Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.42 update: New Hero, Battlefield Adjustments, Emblem Talents, and more

Lots of nerfs and buffs to heroes and spells!

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.42 Update was supposed to be released on the 20th of December, 2021. However, due to some technical issues issue discovered during the acceptance test, the update had to be postponed. The Patch Update has got released on the 24th of December, 2021 for players. The Patch Update brings lots of battlefield adjustments to make the battlefield events more clear-cut and boosts the Lord’s presence in the very late game (after 18 min). Moreover, players will also be able to view the current battlefield mechanics in the revamped Battlefield Overview.

In addition, some of the less popular heroes, emblem talents, and battle spells have been optimized. Hero balance adjustments based on the M3 World Championship will also be hitting the Official Server in later patches.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.42 update: New Hero Edith

Edith Mobile Legends, Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.42 Update postponed
Edith: New hero(Image via Mobile Legends)

Edith, the Forsaken warden that watched over the sealed Evil Gods on Sanctum Island has finally arrived on the land of Dawn in this patch update. Players can get Edith for free by using the Phylax Exchange Token in the Collect and Exchange event. Players will receive the Phylax Exchange Token on reaching Level 3 in the M3 Pass. 

Hero Adjustments

Valentina (Nerfed)

Mobile Legends Valentina MLBB, Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.24 Update, Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.34 Update
Valentina in Mobile Legends (Image via Moonton Games)

Valentina‘s strength in the laning phase has been reduced while her late-game damage and access to her Ultimate has been increased as compensation.

Passive (Balanced)

  • Lifesteal: 60% >> 46%-60% (scales with level)
  • Extra EXP: 30 >> 22-50 (scales with level)

Skill 1 (Buffed)

  • Magic Power Bonus: 170% >> 185%

Skill 2 (Nerfed)

  • The Shadow Bolts no longer prioritize enemy heroes, but will be evenly distributed to enemies in the area.

Ultimate (Buffed)

  • Cooldown: 45s >> 35s

Lesley (Buffed)

Lesley’s “Falcon Mistress” skin

Lesley‘s lane clearing and sustained damage has been boosted on top of the previous constraints on her critical strikes being removed.

Passive (Buffed)

  • Extra Crit Chance: 40% >> 50%
  • Damage: 1.3 Times >> 1.2 Times
  • Crit damage limit removed.
  • New Effect: Enhanced Basic Attack deals 20% extra damage to minions and restores double the amount of energy.

Skill 1 (Buffed)

  • Lesley gains double energy restoration in the Camouflage state.
  • Extra Movement Speed: 30% >> 40%

Franco (Buffed)

Mobile Legends skins June 2021
Franco in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Franco can now take the damage path.

Passive (Buffed)

  • New Effect: After not taking damage for 5s, Franco gains one stack of Wasteland Force per second. Each stack increases the damage of his next skill by 5% (up to 50%). Taking damage will stop the stack accumulation.

Skill 1 (Nerfed)

  • Base Damage: 550-800 >> 400-650

Skill 2 (Nerfed)

  • This skill can no longer critically strike.

Ultimate (Nerfed)

  • Base Damage: 60-100 >> 50-70

Popol and Kupa (Buffed)

Popol & Kupa Mobile Legends, Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.5.96

Popol and Kupa have been buffed.

Skill 1 (Buffed)

  • Fixed a bug where Kupa couldn’t pounce at the target when they were too far away.

Skill 2 (Buffed)

  • Popol can now cast this skill when he’s affected by control effects (except for Suppression).
  • New Effect: Shield during the Alpha Wolf Form is increased by 25%.

Badang (Buffed)

  • Badang’s early-game damage has been buffed to make him more competitive in the laning phase.

Passive (Buffed)

  • Passive’s Extra Damage: 20% Physical Attack >> 50 + 30% Physical Attack
  • Fist Wind generated by Badang’s Skill 1 and Ultimate can directly trigger this extra damage and stun minions.

Cecilion (Buffed)

Mobile Legends Cecilion

Scaling speed slightly increased for Cecilion.

Passive (Buffed)

  • Extra Max Mana Per Skill Hit: 8 >> 10
  • New Effect: Cecilion also restores the same amount of Mana.

