Honor of Kings Nobility System guide: Here’s how to increase your Nobility level

Read our guide to know everything on the Nobility System

Honor of Kings has gained a solid following quickly, proving to be a worthy contender in the world of mobile MOBAs. Honor of Kings has a Nobility System where you can spend tokens and receive many cool rewards by reaching certain levels. In this guide, we will take a look at what the Nobility System is, the rewards, and how to increase the Nobility level.

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Honor of Kings Nobility System tokens
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Honor of Kings Nobility System: Everything you need to know

Nobility is a system status in the game. Tokens are displayed on the top right screen of the Home Screen menu. Click on the Tokens to go to the Purchase menu and you will see a bundle of Token packages. You need only 10 points to unlock the feature for the first time. The system now has 10 levels and your nobility will be only visible to your current region. Nobility grants you a lot of extra rewards like avatar frames, chat colors, heroes, etc.

Honor of Kings Nobility System level 1 rewards
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The Nobility level will only increase if you can collect and spend tokens. If you purchase tokens but do not use them, your rank will not grow further. You will need to be consistent with the Nobility Points system. Not using points for a long time will temporarily disable the Nobility Level and it will not display on your profile. Once you start using the tokens again, the level will be restored to the highest level you reached previously.

You need to remember a thing the Nobility Level can go down. Once you activate the Nobility System and if you do not use any tokens in a month, the level you’re at currently will drop by one. And if this continues to happen then at a time, your level will be 0, causing you to lose the nobility status. Then you cannot use the points to claim rewards like avatar frames.

Honor of Kings Nobility System and levels
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Nobility Points make you go to an upper level and receive more rewards. To gather Nobility Points, you need to spend tokens. Each token will grant you 1 Nobility Point but using time-limited tokens will not get you any points. Here is how many points you need to reach a certain nobility level.

Nobility LevelRequired Points
110 Points
2100 Points
3500 Points
42,000 Points
55,000 Points
610,000 Points
720,000 Points
850,000 Points

Honor of Kings Nobility System Rewards

So, why spend something if it doesn’t give anything back? No, the Honor of Kings Nobility System, as mentioned earlier, gives you many privileges. Here is the list of the Nobility Pack Contents you will get at each nobility level. Rewards will be sent to your in-game mail.

Nobility LevelRewards
11-Win Double EXP card, Pop Star Princess Frost Trial Card (3d)
24-Win Double EXP card, Pop Star Princess Frost Trial Card (5d)
310-Win Double EXP card, Pop Star Princess Frost Trial Card (7d)
4Summer Days Xiyang Yu, 388x Starstone
5Royal Admiral Zilong, 588x Starstone
6Magician Di Renjie, 888x Starstone
72000x Arcana Fragments
8New Legend Skin, 3200x Arcana Fragment
9New Profile Skin, 4800x Arcana Fragment
106400x Arcana Fragment

Coming to the Nobility Perks, the rewards are as follows.

Nobility LevelRewards
1128x Starstone, 10x Arcana Fragments
2188x Starstone, 20x Arcana Fragments
3288x Starstone, 40x Arcana Fragments
4288x Starstone, 50x Arcana Fragments, 50x Diamond
5388x Starstone, 70x Arcana Fragments, 60x Diamond
6488x Starstone, 80x Arcana Fragments, 70x Diamond
7488x Starstone, 90x Arcana Fragments, 80x Diamond
8488x Starstone, 100x Arcana Fragments, 90x Diamond
9488x Starstone, 110x Arcana Fragments, 100x Diamond
10488x Starstone,120x Arcana Fragments, 110x Diamond

Besides all these, when you climb to any Nobility Stage, you will receive huge rewards.

How to earn Nobility Points in Honor of Kings

As said before, you need to buy Nobility Tokens from the Nobility Menu. After you purchase any amount of tokens from the Purchase Menu, you can spend them and there is also a weekly subscription system where you can subscribe and receive weekly gifts. Nobility Tokens can also be used in the spins, draws, etc.

Honor of Kings is celebrating its global release. The much-anticipated release for the worldwide MOBA fanbase is finally possible. With the title now rolling, the whole MOBA scene will face the latest competition in player count, new adaption, and also in esports. Go and get to the Honor of Kings Nobility System, get the tokens, and show your badges to everyone!

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