Honor of Kings Launch Celebration Event: How to get free heroes and skins

Get free skins and characters right now!

Honor of Kings is a newly released MOBA game. it is steadily becoming a highly popular mobile game developed and released by Level Infinite. It is a 5v5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game, where players compete in a fast-paced battle to destroy the enemy’s base. With the game breaking records, it also introduces events where players can earn free rewards. The Honor of Kings Launch Celebration Event is here with lucrative prizes and rewards where you can get 17 free heroes and 14 free skins. Here’s a brief guide on the event so that you can know the details and claim the rewards.

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Honor of Kings Launch Celebration Event will give 17 heroes and 14 skins for free

The event started on the 20th of February and will run till the 14th of March. During the event period, players will be given tasks which are sharing the event details and other goals. If anyone shares the event for 10 days on social media, the player will be eligible for the grand prize.

Honor of Kings Launch Celebration Event page
Image via Tencent

The launch celebration event gives 17x free characters and 14x skins which are also free. But to get the items, players will need to complete sets of goals. While in-game, the players can complete these easy tasks and get cool rewards.

How to get free heroes and skins in Honor of Kings Launch Celebration Event

The event sets the easy tasks around social media. As the game is launched globally, it wants the players to share everything that is going on currently with others via social media channels. The goal is simple, there is a grand prize waiting for the players at the end of the event where they’ll be able to claim the final prize.

The game will ask you to share any updates or what is on the event page. After each sharing the progress bar will go up. There are a total of 12 challenges to complete and from the launch celebration event page, you will be able to watch the progress and the upcoming days challenge.

Honor of Kings launch celebration upcoming events
Image via Tencent

After completing 2x tasks, you will receive an initial reward. Later in each step you cross, the game will give you rewards as well. For completing 8x tasks, you can get a lucrative frame to use in your avatar. The shareable sites will be mostly the characters, the soundtrack, collaborations, and esports updates. So, without delaying further, just go to the game and share what the game asks for to receive the grand rewards.

Honor of Kings is celebrating its global release. The much-anticipated release for the worldwide MOBA fanbase is finally possible. With the title now rolling, the whole MOBA scene will face the latest competition in player count, new adaption, and also in esports. Go and get the game, get the rewards by completing the tasks.

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