresheet. His powerful left-footed shot from a freekick drilled its way through to the opposition goal from yards out. These kinds of shots pretty much became the signature style, exclusive to Roberto Carlos. The remaining goal contributors were the Frenchman Anelka and Spaniard Morientes, who features later in this article. The three goals were left unanswered by the Blaugranas.

PES 2021 Real Madrid Iconic Moments - Carlos
PES 2021 Real Madrid Iconic Moments – Roberto Carlos

Real Madrid despite winning the Champions League that season, finished 5th in La Liga that season. The La Liga season we are referring to was pretty much filled with surprises, as Deportivo La Coruna emerged as the champions ahead of the 2nd-placed FC Barcelona. Furthermore, Sevilla and Atletico Madrid got relegated to the 2nd division in that very season.

Player Analysis

Three things that define Carlos, Kicking Power Place-Kicking and Curl, are all rated at 99 with or without club boost. He is an excellent fullback in terms of attacking, but his defending isn’t that much up to the mark. His attacking returns may come from either pin-point crosses into the box, or from long-range shots. He also has decent speed and acceleration, which any top fullback should have, especially if he is an offensive fullback.

- Real Madrid IM

Despite all the great feedback on offensive play, Carlos is comparatively a lot poorer defensively. His low physique, ball-winning, and defensive awareness make him a poor defender. He also cannot track back every time and is vulnerable to counterattacks hence.

Formation Discussion

If offensive possession play is the priority, Carlos is the best choice. Five-at-the-back formations work the best for Carlos. The 4-man defense also suits him, if the main source of attacks is the flanks. Although he has a decent overall at LMF, we wouldn’t recommend playing him there, as there are better options.

Xabi Alonso

Playing Style: Orchestrator

Looming back at the Iconic Match

The Supercopa de Espana serves as the season opener for the Spanish clubs’ top division football. The 2011 version saw the 2010/11 La Liga winners Barcelona face 2010/11 Copa del Rey winners Real Madrid in a two-legged tie. The first leg, played on 14th August, at the Bernabeu saw Mesut Ozil give Real the lead as early as the 13th minute from a Karim Benzema assist. A classic battle of tactics between the two rival managers, Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho followed. Barcelona soon capitalized and made a comeback within that half itself through goals from David Villa‘s curler and Lionel Messi, after Pepe slipped and failed to contain him.

PES 2021 Real Madrid Iconic Moments - Alonso
PES 2021 Real Madrid Iconic Moments – Xabi Alonso

Real Madrid refused to give up, and within 54 minutes, from a corner, that Barcelona failed to clear, Xabi Alonso scored from outside the box, thanks to another Benzema assist. The game ended 2-2, however at the return leg at Camp Nou, though Messi’s 88th-minute goal, Barcelona won 3-2 and brought home the Supercopa with an aggregate of 5-4 scoreline.

Player Analysis

A already said in our Liverpool IM review, despite being a DMF, it won’t be right to expect ball recoveries and defensive work from Alonso. He is an orchestrator, making up the play from the deep is his work, much like modern-day Thiago and Modric. His major skills include through-passing, low lofted passing, one-touch passing, weighted passes, etc which are basically all passing-related skills.

- Real Madrid IM

He is also a decent setpiece taker, and can also put in a few long-range shots. However, he is a bit slow and comes with low stamina, hence he also cannot be used as a proper box-to-box CMF.

Formation Discussion

Since defensive work cannot be expected much from him, formations with a DMF with sufficient defenders at the back works best for him. 5-3-2, 5-1-2-2, 4-2-1-3 (double-pivot role), suits him the best.


Playing Style: Creative Playmaker

Looking back at that Iconic Match

A defeat at the hands of Almeria in game-week 22 meant Real Madrid couldn’t afford to drop points in this match against Real Valladolid. Barcelona drew against Sevilla which further increased the pressure, for a positive result from this fixture. Despite the decent strat from Valladolid, it was Real’s Baptista who found the net first on the 9th minute. Next, at the 31st minute, Guti‘s show began when he assisted Raul for the day’s second goal. The further mismatch in Valladolid’s defense allowed Robben to show his speed and composure by scoring the third, which was again assisted by Guti. The day’s fourth came from the penalty spot from Raul after opposition goalie Asenjo fouled Robben.

PES 2021 Real Madrid Iconic Moments - Guti
PES 2021 Real Madrid Iconic Moments – Guti

After a couple of assists, maybe Guti decided he has had enough assists and it was now time to score some. He did score a brace at the 44th and 63rd minutes, thanks to the assists from Drenthe and Robben respectively. The final nail on the coffin was put by Drenthe with his 80th-minute goal, and guess who assisted it? Guti again. Real Madrid maintained their top spot in the league through this win, and also till the end of the season. This massive performance from Guti with 3 assists and 2 goals in a game is no doubt a deserving candidate for eFootball’s Iconic Moments series.

