Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.98 Update: New Hero Fredrinn, Hero and Battlefield Adjustments, and more

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.98 Update is live on the Advanced Server of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). After a number of Hero Revamps which have been going on for two months, the developers at MOONTON Games have finally introduced a new hero, in the form of Fredrinn. The last few heroes which were added to Mobile Legends were the likes of Xavier, Melissa, Julian and Yin. The developers have focused on a number of hero adjustments and a few changes for a number of updates, making the gameplay experience better for the players.

The Hero Revamps during the Project Next ‘Rise of Necrokeep’ Update were the likes of Vexana, Faramis and Leomord, which were worked upon in the last few Patch Updates in the Advanced Server. The developers have now introduced the new hero Fredrinn, who is a tank/fighter who can form a variety of attacks with different skill combos.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.98 Update: New Hero Fredrinn

Fredrinn: Treasure Appraiser

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.98 Update fredrinn
Image via Borneo Gaming

Passive- Crystalline Armor

Part of the damage which Fredrinn receives will be stored as Crystal Energy. They can convert the Crystal Energy into HP by part of the damage dealt.

Skill 1- Piercing Strike

Fredrinn deals damage to enemies in a narrow area in the target direction and enhances his next Basic Attack. The enhanced Basic Attack gains extra attack range and deals extra damage.

Skill 2- Brave Assault

Fredrinn dashes in the target direction, dealing damage to the first enemy hero hit while enhancing his next Basic Attack. The enhanced Basic Attack knocks the target hit airborne.

Ultimate- Energy Eruption

Fredrinn deals damage to nearby enemies and taunts them. Hitting an enemy hero with this skill reduces the cooldown of his other skills.

Enhanced Ultimate- Appraiser’s Wrath

Fredrinn deals high damage to enemies in a cone in the target direction. This damage is increased with his stored Crystal Energy.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.98 Update: Hero Adjustments

Badang (Buffed)

Badang Mobile Legends Game Cover
Image via Moonton

Badang’s remained silent for quite a long time. We’re enriching his play styles to help him stage a more stunning performance on the battlefield.

Skill 1 (↑)

  • New Effect: Badang stores up to 2 skill charges and restores 1 charge every 12-7s, decreasing with level.
  • Cooldown: 7-5s >> 2s
  • Initial Damage: 250-400 + 70% Physical Attack >> 255-430 + 90% Physical Attack
  • Subsequent Damage: 155-280 + 50% Physical Attack >> 115-215 + 60% Physical Attack
  • Foreswing has slightly been reduced.

Skill 2 (↑)

  • Cooldown Reduction: 10s >> 7.5s
  • Removed: 40% of the skill cooldown is refunded if no enemy is hit.
  • New Effect: Casting this skill grants Badang a 400-800 + 120% Physical Attack shield that lasts 3s.

Ultimate (↓)

It has no longer granted a shield upon cast.

  • New Effect: Badang gains Control Immunity throughout the skill duration (instead of when the shield is active).
  • Initial Damage: 70-150 + 50% Physical Attack >> 80-140 + 54% Physical Attack
  • Collision Damage: 42-90 + 30% Physical Attack >> 40-70 + 27% Physical Attack
  • Logic of auto-targeting optimized: The Ultimate will target the enemy hit by the obstacle by default if it’s cast within 1s after Skill 2 hits an enemy. You can still manually drag and aim it at other enemies.

Vexana (Buffed)

The Undead Knight is being given a mobility boost, while making his slashes pose a higher threat against high-HP enemies.

Ultimate (↑)

  • Damage added to Undead Knight’s Basic attacks: 3%-5% of Target’s Max HP Increased the Undead Knight’s Movement and Attack Speed.
  • An issue has been fixed where the Undead Knight could not correctly benefit from Genius Wand’s passive stacks.

Terizla (Nerfed)

The developers have underestimated the impact of the mobility boost on Terizla, allowing him to easily reign supreme both in the lane and in teamfights. The developers are partially reverting the buffs before the entire battlefield falls under his rule.

Skill 2 (↓)

  • Cooldown: 5s >> 8-6s
  • First two attacks’ damage: 180-330 + 150% Physical Attack >> 160-310 + 125% Physical Attack
  • Jump distance has slightly been reduced.

Julian (Nerfed)

Mobile Legends Julian Overview Cover, Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.68 Update
Image via MOONTON Games

Julian is still overperforming in the early to mid-game. The developers are toning down the damage to his enhanced skills.

Enhanced Skill 1 (↓)

Base Damage: 100-240 >> 100-220

Enhanced Skill 3 (↓)

Base Damage: 300-450 >> 250-400

Xavier (Nerfed)

We’re slightly lowering Xavier’s crowd control and long-distance burst while increasing the casting experience of his Skill 1 & 2 combo as compensation.

Skill 1 (↑)

The foreswing and the bullet’s flying speed have increased to ensure a smoother casting experience for the Skill 1 and 2 combos.

Skill 2 (↓)

Immobilization Duration: 1.5s >> 1.2s

Ultimate (↓)

Base Damage: 750-1150 + 162% Magic Power >> 700-1100 + 150% Magic Power

Natalia (↑)

Mobile Legends Natalia Guide Cover
Image via Moonton

The developers are amping up Natalia’s ability to hunt down multiple targets to prevent this master of stealthiness from ‘completely disappearing’ from our sight.

