Honor of Kings Monkey King Guide: Best Arcana, Build and Gameplay Tips

Tips to play Monkey King in Honor of Kings!

Monkey King is one of the most notable and strongest Jungler in Honor of Kings. He is a powerful Assassin and Fighter, and he performs the role of a Jungler in the game. Monkey King is outfitted with abilities that are focused on dealing high amounts of damage to opponents, allowing him to quickly eliminate them from the battleground. In this guide for Honor of Kings, we are going to take a look at the abilities, and the best builds, as well as some tips and tricks that will allow you to dominate every battle with Monkey King.

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Honor of Kings heroes like Diaochan, Private Ear, Solarus, Lady Sun, Musashi, Mirrorblade, Eternal Sage, Peacekeeper, Arthur, Menki, and Angela. So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Monkey King.

Skill Analysis

Like every other hero in Honor of Kings, Monkey King also has four skills to learn. These four skills are the three active skills and one passive skill. In this Monkey King guide, let’s see what are his abilities in Honor of Kings, and when you can use which skill to get the best out of him.

Passive – The Great Sage (Damage)

With this Passive ability of Monkey King, using skills enhances the next Basic Attack, granting a dash and dealing extra damage. Monkey King’s initial Critical Rate is boosted, but his Critical Damage is reduced.

Skill 1 – Fortification Spell

CD – 12 seconds
Mana Cost – 70

Using the Fortification Spell skill, Monkey King gains increased Movement Speed and blocks the damage and effects of the next enemy hero skill. After a successful block, he gains temporary invulnerability to damage and skills, as well as a shield.

Skill 2 – Furious Advance

CD – 8 seconds
Mana Cost – 50

Using the Furious Advance skill, Monkey King shifts in the target direction. Hitting units during the shift will trigger another shift and grant a Movement Speed boost. The shift deals damage to monsters and kills monsters at low health.

Skill 3 – Golden Cudgel (Damage, Crowd Control)

CD – 40 seconds
Mana Cost – 100

Using the Golden Cudgel skill, Monkey King launches nearby enemies within range, dealing damage while applying 3 marks. Monkey King’s Basic Attacks consume 1 stack of marks and deal extra damage.

Best Arcana build and Spells for Monkey King in Honor of Kings

Arcana Build

In this guide, we will talk about the Arcana build for Monkey King in Honor of Kings.

Reaver, Stealth, Eagle Eye, and Calamity

Stealth increases the Physical Attack of Monkey King, helping him to finish off enemies or monsters easily throughout the whole game. While Reaver provides Monkey King with life steal which can be invaluable for Junglers while fighting against monsters and enemies simultaneously during the early stages of the game.

Honor of Kings Monkey King Guide
Image via Level Infinite

Eagle Eye, on the other hand, is a must-have for all the Junglers due to their heavy role in engaging in physical fights continuously throughout the game. It increases the Physical Attack and Physical Pierce stats of the heroes making them more effective. Calamity gives a Critical Rate boost to Monkey King, allowing him to deal with a crit while fighting enemies in the jungle.

Battle Spells

As a Jungler, Monkey King would be most effective with Smite spell equipped to the build during the matches. This spell is by default given to all the junglers, and helps them significantly in handling the jungle single-handedly.

Best Builds for Monkey King in Honor of Kings

Here is a recommended build for making Monkey King the most effective on the battlefields. However, keep in mind that these builds are completely subjective to the players playing style. Everyone can tweak these builds and make their own build according to their playstyle.