Player Analysis

The Spanish ‘Creative Playmaker’ has a max overall of 93 and is probably one of the payers who benefits the most from a club boost. With the club boost, his rating jumps to 96. Guti’s play is all dribbling and passing based. Very few of his stats are extraordinary, even with the club boost, with Lofted Pass and Curl reaching the highest at 95. Needless to say, since he is a playmaker, his passing stats are actually all decent at 90+.

- Real Madrid IM

Guti actually runs pretty low on strength and stamina despite the decent speed and acceleration. Hence, Guti can’t be your box-to-box or orchestrator midfielder for long in the game. Besides, Guti has decent max overall at AMF position too and with the skills he possesses, he can be a decent AMF too.

Formation Discussion

Guti can be played as a CMF or AMF for any formation, however, the right side CMF of a 3-man midfield would be the best option. He can also be deployed as the sole AMF of a 4-3-1-2, 4-2-1-3, etc. Although his overall shows apparent promise at CF and SS positions, we won’t recommend using him there.

Rafael van der Vaart

Playing Style: Classic No. 10

Looking back at the Iconic Match

It was only the 4th La Liga Gameweek of the 2008-09 season, and in this very game against Sporting Gijon, Real manager Schuster decided to rotate his squad. The Dutchman scored the first goal of the game at around the 17th minute. After that, the Real Madrid side didn’t show a bit of mercy on the weak Gijon side. It was a goal galore that day at the Bernabeu. Soon after, Rafael scored his second goal, before Higuain scored the third, from Robben‘s assist. However, with the mood Van der Vaart was in that day, it would’ve been a miracle if he didn’t score more. He did score his third that day with an elegant left-footed shot. Soon he found his fellow countryman Arjen Robben and served an assist for his plate making it 5-0.

PES 2021 Real Madrid Iconic Moments - Van Der Vaart
PES 2021 Real Madrid Iconic Moments – Van Der Vaart

Gijon did manage to get a consolation goal through that tsunami, however, its value was further decreased even more when the Los Blancos scored a couple of more goals through Raul. The match finally ended at 7-1 with Real Madrid being in 2nd position. No doubt, such a match would be remembered in the name of Rafael van der Vaart who finished the game with 3 goals and an assist.

Player Analysis

Attack-wise, van der Vaart is one of the best midfielders available in the game. He has an overall decent rating at all dribbling, passing, and shooting departments. However, being an attacking midfielder, he is very slow and defensively poor in the game. He can be a vital man in the midfield from that advanced attacking role with the several passing skills he is assigned with. Rafael’s overall is 95 without club boost, which jumps to 97 with the Madrid Chamartin kit on.

- Real Madrid IM

His passing-based skills include No Look Pass, Pinpoint Crossing, Weighted Pass, Through Passing, One-touch Pass, etc. One can also try long-ranged shots on goal once van der Vaart has the ball on his feet. Since Rafael’s defensive traits and speed are on the lower side, playing him at CMF, MF or SS won’t bear much fruit.

Formation Discussion

He is best suited for the left AMF position in 4-1-2-3(Ex: L. Roman) or as a sole AMF in 4-2-3-1(Ex: D. Deschamps). Any other position is not at all suitable for him.

David Beckham

Playing Style: Box-to-Box

Looking back at the Iconic Match

Probably a season that saw the Los Blancos actually struggle in all competitions. Having appointed the 3rd manager in Vanderlei Luxemburgo, Real Madrid faced Barcelona for the 2nd La Liga Clasico on 10th April 2005, with only one thing in mind, vengeance for the return leg defeat. At that point, Barcelona was on top, ahead of 2nd placed Real by 8 points, with only 8 games to go. Luxemburgo deployed a 3-man frontline starring Raul, Owen, and Ronaldo, in order to win and close that gap as much as possible. The manager’s plans started to work out perfectly, as Zidane found the net at the 7th minute through a risky header off a fine cross from Ronaldo. Soon Ronaldo won a freekick for Beckham to curl in the ball and assist Ronaldo with a header for the 2nd goal.

PES 2021 Real Madrid Iconic Moments - Beckham
PES 2021 Real Madrid Iconic Moments – Beckham

Soon after, Eto’o somehow manages to bring Barcelona back in the game by scoring in the 29th minute. However, all expectations of Barcelona winning this game went into the muds as Raul scored Real’s third, and finally, Beckham again assisted, for the 4th goal. Beckham this time found his compatriot Michael Owen through a lobbed forward pass. The game ended 4-2 with Ronaldinho scoring Barca’s 2nd. Beckham ended the game with 2 assists and 8 overall La Liga assists. Barcelona eventually won the league though, with Real finishing 2nd, just 4 points behind.

