Honor of Kings Hero Counters Guide: Tips to counter every Hero in the game

Counter every Hero in the game!

Honor of Kings, currently in its earlier state offers a total selection of 49 Heroes, which is a good start in creating meta and hero diversity within the game. However, as the game is still relatively new, more and more heroes are expected to be introduced in future updates. While this is the case, It is important to understand exactly how to counter a hero, particularly against the most commonly used ones, to be successful in Honor of Kings.

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How to Counter Heroes in Honor of Kings

In gaming and most especially in MOBA games, the term counter/countering refers to certain characters, items, or even playstyles that are especially effective against particular heroes, team picks, or strategies. Almost every game employs an implementation of the classic rock, paper, scissors concept. The certain dynamic of heroes is weak while strong to others against the enemies that they are weak to. In the case of Honor of Kings this concept is not as evident. The MOBA game is very dynamic and not even countering will guarantee the players the win.

Additionally, countering is still a very young topic. The meta in the game has not even fully settled yet, due to the game’s very young age. However, knowing the hero counter is very important if you’d want to climb up the competitive ladder in Honor of Kings.

Counters to Hero properties

honor of kings frost
Image via Level Infinite

As Honor of Kings is very new, before learning the on-paper counter for certain hero characters, it is much more important to learn how to counter certain properties and abilities. Learning this skill will make it so that whatever update there may be, even if they released a new hero and/or revamp of an existing hero, it will be second nature for the player that learned this how to counter them as they slowly reveal their skills and abilities, and on what they are capable of and not.


In Honor of kings, the importance of Mobility for Heroes cannot be overstated. With the introduction of new Heroes, this stat or potential has become even more crucial. The ability to dash, jump, or blink not only allows for outplay potential but also serves as a means to escape unfavorable situations.

However, lacking Mobility makes you an easy target, which is why disrupting Mobility spells has become incredibly valuable. Moreover, Mobility can be considered a lifeline for Heroes with low defensive ratings. Especially for roles that do not typically receive the protection of tanks, such as assassins. In this context, knowing how to counter Mobility can make a significant difference in the outcome of battles.

Image via Level Infinite

It is important to learn how to counter enemy heroes with the huge pick and then mobility potential to take one of your allies. Then take off into safety in just a fraction of a second. To counter these types of heroes there is one big answer. This is Hard cc or Hard Crowd Control.

This includes root, stun, suppressed, and the such. One example of this is by using Eclipse any mobile heroes can get suppressed for a total of 2.2 seconds. This might not sound a lot but the team will only need a second to burst out a pesky low-defense assassin that wandered close to Eclipse.

Crowd Control and other Disables

Crowd control is usually the make-or-break point of many games. Especially in a higher level of the game where a single stun to the enemy carries at the perfect moment can make a lost cause into an entirely winnable situation. Knowing this certain heroes are heavily reliant on their crowd control to give value to the team fights. These are called the initiator or maybe even better to some people.

These initiators would use their crowd control skills as either a targeted cc to the one that is a target for assassination or as an AOE-type crowd control skill. They can set their team up in a team fight where they will win easily as the enemies are crowd controlled before taking the fight. This causes them to not be able to do anything to fight back.

Honor of Kings Counter Hero

To counter this Crowd control champions, there are skills to be used and even support characters that let his team become immune to crowd control for a short period which is enough to initiate their counterattack to the set. One other method, especially for those that do not have much peel in their team, is skill purification. It is useful for single-target crowd control skills to avoid getting assassinated after being Stunder.

Bulky Fighters with High Damage and High Defense

Usually, there is an imaginary trifecta when it comes to creating and designing characters. This applies even more in MOBA games where it is important to balance out the strengths and weaknesses of heroes to ensure that one hero is never too op for the game. With this in mind while playing against characters that deal too much damage considering how Tanky they are, chances are, they are not as overpowered as you think them to be.

Honor of Kings Counter Hero
Image via Level Infinite

One such example of this hero would be Lu Bu. He can dish out high enough damage to destroy marksmen, mages, and even assassins in straight-up fights but lacks mobility. This can be exploited especially by marksmen and mages. They can poke them with attacks and skills each time they try to engage. You just move back far enough to disengage, then rinse and repeat until the Lu Bu gets tilted, and or they die from getting kited.

Healing and Regeneration

Many Heroes have abilities that allow them to heal or shield themselves, providing a form of sustain in battles. This can be seen in heroes such as Ata. Ata as a tank specializes in taking and absorbing damage but with his style of absorbing damage than healing it out with his passive skills. These are very annoying to deal with especially considering how hard it is to even damage tanks.