  • Rapacious Bite: Rapacious Bite offers +60 Physical Attacks and +8 Movement Speed to the heroes. It is a jungle-only item that requires Smite to purchase. Within the first 10 mins, this item reduces damage to minions by 25%. It has two passives:
    • Sharp increases Physical Pierce by 30-100.
    • Hunter increases damage dealt to monsters by 30% and reduces damage taken from monsters by 25%, granting an extra 30% exp and 20% gold to its wielder.
  • Starspring: Starspring is a Roaming equipment that offers the heroes +1200 Max Health and +8% Movement Speed. This equipment comes in handy in the later stages of the game. However, considering the fact that Monkey King is a Jungler, you can exchange this equipment for another item that you like.
  • Boots of Dexterity: This boot is most commonly referred to as the attack speed boot. It provides the player with the same boost to mobility speed (60) that all other boots do, but it also has an additional 25% bonus to attack speed
Honor of Kings Monkey King Guide
Image via Level Infinite
  • Axe of Torment: Axe of Torment gives an additional 85 Physical attacks, a 15% cooldown reduction, and a total of 500 max health. It has an additional 2 passives:
    • Sever increases Physical Pierce by 58-170.
    • Maim slows the first enemy hero hit by 10% for 3s when a skill lands a hit.
  • Spikemail: Spikemail is Defense equipment that can increase +30% Physical Attack and +360 Physical Damage to the hero it is equipped with. It has two passive:
    • Spiked Armor takes 25% of the physical damage back at the enemy as magic damage.
    • Counterseige deals 8% magical damage to all enemies within a range of 400 when you receive physical damage exceeding 2000 within 2s.
  • Doomsday: Doomsday is one of the strongest Physical equipment which provides +60 Physical Attack, +30% Attack Speed, and +10% Physical Lifesteal to the heroes. The basic attack deals extra physical damage equal to 8% of the target’s current health.

Honor of Kings Monkey King Gameplay Tips

Monkey King is an easy-to-learn hero in Honor of Kings. He is also one of the strongest Junglers in Honor of Kings. His skills and the perfect build make him strong against most other heroes who play in the Jungle area. Monkey King can quickly take down enemies and monsters and farm EXP throughout the game to become one of the strongest in the later phase of the matches.

Our Honor of Kings Monkey King guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, mid, and late games of the game. However, a player must have a good understanding of the map to get the most out of any hero.

Early Game

During the early stage of the game, Monkey King should solely focus on clearing out jungle camps. Clearing these monsters will provide him with certain buffs which can help Monkey King upgrade faster throughout the game and become stronger with time.

honor of kings early phase
Image via Level Infinite

In this stage, you should avoid going head-to-head with enemy heroes. Focus on clearing the jungle more than clearing out waves of enemies. If enemies attack you, get a bit back and hold them off by dealing a minimum amount of damage.

Mid Game

This stage is the most important part of the game for Monkey King. During the mid-game, Monkey King focuses on upgrading his levels faster to get stronger by upgrading the skills. This will make him clear out jungles more effectively, and also roam around lanes to help teammates who need help.

honor of kings mid phase
Image via Level Infinite

Monkey King will keep clearing the jungle and consequently also keep clearing out the wave of enemies coming at his teammates. By this time, enemies are most likely to get stronger by upgrading their levels and equipment. Monkey King will be needed more to participate in the team fights in order to maintain control over the battlefield.

Late Game

In this stage, Monkey King works more with the team to attack enemies rather than clear the jungle. However, his help is needed the most while slaying big monsters during this stage. Other than that, Monkey King solely focuses on protecting his teammates.

Monkey King can be found in his strongest form during the later stage of the game. He can slay an enemy within his range with just a few skill combos being used. Using Monkey King in the best possible way will bring out the game’s victory for your team during this stage.

Heroes that counter Monkey KingHeroes Monkey King can counter

Final Thoughts

Monkey King is a very easy hero to learn and master. Players will get the taste of real jungling and ganking if Monkey King I used properly. However, players need to give ample amount of time to this hero to master it completely. Keep grinding with Monkey King to get accustomed to every situation that you might face during the battles.

Monkey King can also be used effectively to provide support to teammates whenever they are in need. Play more with the hero, and build knowledge and game sense to effectively carry out the role during the in-game situations.

That’s all for today’s Honor of Kings Monkey King Guide. Do you prefer to use Monkey King in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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