Skill 1 (↓)

Base Damage: 210-285 >> 185-260

Skill 2 (↑)

New Effect: Natalia’s attacks against enemies in the shroud always trigger the damage bonus her Passive.

Ultimate (↑)

New Effect: Natalia stores up to 2 skill charges. The charging time is reduced by 100% on hero kills and 20% on creep kills.

Melissa (↑)

The developers are granting Melissa more access to her skills to negate the impact of the previous adjustment to her Skill 2.

Skill 1 (↑)

Cooldown: 9.5-8s >> 9.5-7s

Skill 2 (↑)

Cooldown: 8-7s >> 7-6s

Atlas (↓)

Atlas has been constantly rising in ranks ever since the adjustment to his Passive. Players are thawing his strength a bit to give other tanks more playtime on the battlefield.

Passive (↓)

Defense: 25-60 >> 20-45

Skill 1 (↓)

Base Damage: 230-430 >> 215-390

Johnson (↓)

Mobile Legends Johnson Guide Cover
Image via MOONTON

Johnson is wreaking too much havoc zooming across the field and crushing squishy victims. It is time to hit the brakes on his raw power in the mid to late game.

Ultimate (↓)

  • Base Damage: 300-500 >> 300-400
  • Base Sustained Damage: 60-100 >> 60-80

Natan (↑)

Natan has been struggling to find his footing even after the previous buffs. The developers have worked on the adjustments this time could be the final piece to helping him procure his rightful place.

Skill 1 (↑)

Base Damage: 175-500 >> 200-500

Edith (↑)

The developers are adding onto the previous buffs, as the first ones weren’t as effective enough.

Skill 1 (↑)

Cooldown: 10-8s >> 8-6s

Martis (↑)

Skill 2 (↑)

First Three Attacks’ Physical Attack Bonus: 100% >> 120%

Alucard (↑)

Skill 2 (↑)

Base Damage: 310-410 >> 320-420

Harith (↑)

Skill 2 (↑)

Base Shield: 150-300 >> 185-310

Benedetta (↑)

Skill 1 (↑)

  • Slash’s Damage Bonus: 65% >> 70%
  • Slash’s Physical Attack Bonus: 75% >> 80%

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.98 Update: Battlefield Adjustments

Battlefield changes

The early-game laning experience has been optimized. Players can now score the last hit more easily when attacking minions.

Talent changes

  • After a different version of Talent changed in various patches, developers thought that important gameplay dimensions were not well-covered.
  • The developers have temporarily removed 6 existing talents. Some of them may still be released on the Official Server, where other talents will be made available in later versions after the official launch.
    • Coin Collector
    • Unbending Will
    • Fortune Finder
    • Speedy Recovery
    • Homeward Bound
    • Perpetual Presence
  • Talent Essence spent on removed talents will be returned. Removed talents in existing plans will be replaced with appropriate versatile talents.
  • Three new talents are added.

Open Fire

Versatile core talent for damage dealers: Every 15s, the next attack against enemy heroes grants 8% extra Physical Attack and Magic Power for 5s.

Last Stand

Core talent to resist burst damage: When HP drops below 30%, recovers 20% Max HP over the next 3s. This effect has a 60s cooldown.

Warrior Lineage

Versatile regular skill talent: Damage dealt is increased by 3%.

Optimized and balancing of some talent’ effects

Quantum Charge (~)

  • Simplified the talent effect so it can be triggered more easily by Marksmen relying on Basic Attacks and some other heroes.
  • It no longer restores HP when triggered, and can no longer be triggered by melee heroes.
  • Cooldown: 10s >> 12-5 s (decreases with level)

Deathly Alliance (↓)

  • Simplified the talent effect and lowered the strength.
  • It no longer restores HP when triggered.

Fatal Snare (↑)

  • Optimized the talent effect so it can also be used by melee heroes.
  • Melee heroes can also trigger this effect.

Lone Wolf (~)

  • The talent effect is optimized, so it works better for ranged heroes.
  • The effect can be triggered when there’s only 1 enemy hero within 5 units (instead of 2.5 units), and they have no allies around them.

Immortal Fury (↑)

The value was modified of the mana regen so it works better for magic heroes who rely on frequent skill casts in the early to mid-game.

Mana Regen: 3% >> 58-100 (scales with level)

Arcane Furor (↑)

  • Trigger frequency increased.
  • Cooldown: 10s >> 8s

Other optimizations and pending adjustments

  • An issue was optimized where some talents would stop taking effect in certain cases.
  • Optimized some talents’ names and descriptions.
  • Adjusted some talents types.
  • Some talents’ icons, effects, and prompts are still under development. The current version does not represent the final quality.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.98 Update: System Adjustments

A no-Ul mode to the hero screen is added to the screen.

Talent System Adjustments

  • When the graphic quality is set to Smooth or Medium, the Talent system’s art visuals will be replaced with models.
  • A feature is added that allows you to rotate the model. We’ll continue to optimize the rotation degree and overall experience in the future.

That’s all for today’s Patch Update.

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