Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.64 Update: Revamped Faramis, Mega Draw, Hero adjustments and more

Lots of hero adjustments and a newly-revamped hero!

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.64 Update is live on the Advanced Server of the game. This Patch Update introduces a revamped form of Faramis. Being very rarely picked in games, Faramis and Vexana were expected to get a revamp soon. Along with it, several balance changes like hero adjustments, battlefield adjustments, and a mega draw event is also coming to the Advanced Server.

Revamped Hero: Faramis – The Alchemist

Faramis Mobile Legends Game Cover
Image via Moonton

There are a few adjustments made to the skill set of Faramis.

Passive – Vicious Retrieval

The skill now hits on enemy heroes, which will produce soul fragments. Faramis now also has increased absorption range, HP regen and shortened respawn time.

Skill 1- Shadow Stampede

With the revamp, Faramis can now move through obstacles in the Shadow state. He may also choose to actively leave the state to pull marked enemies towards him early.

Ultimate – Cult Altar

Faramis enters the Specter state and turns his surroundings into the Nether Realm for a while. The allied heroes who enter the Realm will also enter the Specter state. Heroes in the Specter state will gain extra HP and a burst of extra movement speed.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.64 Update: Hero adjustments

Ling (Buffed)

Developers are shifting some of Ling’s mobility power to damage, to make him more viable in lower play.


  • Ling no longer has a 15% crit chance from the start of the game.
  • New Effect: Ling gains double crit chance from all sources.

Skill 1

  • Cooldown: 10 s >> 20 s
  • Energy Cost: 35 >> 30
  • Extra Crit Chance: 5%- 17.5% >>5%- 15% (10%- 30%, considering the passive)

Skill 2

Base Damage: 230-305 >> 300-400


New Effect: When Ling touches a Tempest of Blades, the cooldown of Finch Poise is reduced by 4 s.

Melissa (Buffed)

Mobile Legends Melissa, Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.46 Update
Image via MOONTON Games

Developers are optimizing the casting experience of Melissa’s ultimate while smoothing out her damage spikes against different types of enemies.


  • Extra Damage: 150% >> 125%
  • New Effect: Melissa now also deals increased damage to creeps.

Skill 2

  • Damage Transfer: 65% >> 70%
  • Mana Cost: 50-0 >> 75-0
  • New Effect: Muddles can now link summoned units.

The above adjustments are summarized as follows:

  • Damage to linked heroes: 197.5% >> 187.5%
  • Damage to linked summoned units: 150% >> 187.5%
  • Damage to creeps: 100% >> 125%
  • Damage to minions and unlinked summoned units: 150% >> 125%


  • New Effect: Melissa now gains higher physical and magic defense for the duration.
  • New Effect: The field will now move with Melissa once when she touches the boundary.

Guinevere (Buffed)

Experimental Adjustments: There has been quite some controversy over the previous adjustments to Guinevere. Therefore, players are rolling them back, making her less reliant on Spatial Migration instead.


  • New Effect: Guinevere’s Energy wave and enhanced basic attack inflict a mark for 4 s on hit, up to 3 marks. Enemies with max marks will be knocked airborne when hit by Guinevere’s Violet Requiem.
  • Removed Effect: The enhanced basic attack no longer restores HP on hit.
  • Removed Effect: The enhanced basic attack no longer reduces Energy Wave’s cooldown on hit.

Energy Wave

New Effect: Guinevere now recovers HP upon successful skill hits.

Wanwan (Buffed)

Wanwan Mobile Legends Game Cover
Image via Moonton

Experimental Adjustments: The previous adjustments to Wanwan have received a lot of positive feedback. Therefore, players are further lowering the difficulty for her, to hit the enemy’s weaknesses, while trying to also maintain her skill characteristics.


Physical Attack Growth: 9.5 >> 12.5


Extra damage per weakness hit: 15% >> 12%


Duration: 2 s >> 2.5 s


Wanwan can now cast her ultimate while jumping.

Valentina (Nerfed)

The developers are hitting on Valentina’s in-lane tradeoffs, while slightly boosting her early game damage as compensation.


  • Extra EXP: 22-50 >> 15- 50 (Scales with level)
  • Lifesteal: 46-60% >> 32-60 % (Scales with level)

Skill 1

Base Damage: 290-665 >> 340-665

Johnson (Buffed)

Developers are making it easier for Johnson to stack damage on his Skill 2 and boosting his scaling from equipment.

Skill 1

Damage: 150-250 + 200% Physical Defense >> 120-220 + 250% Physical Defense

Skill 2

  • Damage: 80-180 + 40% Magic Power >> 80-180 + 60% Magic Power
  • Max stacks: 5 >> 3
  • Extra damage per stack: 10% >> 15%

(The above adjustments have been applied in the previous version)

New Effect: Damage has been dealt to creeps, which is increased by 50 %.

Aulus (Nerfed)

Mobile legends Aulus MLBB
Image via MOONTON Games

The players are pulling out some of Aulus’s power early on to make him a “proper” late-game hero.


Base Physical attack: 99 >> 90

Floryn (Buffed)

Players are slightly boosting Floryn’s healing power to make her shine a bit brighter, among her healer fellows.

Skill 1

Base HP Regen: 150-250 >> 175-250


Base HP Regen: 400-600 >> 400-650

Miya (Buffed)

Players are fixing an issue with Miya’s Skill 1, while slightly reducing her damage scaling, throughout the game. Overall, it still counts as a buff.

