T3 Arena Fort Guide: Abilities, Team Combos and Gameplay Tips

Know everything about Fort in T3 Arena!

Fort is a damage hero in T3 Arena who specializes in mid to close-range enemy takedown. His forte lies in securing objective-based gameplay. He is an ‘ironclad juggernaut’ who specializes in using technology to build advanced mecha areas of wearable military projects. He joined the T3 league in search of T crystals and used them to build and flaunt the prototype mecha of T technology. In this T3 Arena Fort Guide, we will learn about his abilities, team combinations, and gameplay tips in detail.

You can also check out our character guides for Iris, Vincent, Zero-Kelvin, Gatlyn, Sindri, Iris, Chemist, Gloria, Yaa, and Jabali. Now let’s dive right into our Fort guide to master her.


Active Ability: Antimatter Barrier

T3 Arena Fort Guide
Image via XD Inc.

The active ability of Fort is the antimatter barrier which creates a shield in the direction in which it is set. It protects his entire team from opponents’ incoming fire once they fight from behind the shield. This barrier is unique in the sense that it doesn’t take away Fort’s firing power once this active ability is on. Fort can still fire and take down opponents from behind the safety of the shield.

Ultimate Ability: Gravity Swirl

The ultimate ability works by manipulating gravity for enemies, meaning, it drags nearby opponents into one place. This allows both Fort and his teammates to knock down enemies in a single spray. This gravity bomb when deployed damages nearby opponents within a short period.

Passive Ability: Impact Shield

T3 Arena Fort Guide
Image via XD Inc.

The passive ability works by providing additional protection to Fort. This temporary shield can only be summoned by Fort if he hasn’t taken damage for 5 seconds during a battle. The passive ability unlocks after you have reached level 9. And t can only be found in Rumble boxes.

Best Weapons for Fort to use in T3 Arena

T3 Arena Fort Guide
Image via XD Inc.

Going by the name, Antimatter Missile, it might sound like a tough weapon to handle, but in reality, it fires a 4 shot burst at targets. First, the missiles stick to the surface and then explode after a short period. Though the bursts have a moderate damage capacity, there’s a delay in the missiles’ explosion time. Also, the attack speed is slow which calls for Fort to predict his enemies’ position and fire the missiles beforehand.

Tips and Tricks to use Fort in T3 Arena

T3 Arena Fort Guide
Image via XD Inc.
  • The ‘Antimatter Barrier’ is also useful in protecting teammates from a few heroes’ active abilities such as from Skadi’s Dub-Stop. 
  • As the attacking speed of Fort’s missile is slow and takes time to explode, you mustn’t rely much on auto-fire mode. Strategically catch enemies off guard by firing the missiles and sticking them at surfaces or walls before opponents appear.   
  • Being a tank hero, in ‘Control’ or ‘Playload Race’, he must be near the Playoad securing the objective. 

Best Team Combinations to use with Fort in T3 Arena

In this section of the guide, we will look at a few compositions suiting the style of Fort in T3 Arena.

  • Fort/Gatlyn/Sindri: This team combination is balanced only when the heroes are positioned strategically to wipe out the opponents. Gatlyn will compensate for Fort’s firing power with her weapon’s high rate of fire and large ammo capacity. However, Fort needs to be close to Gatlyn guarding her with his active ability. Meanwhile, Sindri and her bot could use this opportunity to quickly wipe out enemies.
  • Fort/Kazama/Hunter: Kazama’s Orbital Strike can be of greater use, once Fort uses his ultimate ability to drag opponents in one place. It will result in taking down enemies faster as the Kazama’s ultimate ability strikes them hard with his tracker. Hunter just needs to use his active ability to reveal the position of enemies from behind any walls or barrier and to track if opponents are nearby for this combination to work. 
Heroes that can counter FortHeroes that Fort can counter
Aleta (dash and flank) Jonny Jet
Gloria (long-range spray)Gatlyn
Kazama (going airborne)Iris
Victor (Stun)Skadi

Final Thoughts

Fort is a vanguard hero, taking on fights in the frontline, securing objectives, and picking kills. This makes him an all-rounder and a team player. He can be unlocked by opening the mega rumble boxes. 

Did you find our guide on Fort in T3 Arena helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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