Aamon (Nerfed)

Aamon Mobile Legends Skills Overview, Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.22 update
Aamon in Mobile Legends (Image via MOONTON)

Aamon‘s access to the Camouflage state has been further restricted while his enhanced Basic Attacks has been buffed slightly as compensation.

Passive (Nerfed)

  • Camouflage Duration: 3.5s >> 3s
  • HP Regen: 6 Times >> 5 Times
  • Enhanced Basic Attack’s Damage: 55 + 100% Physical Attack + 65% Magic Power >> 70 + 100% Physical Attack + 80% Magic Power
  • Movement Speed Boost: Max Movement Speed boost slightly increased, while the extra Movement Speed will begin to decay faster.

Natan (Nerfed)

Natan Mobile Legends, Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.5.92 1.5..96
Natan Mobile Legends (Image via Moonton)

Early to mid-game strength reduced for Natan.

Passive (Nerfed)

  • Attack Speed Per Stack: 15% >> 7.5%-15% (scales with level)

Skill 1 (Nerfed)

  • Cooldown: 7-4.5s >> 8-6s

Skill 2 (Buffed)

  • The final knockback can now correctly interrupt certain skills.

Clint (Nerfed)

Mobile Legends January 2022 Starlight Pass
Clint’s “Operator CL” (Image via Mobile Legends)

Clint is being nerfed to bring him around the balance line.

Skill 1 (Nerfed)

  • Base Damage: 250-450 >> 250-400

Skill 2 (Nerfed)

  • Cooldown: 8-6.5s >> 10-8s

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.42 Update: Battlefield Adjustments and Events

MLBB New Map: Sanctum Island

The Celestial Palace that had floated high up in the sky for millennia crumbled after Gusion stole the Heart of Anima. Meanwhile, a mysterious island from the very depths of the Sea of Hope began to reveal itself from the blanket of fog. Sanctum Island is soon coming to the Land of Dawn! Moreover, from now on, the old map, Celestial Palace, is no longer available.

Purple Buff camp adjusted

Now, when the Purple Buff camp is cleared, a path will appear behind the creeps and last until they respawn.

Battlefield Events

2 Minutes

  • First Turtle Spawn: Time unchanged. Turtle Buff: Besides the killer, other allied heroes will also receive a one-time shield, while the shield value is reduced.
  • New Mechanic: In the first 2 min, heroes equipped with Retribution will gain 15% extra Damage Reduction in the allied jungle. This mechanic will protect Junglers (especially when they’re alone) from invading enemies in the early game.
  • Crab Upgrade: 3 min >> 2 min. Large Crab’s HP growth greatly reduced.

5 Minutes

  • Removal of Outer Turrets’ Shields: Time unchanged.
  • Special Siege Minion Waves: 7 >> 10 (3 min 30 sec >> 5 min). We reduced the reward for each side-line siege minion killed (~7%), while the overall reward is slightly increased (~3%) due to the extra waves.
  • Removal of Retribution’s Minion Penalty: Time unchanged.

8 Minutes

  • First Lord Spawn: 9 min >> 8 min. Respawn Timer: 4 min >> 3 min. The Summoned Lord’s attributes has been slightly increased while the minions’ attribute boost after slaying Lord has been reduced. This adjustment will slightly accelerate the game pace but reduce the opposing team’s pressure to defend other lines.
  • Removal of Inner Turrets’ Defense Skill (Gains a 1-min Damage Reduction effect when the corresponding Outer Turret is destroyed): 9 min >> 8 min
  • Removal of Roaming Footwear’s Devotion Effect: 9 min >> 8 min

12 Minutes

  • Lord Enhancement (Gains the ability to charge at an enemy turret): Time unchanged
  • Base Turret’s Defense Skill (When the corresponding Inner Turret is destroyed): Changed from increases Defense for 1 min to deal high damage to the next wave of enemy minions that enters its attack range in the first 12 min.
  • Minion Movement Speed Increase: 9 min >> 12 min

18 Minutes

  • New Mechanic: Lord will evolve at 18 min, gaining the following abilities:
  • Ability 1: Neutral Lord has 40%-15% Damage Reduction by default, which decreases when there are more heroes around (5% for each hero within 5 yards, reaches the minimum when there are 5 heroes around).
  • Ability 2: Summoned Lord grants nearby allied heroes a buff effect: Attack against enemy heroes deals extra Magic Damage. Cooldown: 2s. (Similar to Orange Buff). This effect will disappear once the hero leaves Lord’s vicinity. Ability 3: Summoned Lord gains 5% Damage Reduction for each allied hero within 5 yards (up to 25%).
  • Death Timer Increase: 15 min >> 18 min. This adjustment will reduce the death timer between 15-18 min.
  • New Mechanic: After 18 min, heroes will gain a higher Movement Speed boost when leaving the Fountain (decays over the duration).