Skill 1

An issue was fixed where the damage did not scale with the skill level. The issue has been fixed on the Official Server, in advance.

Base damage to primary target: 10-60 >> 10-35

Lancelot (Buffed)

Lancelot Mobile Legends Guide Cover
Image via MOONTON Games

Players are slightly reducing Lancelot’s damage in the early to mid-game.

Skill 2

Base Damage: 250-450 >> 225-400

Martis (Buffed)

Developers are slightly upping Martis’s damage in the early game.

Skill 2

  • First Three Attacks’ Damage: 100-150 + 70% Total Physical Attack >> 150-200 + 75% Extra Physical Attack
  • Fourth Attack’s Damage: 200-300 + 100% Total Physical Attack >> 300-400 + 150% Extra Physical Attack

Zhask (Adjusted)

The developers are fixing a few issues with Nightmaric Spawn’s targeting while making it easier for the opponents to deal with the frenzied Nightmaric Spawn Zhask summons upon death.


  • An issue is fixed where Nightmaric Spawn wouldn’t attack enemy heroes in certain cases.
  • The targeting of Mind Eater was cast by the Nightmaric Spawn has been optimized.
  • New Effect: The frenzied Nightmaric Spawn summoned by Zhask upon death will lose part of its HP every 0.5 s.

Belerick (Nerfed)

Belerick Mobile Legends Guide
Image via MOONTON Games

Belerick has been overperforming after the previous adjustments, so players are reeling him back a bit.


  • Base HP: 2769 >> 2569
  • HP Growth: 205 >> 225


Deadly Thorns’ damage has been slightly reduced.


Taunt Duration: 2 s >> 1.5 s

Gatotkaca (Nerfed)

The developers are partially reverting the adjustments from the previous patch.

Skill 1

The continuous damage is no longer doubled against minions.

Skill 2

Control Duration: 2 s >> 1.5 s


Cooldown: 60-50s >> 54-46 s

Hilda (Buffed)

Hilda MLBB, Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.60 Update
Image via MOONTON Games

Skill 2

Dash distance has been slightly increased. Skill casting experience has been optimized.

Alpha (Buffed)

Developers are upping the hit rate of Alpha’s Ultimate.


The skill width has been increased. The landing point now better matches the skill indicator.

Minotaur (Buffed)

Developers are slightly boosting Minotaur’s strength in the non-enraged state.

Skill 1

Upon successful hits, Minotaur enhances his Basic attacks for the next 3 s, dealing extra damage.

Atlas (Buffed)

The developers are slightly buffing Atlas’s damage potential.


Second Attack’s Damage: 360 + 120% Magic Power >> 360 + 180% Magic Power

Masha (Buffed)

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.56 Update
Image via MOONTON Games

The developers are continuing to test the adjustments to Masha.

Skill 1

An issue has been fixed, where the skill couldn’t critically strike.

Skill 2

This skill can now deal damage to minions.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.64 Update: Battlefield adjustments

Blade Armor (Nerfed)

Developers are adding the previous Twilight Armor’s Crit Damage Reduction to Blade Armor, to make it a valid option against critical strikes.


  • Craft Cost: 1660 >> 2060
  • New Attribute: 20% Crit Damage Reduction

Unique Passive- Bladed Armor

Damage: 30% Physical Defense, applied in the previous version >> 25% Physical Defense

Cursed Helmet (Nerfed)

Developers are partially reverting the buffs from the previous patch.

Unique Passive- Burning Soul

Damage: 2% Max HP >> 1.5% Max HP

Twilight Armor (Nerfed)

Damage slightly has been reduced.

Unique Passive – Twilight

Damage: 20 + 6% Extra HP >> 20 +5% Extra HP

Haas’ Claws (Buffed)

Lifesteal slightly has been increased.


20% Physical Lifesteal >> 25% Physical Lifesteal

Guardian Helmet (Nerfed)

HP Regen in battle has slightly been reduced.

New Event: 515 Mega Draw

  • A lucky number is granted each time, once players have purchased an event bundle. The more lucky numbers they have, the higher the chance they’ll hit the jackpot!
  • All the lucky numbers will be placed in the lottery. The winners will be announced at 23:59 every day to receive tons of diamonds!
  • The lucky numbers will be entered into the lottery when players receive them and for each subsequent draw. The earlier players get lucky numbers, the more participation chances players will get. Therefore, one must make sure to get them early!
  • Even if players miss the jackpot, they will receive a basic prize. All prizes can be claimed on the event page once the winners of the jackpot are announced.
  • Unclaimed prizes will be issued via mail at the end of the event.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.64 Update: System Adjustments

Function Optimizations

  • A function has been added that allow players to edit the lobby name and password during lobby creation.
  • Match history can now be viewed for completed matches.
  • Detailed gameplay info is now displayed when players tap a lobby or are in a lobby.
  • They can now chat with others and switch maps when in a lobby.

New Options

  • The Overdrive option has been added, which allows players to play some of the enhanced heroes in Overdrive.
  • A Minoan Labyrinth map to gameplay configuration has been added.

Bug Fixes

  • An issue was fixed where players might receive the “unknown error” prompt during matches.
  • An issue has been fixed where some of the setting values in Scaling was different than the actual values.

What are your thoughts on Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.64 Update? Let us know in the comment section below!

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