HoK Healing
Image via Level Infinite

This is a huge problem, especially when not having enough DPS in your team. Having to use all damaging abilities and/or attacks, to the tank and then just taking a bit of time to heal it all back before your cooldowns come back will make for a very unstoppable juggernaut of a tank that would be very hard to stop.

To stop this it is important to know when to use items such as the Mortal Punisher and Venomous staff. A mortal punisher is a physical damage item that lowers the health recovery of hit enemies by 50 percent. Mortal Punisher is a magic item that does the same thing.


Tanks are one of the most important types of heroes in the game, especially in the higher levels of gameplay. They are important in protecting the damage dealers of the team so they can deal as much damage as they can without dying themselves. Sometimes the tackiness of heroes is even too much to take on by the enemy and tanks can easily go 1 versus three against them.

But don’t be afraid as there are methods and strategies that can deal with the enemy tank before they become unstoppable juggernauts. One common practice for defeating tanks is to build items for them all Heroes in the game. You can purchase Items like Starbreaker that penetrate the enemy’s resistances such as magic and armor penetration. You can also get some health percentage damage that is highly useful against enemies with high hp.

Honor of Kings Counter Hero
Image via Level Infinite

Additionally, some Heroes possess natural abilities that allow them to shred through Tanks quickly. This especially includes almost every marksman that is available to be played in the game. Marksmen especially the on-hit types are most specifically made into shredding-out tanks as they can deal continuous damage without cooldown.

Core Damage Dealers

In the game, the one that dictates how the team fight and the games will go would be the core damage dealers. They are usually the marksman of the team that’s been babysitting by the support to be fed more and more items. They usually bring the most damage in team fights. Due to this, they are the one that is mostly protected in the team fight. Getting them picked off will extremely hinder the ability of your team to fight back against the other team in a clash. 

To counter them is particularly easy, the enemy team should have an assassin or a nuker that can easily burst unsuspecting carries before their supports and tanks even be able to react. Although assassinating them may be one of the hardest jobs it is the easier way of winning the fight overall.

How to counter specific Heroes in Honor of Kings

Sometimes when countering the heroes generally with the tips and tricks shared above, there are always certain heroes that do not fit the bill and should be countered individually. Below are those heroes:

ying hok
Image via Level Infinite
AngelaPrince of Lanling
Angela’s main strength as a core mage is in her range, an assassin with gap closers is the best counter to stop her lasers.
Or any shredding marksman
Berserker is a strong damage bruiser that even has his own purify skill on 1st skill. However, he is susceptible to Silarus and another shredding marksman as he is easily peeled by the supports.
Monkey KingAngela
Any Poke mage with a good range
Monkey king is a good all-in-fight hero in the game. He can dish out good amounts of damage and his kit is specifically built to find good 1v1 situations where he can excel.
Any lockdown with defense
Musashi deals good damage in a good amount of time, thus getting him locked down and stuck with your team is the way to go.
Private EarYang Jiang
Any Bruisers with Mobility
The private ear is a rare case of marksman that is more effective against lower-armored enemies. She is countered by bruisers as once used up his 2nd skill will take time to recharge and private ear may not deal as much damage as she can.
Any Survivability
Seafarer is a good balance between offense and defense. However, he lacks the kill time as with his time to kill Ata or other healing heroes will just continuously heal while getting damaged.
TigerousLu Bu

Tigerous is a very damage-oriented fighter. However, he can’t deal with Lu Bu in direct combat.
VoidcallerDream BuilderDream Builder officially counters Voidcallers ulti which is to such people where Dream Builder can counter with his ulti.
Yang JianTanks
Crowd Controller
Yang Jian is a dashy hero in the game, To fight against him the hero should have crowd control and is not easily defeated as Yang Jian can dish out damage as well as take it.

Final Thoughts

Here are the general ideas and knowledge on how to counter every single hero in Honor of Kings without having to go to the specific counters. Although searching wikis on what is meta against something is a very good practice. It’s also very important to think on the go, especially when having to face unpredictable enemies that suddenly build off-meta builds that may not be the most optimal. But it can get other players caught off guard, which is less likely to happen when applying the tips and tricks on countering specific strategies and situations above.

Lastly, as a disclaimer, having countered enemies does not necessarily mean you win. There are situations of outplay and teamplay that can lead to the countered player gaining the upper hand. These are just general guidelines that more likely than not will lead you to win against your countered enemies. And, that’s all about how to counter a hero in Honor of Kings.

What are your thoughts on our guide to counter every Hero in Honor of Kings? Let us know in the comment section below.

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