Creeps & Turrets

  • Orange Buff: The killer will also gain extra Penetration (10% for Marksman, Mage, and Support and 5% for Fighter, Tank, and Assassin. Gains Physical Penetration if the hero’s extra Physical Attack isn’t lower than their extra Magic Power, and Magic Penetration if otherwise) for the duration.
  • Inner Turret: HP increased by 200. If the Outer Turret is destroyed in the first 8 min, the corresponding Inner Turret gains 50% Damage Reduction instead of 40%.
  • Lord: Optimized the rule of Lord’s spawn time. The announcement will now appear after the Lord’s spawn animation ends.


The numbers of some of the less popular talents have been increased to make them more desirable.

Brave Smite (Tank) (Buffed)

  • HP Regen: 5% >> 7% Max HP
  • Cooldown: 10s >> 8s

High and Dry (Assassin) (Buffed)

  • Extra Damage: 6% >> 7%

Impure Rage (Mage) (Buffed)

  • Mana Regen: 3% >> 2% Max Mana
  • Cooldown: 5s >> 3s

Unbending Will (Fighter) (Buffed)

  • Extra Damage Per 1% Lost HP: 0.2% >> 0.25%
  • Max Extra Damage: 12% >> 15%

Disabling Strike (Fighter) (Buffed)

  • Extra Physical Attack: 30% >> 20%
  • Cooldown: 10s >> 15s
  • Duration: Next Attack within 3s >> All Attacks within 3s

Weapon Master (Marksman) (Buffed)

  • Extra Physical Attack: 12% >> 15%


Feather of Heaven (Balanced)

  • 5% Movement Speed >> 5% Cooldown Reduction
  • Magic Power: 65 >> 55
  • Build Path: Exotic Veil >> Book of Sages Skill Damage: 40% Magic Power >> 50 + 30% Magic Power

Sea Halberd (Buffed)

  • Physical Attack: 70 >> 80

Advanced Retribution

Bloody Retribution has shown a significant advantage over its two alternatives, so the following adjustments have been made to balance them out:

Ice Retribution (Buffed)

  • Movement Speed Stolen: 42-70 >> 72-100 Duration: 3s >> 5s

Flame Retribution (Buffed)

  • Attack Stolen: 32-60 >> 52-80
  • Duration: 3s >> 5s

Bloody Retribution (Balanced)

  • Total HP Stolen: 12% >> 12.5%, 4 Times >> 5 Times

Other Adjustments

  • Optimized shields’ display logic so the overall visual is clearer and easier to understand.
  • Optimized ranged Basic Attack’s targeting logic so ranged heroes can lock onto enemy heroes outside the attack range more easily.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.42 Update: New events

Ranked Events

  • S22 will end on 12/24/2021 at 23:59:59 (Server Time).
  • Players who’ve reached the Master or higher rank can claim Terizla “Rustwreck” as the Season Finale reward.
  • S23 will begin on 12/25/2021 at 02:00:00 (Server Time).

S23 First Recharge

  • Recharge 20 Diamonds to claim S23 First Recharge Avatar Border for free.
  • Recharge 20 Diamonds to purchase S23 First Recharge Skin – Karrie “”Wheel of Justice”” for only 100 Diamonds.
  • Recharge for 3 days to purchase Name Change Card (7-Day) for only 50 Diamonds.