Player Analysis

Beckham is probably the only player who is playing outside his designated position by most gamers. Be it CMF, DMF, RMF, or AMF, Beckham can easily claim himself to be a decent choice for these positions. With all those 99 rated passing traits (Low Pass, Lofted Pass, Place Kicking, Curl), he has established himself as one of the must-have midfielders for any squad. He is also a great dribbler of the ball with 98 Ball Control and 97 Balance and Dribbling of 94 with club boost. Once he is in your squad, make him your permanent setpiece taker. His Pin-point crossing makes him a decent choice for flank-based play.

- Real Madrid IM

Beckham can also play as a deep-lying orchestrator at DMF. Also, with his Long-Range Drive skill, 99 Curl, and 98 Kicking Power, try shooting curled shots on the top corner often from a distance. Despite all the positivity, Beckham isn’t much competent with both feet, with his left leg being weaker. Also, he isn’t much good defensively, which one must keep in mind while playing him as a DMF.

Formation Discussion

The best place for Beckham to play in is at CMF or DMF (box-to-box role). Try playing him at the left CM position, for those curled in long-range drives with right feet. He is also a good option at RMF for any formation, especially Laporta’s 3-3-3-1, or any 4-4-2 formation.

Luis Figo

Playing Style: Prolific Winger

Looking back at the Iconic Match

It was the 2002/03 season’s UEFA Champions League and Real Madrid faced Manchester United in the quarter-finals. Real having qualified through the 1st and 2nd group stage played the first leg at home in the Bernabeu. The game was quite in the balance as per Real Madrid’s perspective. The first blood was drawn by the Portuguese on the 12th minute. Figo ‘chipped’ the ball over United’s Barthez‘ head after collecting the ball at the edge of the box. However, cynics might claim that he tried to cross in the ball, nevertheless, a goal is a goal. The Los Blancos further increased the goal difference with a brace from Raul.

However, United did get a vital ‘away goal’ at the Bernabeu courtesy of Ruud van Nistelrooy. Eventually, after the leg at Old Trafford, Real Madrid did move on to the semifinals after a thrilling 4-3 result in favor of United. Having qualified with an aggregate of 6-5, Real faced Juventus at the Semi-final, which they lost to the Italian giants.

Player Analysis

Luis Figo is another player on this list who benefits much from the Club boost. His overall reaches 97 and the traits of dribbling and passing receive a massive boost. He isn’t a Salah-like winger with a lot of paces, instead, his play depends upon dribbling and crossing a lot. Cutting in from the wing and shooting won’t be much effective for him due to his less weak foot accuracy of the left foot. He can be a decent setpiece taker, especially the corners, due to the 97 Curl.

- Real Madrid IM

Figo also has decent stamina, hence you may easily play him for a full match, however, don’t expect much from him during counterattacks. Figo can perform many dribbling skills like Marseille turn, Step On Skill control, Cut Behind & Turn, etc, which requires practice to master.

Formation Dicussion

Playing Figo at RWF is a 4-3-3 or 3-4-3 formation works the best, in case you don’t expect much work rate from the wingers except crossing and dribbling. He may also be deployed as a creative SS or AMF in several formations.

Fernando Morientes

Playing Style: Fox in the Box

Looking back at the Iconic Match

One of the finest UCL final night moments for the 13-time winners, the 1999/2000 UCL final featured Real Madrid and Valencia CF, which became the first final to feature two clubs from the same nation. The 80,000 fans in attendance at the Stade de France in St-Denis witnessed a headed goal from the Spaniard Morientes to give Madrid the lead at the 39th minute. Next, Steven McManaman scored from a spectacular volley to make it 2-0. The Valencia side looked more helpless as Raul hammered in a 3rd al Madrid goal to seal the victory at the 75th minute.

PES 2021 Real Madrid Iconic Moments - Morientes
PES 2021 Real Madrid Iconic Moments – Morientes

With this, the Los Blancos won their 8th European Championship overall, despite having poor results in other tournaments. This win also marked manager Vicente del Bosque’s first trophy win among many.

Player Analysis

Morientes is a lethal Fox-in-the-Box striker in PES, who has all the stats necessary of a striker. With 99 Offensive Awareness and Heading, the Spaniard is a force to reckon with inside the box. His Finishing, Tight Possession, Weak foot usage are other traits that are highly rated. His skills include First-time Shot, Acrobatic Finishing, Rising Shots, Chip Shot Control, etc. which makes him such a deadly Fox in the Box.

Fernando Morientes - Real Madrid IM

Lastly, he also comes with the Super-sub skill, just in case you do not trust him as a starter in your team. However, his weakness lies in the lack of pace to dribble past players and in the passing department too, so you can’t expect him to assist other teammates often. He also doesn’t drop back to help in the build-up.

Formation Discussion

A formation in which he gets a striking partner works the best for him. For instance, formations like 4-4-2, 5-3-2, 3-4-1-2, 3-3-2-2, etc., where he can play as a CF with a partner beside.

Which Real Madrid Iconic Moments do you have in PES 2021 and what are your thoughts about them? So, let us know in the comment section below!

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