Honor of Kings: Top 10 best-looking female heroes who will melt your heart

The most attractive female heroes in the game!

After a successful beta testing period, Level Infinite released their most-played MOBA, Honor of Kings, for the global market on March 8. The game is now available for the Brazilian region, but players worldwide can still enjoy the exciting MOBA gameplay. With very dynamic gameplay and graphics, Honor of Kings also features a wide list of exciting heroes from six different classes. There are 55 heroes in the game now and 22 female heroes. Today, we will take a look at the top 10 best-looking female heroes in Honor of Kings based on their appearance.

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Best looking female heroes in Honor of Kings

10. Yaria

honor of kings yaria
Image via Level Infinite

Starting off our list is Yaria, a cute and innocent-looking hero who hails from the forest. She can transform into a forest doe to roam freely in the forest. She was granted this ability after being brought back to life through fate’s blessing. While her purple hair and innocent eyes can make her a good-looking hero, she can also contribute to the team as a support hero providing them with heal and buffs.

9. Juniper

Image via Level Infinite

Juniper is a marksman class hero who is both beautiful and has the forces of nature. Her crossbows radiate the blessings of the forest. Her green eyes, hair and appearance, resemble her strong ties with nature. This beautiful hero was the lover of the heroic Xiang Yu.

8. Arli

honor of kings arli
Image via Level Infinite

Arli is one of the cutest and best-looking female heroes added to the game so far. Her short blonde hair perfectly complements with her orange and black colored outfit and her cute rabbit ears. She is well known throughout Chang’an for her movement and works to safeguard her region’s justice with her skills as a marksman.

7. Athena

honor of kings athena
Image via Level Infinite

Athena is a robust Assassin Fighter. While she might be good-looking for her beautiful face and purple hair, she is a ruthless warrior while fighting against her enemies on the battlefield and protecting the Sunset kingdom from any harm. Along with her red skirt, Athena wears a gold armored helmet and vest and carries her golden shield and sword.

6. Wuyan

honor of kings wuyan
Image via Level Infinite

Wuyan is one of the strongest Fighter/Tank carrying her mighty big hammer to fight against her enemies. She has that rough and tough look on her face and wears a black and pink outfit. Her white wool cape matches perfectly with her white hair making her look like a beautiful yet fierce hero on the battlefield.

5. Mulan

honor of kings mulan
Image via Level Infinite

Mulan is a Fighter/Assassin who is very skilled in handling the swords she carries. However, in her appearance, she might look as good as she is on the battlefield. With a perfect purple-colored warrior’s outfit and beautifully done hair, Mulan is undoubtedly one of the game’s prettiest yet most fierce heroes.

4. Frost

honor of kings frost
Image via Level Infinite

Frost is a Mage class hero with crowd-control abilities. She has an incomparable beauty along with her sorrowful expression due to homesickness for her lost hometown. She is the guardian of the Northlands and has the ability to control the power of frost. Her ice-blue and white-colored outfit and hair resemble her beauty linked with the power of frost.

3. Diaochan

honor of kings diaochan
Image via Level Infinite

Heading on to the top three positions, we have Diaochan. She is renowned throughout for her dance and beauty, which then became her main power. She hails from the most potent mercenary group in the world and uses her peerless beauty as her weapon. Her complete pink outfit, long hair, and beautiful face make her one of the most beautiful heroes in the game so far.

2. Mirrorblade

honor of kings mirrorblade
Image via Level Infinite

Mirrorblade has to be one of the most attractive-looking female heroes in Honor of Kings. With short silver hair and a shiny silver dress resembling her mirror and blade abilities, she is also a powerful Assassin in gameplay. Born to an old enforcer family, she has gained strength after rigorous training in the Jixia Academy. Her weapon is the blade-like mirror she uses to dash and finish her enemies.

1. Mai

honor of kings mai
Image via Level Infinite

Finishing our list, the top position as the best-looking female hero in Honor of Kings is Mai, and you can unlock her for free. This Mage/Assassin hero is not only ruthless with her weapons but with her beauty as well. She has the most attractive-looking face and hair, along with her whole red and white outfit complementing the fans as she wields asher weapons. She is the sole heir to the Shiranui School and is determined to be the brightest flame on the battlefield.

Which female hero do you find the most attractive in Honor of Kings? Let us know in the comments below!

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