Mobile Legends September 2022 Leaks: Upcoming Skins, heroes and more

Possible upcoming skins and events in the month of September!

MOONTON Games will add many things to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang next month. They have already released a lot of cool and exciting skins and events this year. The Starlight Pass is being rolled out in the game soon with unique rewards. A new hero might also be added to the roster. This article will discuss everything we know so far about the Mobile Legends September 2022 leaks.

Mobile Legends Starlight Pass for September 2022

Skin Rewards

For the August Starlight Pass, players will get the Atlas Space Mech skin. Atlas has a moderately high pick rate in the higher-ranked lobbies. Atlas’ crowd control and ultimate ability can give a good fight during fierce battles. Atlas can be judged as a mid-tier Tank in the game right now. Also, players can pick one skin from five options, including Atlas’ Space Mech. The available options for the players this month are:

Mobile Legends September 2022 Starlight Pass
Image via MOONTON Games

Other rewards

  • Starlight Sacred Statue: Players will receive a limited sacred statue for Franco as a Starlight Pass Reward for September 2022.
  • Starlight Painted Skin: Players will receive a painted skin for the Gentleman Thief skin of Khufra. They must own the original skin to use the painted skin.
  • Starlight Exclusive Battle Emote: Players will also receive an Atlas Space Mech Battle Emote after purchasing the Starlight Pass in September 2022.

Upcoming new skins in Mobile Legends for September 2022

September Collector Skin: Miya: Doom Catalyst

Mobile legends Miya Doom Catalyst
Image via MOONTON Games

The collector skin of September, Miya‘s Doom Catalyst,’ is expected to be live in the game from September 3rd. The skin gives Miya a delicate golden touch to her outlook. Miya’s gears and her mighty bow also are seen in gold. More information on the upcoming collector skin is yet to be revealed. 

September Starlight Skin: Atlas: Space Mech

Mobile Legends September 2022 Starlight Pass
Image via MOONTON Games

Atlas‘ Space Mech skin will undoubtedly be this month’s highlight skin. With a resemblance to the name, Atlas looks like a space robot in this skin. The skin gives the abysmal sea creature an adorable look in a space suit. 

Lancelot’s Empyrean Flame Skin

MLBB Lancelot's Empyrean Flame skin
Image via MOONTON Games

The Empyrean Flame will be the newest Dragon Tamer skin in Mobile Legends. The skin is expected to be released on September 9th. 

Valentina’s Archmagister Skin

Mobile legends spetember 2022 leaks Valentina's Archmagister Skin
Image via MOONTON Games

Valentina‘s Archmagistar skin is an epic skin that is expected to be released on September 17th. Valentina is seen in a blue outfit with a red cloak and a gold belt on her skin. 

Upcoming new Heroes of Mobile Legends for September 2022


A new hero, Joy, was recently added to the advanced server. The new hero is expected to be added to the roster in the upcoming month. The latest Mage- Assassin of the game has crowd control immunity and blink abilities along with high mobility.

Mobile Legends Joy Gameplay Cover
Image via MOONTON Games

She is also a member of the Leonin, like Nana and Harith. Joy is still being tested in the advanced server and is expected to be released on the regular server in September. 

Mobile Legends September 2022 events sneak peek

A sneak peek of a few upcoming events was shown in the game. The Skin Encore event will bring the new Midnight Justice skin of Silvanna. According to the pop-up window, a Mystery shop starting on August 29th will provide skins of Xavier. A purchase bonus event will also be live during the first week of September. 

Mobile Legends September 2022 events sneak peek
Image via MOONTON Games

An event named Battle Challenge will also be live in September. The other events will be Starlight and the Grand Collection event. Both events have been discussed above in this article. 

Mobile Legends September 2022 Heroes and Skin changes

Revamped Heroes

1. Lesley

Mobile Legends September 2022 lesley
Image via MOONTON Games

Lesley will be revamped next month with improvement in her facial looks, dress, costumes, and mechanics. She would be getting a new face of a daughter coming from a wealthy family. 

2. Gusion

Mobile Legends September 2022 gusion
Image via MOONTON Games

Developers have also decided to revamp Gusion with a new makeover and skill casting. 

Revamped Skins

1. Gusion’s Valentine skin

Mobile Legends September 2022 gusion's valentine skin
Image via MOONTON Games

The Valentine skin of Gusion will be getting revamped in September. Gusion will get a new dagger in hand while the skin is equipped. 

2. Lesley’s Valentine skin

MLBB september 2022 Lesley's Valentine skin
Image via MOONTON Games

Lesley‘s Valentine skin is also getting revamped in the upcoming month. Lesley will have bare hands in place of the rose umbrella she previously had. We have already discussed the revamped versions in our previous article.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming skins and event leaks for September 2022 in Mobile Legends? Let us know in the comment section below!

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