System Adjustments

  • Players can now directly use newly obtained heroes in non-Draft Pick Ranked mode.
  • Battlefield Overview revamped.
    • Optimized the lane intro.
    • Added display of battlefield events in different time stages.
    • Revamped the battlefield display.
    • Added brief descriptions for certain events.
  • Optimized the in-match Killing Notifications so they’re blocking less of the screen.
  • Removed some of the tap sound for the home screen, loading screen, and in-match mini-map to improve the overall experience.
  • Optimized the mechanism for the auto-detection of cheating in matchmaking. The system can now locate violators more effectively.
  • Added limits to the Neighbourhood Hero Score that can be obtained at each rank to prevent players from intentionally lowering their ranks for easier Hero Score acquisition.
  • Optimized certain heroes’ recommended builds.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Diggie might avoid punishment for Intentional Feeding.
  • Fixed an issue where Valentina’s avatar was displayed as other heroes in Killing Notification and Death Replay when she was in the transformed state.
  • Fixed an issue where Freya could only gain shield from her Skill 2 three times.
  • Fixed an issue where the position of Yi Sun-shin’s Turtle Ship was wrong.
  • Fixed an issue where Martis might be able to cast his Ultimate successively in a short period of time without scoring kills.
  • Fixed an issue where Natalia could trigger her Passive in the bush after death.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t use skins in Shadow Brawl.
  • Fixed an issue where the audio of Miya “Modena Butterfly” was missing.
  • Fixed an issue where Silvanna “Future Cop” would be automatically unequipped after the game was restarted.
  • Fixed an issue where the skin tag of Kagura “Water Lily” was missing.
  • Fixed an issue where Nana “Aqua Pura” was displayed abnormally in the Hero Selection phase.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t enter info when switching accounts on Android 12 devices.
  • Fixed an issue where messages in Squad Chat couldn’t be saved.
  • Fixed an issue where Profile tags couldn’t be removed.
  • Fixed an issue where Custom Avatar couldn’t be uploaded on certain devices.
  • Fixed an issue where the Wish List was displayed as empty.
  • Fixed an issue where Favor could take effect on dead Diggie.
  • Fixed an issue where hero kills scored after death weren’t counted toward the killstreak.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.42 Update: Weekly free heroes & New skins

  • Edith “Celestial Safeguard” will be available soon. Only 51 Diamonds for the first two weeks.
  • January Starlight Skin – Clint “Operator CL” will be available on January 1.
  • Yve “Ruin Protectress” will be available on January 11 for 599 Diamonds. Launch week 30% OFF.
  • Eudora “Christmas Carnival” will be available soon with a fully revamped design.
  • Gord “Christmas Carnival” will be available soon with a new display scene and optimized in-match effects.
  • Christmas skins for Karina, Zilong, Fanny, Freya, Lancelot, Odette, and Claude will be available soon with new display scenes.
  • Miya “Christmas Carnival” will be available soon with optimized in-match effects.
  • Starlight Skin – Brody “Lethal Fang” will be available soon with optimized in-match effects.

Fragment Shop Adjustments

Fragment Shop Adjustments on December 22nd, 2021 (Server Time)

  • Premium Skin Fragment Shop: Rafaela “Star Chaser” and Tigreal “Dark Guardian” will be available

Rare Skin Fragment Shop

  • Roger “Anubis”, Grock “Iceland Golem”, Angela “Shanghai Maiden”, Kimmy “Steam Researcher”, Thamuz “Liquid Fire” will be available.
  • Clint “Rock and Roll”, Fanny “Royal Cavalry”, Argus “Dark Draconic”, Angela “Dove&Love”, Hylos “Abyssal Shaman” will be available.

Hero Fragment Shop

Karrie, Gloo, Aurora, Yve, Kimmy, Granger, Beatrix, Vale, Ruby, Paquito, Gusion, X.Borg will be available.

Free Heroes

12/24/2021 05:01:00 to 12/31/2021 05:00:00 (Server Time)

  • 8 Free Heroes: Atlas, Lunox, Terizla, Karina, Karrie, Lylia, Rafaela, Masha
  • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Paquito, Badang, Kimmy, Belerick, Thamuz, Bane

12/31/2021 05:01:00 to 01/07/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time)

01/07/2022 05:01:00 to 01/14/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time)

  • 8 Free Heroes: Gloo, Alpha, Zhask, Fanny, Minotaur, Hilda, Atlas, Franco
  • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Vale, Lylia, Mathilda, Bruno, Natalia, Beatrix

01/14/2022 05:01:00 to 01/21/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time)

  • 8 Free Heroes: Rafaela, Benedetta, Badang, Aurora, Kadita, Kaja, Lylia, Paquito
  • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Alucard, Martis, Bruno, Belerick, Alice, Masha

This is a game-changing patch for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and it will be interesting to see how these new changes unfold in the game to change the meta.

What are your thoughts on the Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.42 Update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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