T3 Arena Ruby Guide: Abilities, Team Combos, and Gameplay Tips

Know everything about Ruby in T3 Arena!

In T3 Arena, Ruby is primarily a vanguard hero capable of dealing a lot of damage with her weapons and abilities at hand. She specializes in using cards to attack opponents and puts on a charming persona to mask her lethal skills. She joined the T3 league as an ambitious agent. In this T3 Arena Ruby Guide, we will learn about her abilities, team combinations, and gameplay tips in detail.

You can also check out our character guides for Iris, Vincent, Zero-Kelvin, Gatlyn, Sindri, Iris, Chemist, Gloria, Yaa, Jabali, Fort, and Cristina. Now let’s dive right into Ruby’s guide and learn to master her.


There are different abilities that heroes can take advantage of during a match, with each one having a unique set of abilities. These abilities are categorized into Active, Ultimate, and Passive ones, involving different mechanics of handling. In this section, we will learn about Ruby’s abilities and how to use them properly.

Active Ability: Mystic Shields

Ruby being a Vanguard hero has Mystic Shields as her acting ability. This provides protection from enemies’ damage by sending three barriers moving around in the direction projected.

T3 Arena Ruby Active Ability Mystic Shields
Image via XD Inc.

Her shield is different from that of other tankers, as they keep flying in the forward direction. This mobile shield gives Ruby the flexibility of movement and targeting opponents on the go.

Ultimate Ability: Seeker Bolt

Ruby’s ultimate ability is called Seeker Bolt which launches powerful tacking projectiles in 3-round bursts. The downside of using this ultimate is its long charging duration whereby you barely use it one to two times in a match.

T3 Arena Ruby Ultimate Ability Seeker Bolt
Image via XD Inc.

In objective-based gameplay use it when there many enemies lurking near the objective, because it traces enemies and gets you multiple kills if all the bolts land on the enemy. 

Passive Ability: Reflux Barrier

T3 Arena Ruby Passive Ability Reflux Barrier
Image via XD Inc.

The Reflux Barrier ability helps Ruby take advantage of damage mitigation when standing near a section of mystic shields. Ruby’s passive ability unlocks once you have reached level 9 and can be found only in Rumble boxes. 

Best Weapons for Ruby to use in T3 Arena

Ruby is an expert at handling cards and uses them as her primary weapon of attack. This weapon is called Bolts of Fate which shoot three cards in a horizontal projectile.

T3 Arena hero Ruby
Image via XD Inc.

It’s effective in both close-range and mid to long-range takedowns. This is what makes her a versatile hero as she can shoot fast with low reloading time, taking positional advantage behind her shield.

Tips and Tricks to Use Ruby in T3 Arena

  • Pop open your shield even before encountering enemies and especially on blind corners to know the direction of attack with certainty. Also, keeps your HP in check before you unfold your cards strategically to attack. 
  • Aim for headshots, especially for long-rage heroes like Mark or Gloria after moving close to them behind the protection of the shield. 
  • Be mindful of using your ultimate ability as it has a higher recharging time. Also, use it in open spaces to reduce losing it by hitting the walls. 

Best Team Combinations to use with Ruby in T3 Arena

In this section of the guide, we will look at a few compositions suiting the style of Ruby in T3 Arena.

  • Ruby/Cristina/Judex:  The unique ability that sets her apart from the other vanguard heroes is her movable shield. The utility of the shield can be enhanced by teaming up with Christina who can stick her bombs on the wall of the shield. This will deal damage to enemies near the shield as Judex next takes them down heroes using her high-damage weapon.
  • Ruby/Iris/Sindri: In Payload or Control gameplay mode, Ruby is efficient enough in engaging the tank along with her shield. This buys time for the damaged hero, in this case for Sindri to launch a deadly attack on opponents. In certain situations, when Ruby needs to use her ultimate, she might drain her HP before all the bolts land as it takes time. This is when Iris can save the sinking ship by providing health. 
Team Combinations to use with Ruby in T3 Arena
Image via XD Inc.
Heroes that can counter RubyHeroes that Ruby can counter
Sindri (Pie Bot)Fort
Judex (Stuns and fires)Chemist
Aleta (dash and flank) Jonny Jet
Shell (teleport)Hua Ling

Final Thoughts

As Ruby, you must master the art of multitasking and always keep moving with the shields to deal significant damage. Being the tank of the team, you can improve the team’s chances of winning by coordinating and protecting your teammates. She can be unlocked via the Hall of Fame upon reaching 1000 trophies.

Did you find our guide on Ruby in T3 Arena helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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