T3 Arena Neon Guide: Abilities, Team Combos, and Gameplay Tips

Harness Neon's exceptional healing abilities to keep your team thriving in the face of adversity!

With the launch of Super Season 1, T3 Arena introduced a brand-new support hero named Neon to its roster of characters. Neon’s primary role revolves around providing valuable healing support to her teammates while also possessing the ability to inflict significant damage on opponents with her pistol. In this T3 Arena Neon Guide, we will learn about her abilities, team combinations, and gameplay tips in detail.

Neon’s expertise lies in the field of plant ecology, and she has harnessed the power of nature to create innovative gear aimed at protecting her classmates from various forms of emerging threats and damage. You can also check out our character guides for Iris, Vincent, Zero-Kelvin, Gatlyn, Sindri, Iris, Chemist, Gloria, Yaa, Jabali Fort, Cristina, Ruby, and Kazama. Now let’s dive right into Neon’s guide and learn to master him.


Understanding and utilizing the unique abilities of heroes is crucial during matches, as they play a pivotal role in determining the outcome. These abilities are typically classified into three categories: Active, Ultimate, and Passive, each with its own mechanics and strategic applications. Let’s delve into Neon’s abilities and how to employ them effectively:

First Active Ability: Floral Radiance

Neon, a Support hero, possesses the active ability called Floral Radiance. Her main role revolves around providing healing to her allies, achieved through the utilization of a specialized floral gear affixed to her back.

This gear allows her to channel a continuous stream of health, but it is limited to the teammates who are linked to her through her active ability. Upon maxing out the health bar, the excessive healing converts into a temporary shield. 

T3 Arena Neon abilities
Image via XD Inc.

Neon possesses the ability to shift between teammates, effectively providing them with health support. Additionally, Neon can self-heal, although it takes a longer time. 

Second Active Ability: Floral Repay

Neon’s second active ability introduces an exciting transition in her actions, enabling her to teleport swiftly to a selected ally. Upon activation, this ability allows her to bestow health to all nearby allies within a defined range, indicated by a distinctive green circular ring.

Additionally, the teammate Neon teleports to also receives a significant boost to their HP. This ability facilitates quick repositioning, escaping dangerous situations, or providing immediate support to teammates in need. 

Ultimate Ability: Floral Wall

Neon’s ultimate ability serves as an upgrade to her first active ability. When she activates Floral Wall, both she and the chosen ally become invincible for a brief duration of 5 seconds. This protective state grants them immunity to damage and ensures their survival during critical moments.

Passive Ability: Floral Gale

The passive ability Floral Gale also comes in handy when the first active ability is activated. It boosts Neon’s movement speed while recovering the HP of her ally. This combination of enhanced mobility and healing allows Neon to swiftly navigate the battlefield while simultaneously ensuring the well-being of her teammate.

Best Weapons for Neon to use in T3 Arena

Neon wields a pistol as her primary weapon, ideal for executing takedowns at mid to close range. This firearm delivers substantial rapid-fire damage, although its shooting rate diminishes quickly.

T3 Arena Neon weapon
Image via XD Inc.

While the weapon’s firepower is notable, sustained bursts of fire may prove less effective due to the pistol’s limited rate of fire.

Tips and Tricks to Use Neon in T3 Arena

  • While creating a linkage with teammates to restore health, you must be watchful of the barriers and walls that may obstruct the bond. These obstacles can cause the link to break, rendering it incapable of providing the much-needed boost in HP. 
  • While Neon’s ultimate invincibility is active, she is unable to use her pistol to engage targets. This reduces the firepower of the team as a whole, although choosing a suitable ally to receive the “Floral Wall” ability can yield effective results. 
  • You can teleport to the target ally using Floral Repay, but it can as well drag you into an unexpected crisis. To mitigate such risks, you can rely on her passive speed boost ability. Enhanced mobility, allows for a smoother and easier escape from unpredictable situations that may arise from teleporting to an ally.

Best Team Combinations to use with Neon in T3 Arena

In this section of the guide, we will look at a few compositions suiting the style of Neon in T3 Arena.

  • Neon/Ruby/Jabali/Gloria/Sindri:  Neon with her Floral Radiance can shift healing support between two vanguard heroes Ruby and Jabali in the team. This strategy effectively secures the team’s objective while minimizing the likelihood of encountering risky situations since the tanks are consistently protected. 
T3 Arena Neon team composition
Image via XD Inc.

Meanwhile, Sindri contributes to the team’s offensive capabilities by deploying her bot to track and eliminate targets, while Gloria specializes in long-range takedowns. A powerful combination can be achieved by activating Neon’s invincibility power while linked with Sindri during her ultimate ability which can prove to be the ultimate fatal blow for the enemy.

  • Neon/Fort/Judex/Cristina/Skadi: The combination of Fort’s shield and Neon’s healing abilities creates a formidable defense that hinders the enemy’s ability to seize control of the Payload or Control Point. However, in scenarios where Neon is unable to provide health support or finds herself surrounded by enemies, Judex can come to the team’s aid by employing her stunner grenade to blind opponents. This strategic move effectively buys time for the team, allowing Christina and Skadi to utilize their active abilities and prepare for a counterattack 
Heroes that can counter NeonHeroes that Neon can counter
Sindri (Pie Bot)Skadi
Aleta (dash and flank) Jonny Jet
Kazama (Flight Mode)Gatyln

Final Thoughts

Up till now, healers primarily served as support heroes focusing on restoring their team’s health and providing assistance. Not only does Neon possess exceptional healing abilities, but she is also equipped with a powerful pistol capable of dealing fatal damage to enemies at both mid and close ranges. 

Neon’s inclusion in the game brings a fresh dynamic to team compositions, allowing players to capitalize on her healing prowess and offensive capabilities. Coordinating with teammates, timing the activation of abilities strategically, and adapting to evolving circumstances will maximize Neon’s impact on the battlefield and increase the chances of victory. You can unlock Neon by acquiring the premium Season Pass (SS1) and reaching level 30.

Did you find our guide on Neon in T3 Arena helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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