Honor of Kings Guide: Top 10 best-looking male heroes in the game

The most dashing heroes in Honor of Kings!

Honor of Kings is the most-played MOBA game in the world. The game was first released in China, dominating the mobile MOBA market for a while. Level Infinite has now released the game for a global audience. After a fruitful beta test, the game is now available for Android and iOS users in Brazil. However, players worldwide can download and enjoy Honor of Kings using some extra steps. Honor of Kings offers players a wide range of hero-pool and exciting gameplay. The global version features famous heroes from the game’s Chinese version and some new heroes. There are 54 heroes in the game till now. Today, we will look at the top 10 best-looking male heroes in Honor of Kings.

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Best Looking Male Heroes in Honor of Kings

10. Kai

honor of kings kai Best Looking Male Heroes in Honor of Kings
Image via Level Infinite

Kai is the formidable defender of the Great Wall and is also known as the Great Wall Guardian. He has a demonic suit of armor that looks as dangerous as he is on the battlefield. With silver hair and blue eyes, Kai is a handsome hero in Honor of Kings. With his demonic suit and mask, Kai carries his wicked blade, his primary weapon on the battlefield.

9. Musashi

honor of kings musashi
Image via Level Infinite

Miyamoto Musashi is a Fighter class hero in Honor of Kings and one of the best-looking. His power lies in his two deadly swords and sword-wielding ability, which helps him dash and finish his enemies on the battlefield. His outfit resembles that of a traditional swordsman with long hair.

8. Yang Jian

honor of kings yang jian
Image via Level Infinite

Yang Jian is a Fighter hero whose appearance might just be one of the best in the game. He has a dark purple outfit with two horns on his shoulders and a helmet on his head. He carries his mighty long sword. Yang Jian’s specialty is his ‘third eye’, which allows him to observe the ethereal and celestial world.

7. Arthur

honor of kings arthur
Image via Level Infinite

Arthur is one of the strongest Fighters and a good-looking hero in Honor of King’s world. This golden-haired hero has heavy golden armor with two lions on both shoulders. He has a solid shield and a sword called Excalibur, which helps him to excel in his battle against his enemies. He is known as the Leader of the Knights of the Round Table.

6. Tigerous

honor of kings tigerous Best Looking Male Heroes in Honor of Kings
Image via Level Infinite

Tigerous, or Pei Qinhu, is a boxer who can transform into an agile and deadly tiger. He is a loyal, brave, and robust hero once a member of the Great Wall Guardians. He holds the blazing iron claws that help him fight against his enemies. His red hair, red-colored outfit, and a tattoo on his left hand grant him entry into this list.

5. Seafarer

honor of kings seafarer
Image via Level Infinite

Hailing from the seas, Seafarer is the cool-looking hero who wields the anchor as his weapon. He wears an orange and black outfit with a bandana flying around his head. He is a born leader who loves to lead the charge while sailing ships across the water and fighting against his enemies. His charismatic character indeed adds more to his bold looks.

4. Kongming

honor of kings kongming
Image via Level Infinite

Konmgming is a Mage-class hero whose looks perfectly resemble his character. He is excellent, calm, and collected genius from the Jixia Academy. He is widely renowned for his brilliant battlefield strategies, making him a very effective mage hero in the game. His cold blue eyes, purple hair, and blue-white outfit perfectly complement his intimidating personality.

3. Han Xin

honor of kings han xin Best Looking Male Heroes in Honor of Kings
Image via Level Infinite

Entering our top three of the list, we have Han Xin, an Assassin class hero with a dashing look. His long red hair complements perfectly with his red outfit. He has silver armor on both his hands. Just like his appearance, Han Xin’s ability on the battlefield is equally impressive.

2. Li Xin

honor of kings li xin
Image via Level Infinite

Li Xin is a fighter-class hero who can turn himself into several forms and looks during battle. Along with his armored grey outfit, red cape, and golden hair, Li Xin carries his long sword, which helps to fight against enemies on the battlefield. He has the power of light and darkness, which he can use to excel on the battlefield.

1. Zilong

honor of kings zilong Best Looking Male Heroes in Honor of Kings
Image via Level Infinite

Zilong is a Fighter class hero who seeks his power from the silver spears he carries with him. This spear makes him an invincible force constantly moving toward higher ideals. He has the reputation as the one who “knows no fear“. He is not only one of the bravest but also the best-looking male hero in Honor of Kings.

Which male hero do you find the most attractive in Honor of Kings? Let us know in the comments below!

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