Honor of Kings Guide: Tips to unlock all Heroes quickly in the game

Easily unlock heroes in Honor of Kings!

The most-awaited game, Honor of Kings, is finally released in Brazil. For those who are familiar with MOBA games, everyone has their favorites, so they rely on those heroes. However, in case your favorite hero (or heroes) gets picked by your opponent and you don’t have any other heroes left from that role, you are already in trouble. To avoid this kind of situation, we will discuss today how players can unlock most of the heroes quickly in Honor of Kings. This will not only help them out on this battlefield, but also increase their hero mastery in all roles.

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How to unlock heroes in Honor of Kings quickly

Let’s assume you just installed the game, and now you have plenty of opportunities to get so many heroes for free, so don’t miss this chance to unlock heroes as many as you can. We will highlight some particular sections that will give you free heroes:

  • After installing the game, you will have 3 options to choose from, and from there, you can get your first hero.
  • Then the second-best option is New Player 7-Day Sign-In. From this section, you can obtain 4 genuine heroes for free, e.g., Arthur, Lady Sun, Peacekeeper, and Beast.
Honor of Kings unlock Heroes
Image via Level Infinite
  • Then click on New Player Missions; in this section, just complete some very easy tasks by playing the game and earn points (capped at 1400). After reaching 1000 points, you will get 60 honor points, which will also help you draw heroes and skins from the shop for free.

Event Reward

The next very important section is event rewards. To enter, click on Events and then select ‘Get Han Xin for free’. The name says it all, so you have to play rank matches, and after reaching the Platinum IV tier, the developers will offer you a great hero named Han Xin, which you can claim for free.

The Road to Greatness

Honor of Kings unlock Heroes
Image via Level Infinite

This is a very important section that you cannot miss. This is also a limited-time event that will end in only 13 days. This event will offer you six random heroes and a ton of gold. So, we can assume this event section is divided into six parts: Bronze 3 to Silver 1, After reaching each division, you can unlock that random hero and gold.

Time-limited Tier up

This event will provide a ton of gold, which will help you buy heroes from the shop; so, it is a must-do event. Try to complete it within 14 days, because, after that, this event will be over.

New Start Challenge Mission

This particular event will offer diamonds and arcana. From those stacked-up diamonds, you can grab special offers from the shop. The maximum number of diamonds you can get from this event is 200.

7-day Streak Challenge

Honor of Kings unlock Heroes
Image via Level Infinite

All you have to do is log in for seven spontaneous days to earn a handsome amount of gold from this event, which can help you buy heroes from the shop.

Fight Together. Fight Better.

All you have to do is make a friend and then play 3 matches with the friend; after completing them, you will be rewarded with 100 diamonds and a bag of gold.

How to obtain all heroes in Honor of Kings

Now we will discuss the fastest way to obtain heroes. The previously discussed part will help you obtain heroes free and hassle-free. What is the main thing to buy from the shop? The first one is gold, and the second one is tokens. But in the shop, all hero’s costs are not the same; they are divided into two parts: a lesser amount of 13888 gold (588 tokens) and a higher amount of 18888 gold (688 tokens).

Among gold and tokens, gold is the easiest option to buy heroes because you can earn it from events, completing matches, and selling duplicate skins and heroes. But on the other sides, tokens are just equivalent to real-time money. For those who want to spend money on the game, this will be the easiest option to collect heroes quickly, but for the other half, here are some tips.

  • Play matches regularly.
  • Don’t miss the events.
  • Participate in spins and free draws.
  • Focus on winning to get more gold.

Now, the last option is that you can request Heroes from a friend if he is willing to donate. This will also increase your hero count, but you cannot rely on it all the time because gifting also involves real-time money.


In the end, we can see that there are two main ways to buy heroes in Honor of Kings, and the quickest way is to buy them with tokens, which involves real-time money, but apart from this, we can simply use gold to unlock heroes more easily. During matches and from boxes, you will receive a double gold card and token vouchers. Use the double gold card to double your gold after winning a match, and if possible, use the token voucher to get exclusive discounts on heroes while buying with real-time money.

Honor of Kings Baili Brothers, Honor of kings movie, hok movie, Baili brothers movie
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Not only that, but this game also offers you an exclusive discount when releasing a new hero or skin. Sometimes it also comes with a bundle offer. Try to choose your best offer to increase your hero count (right now in the ceremony section, a special event named Its Showtime is ongoing, from which you can earn free heroes and cool skins). All you have to do is play this game regularly, which will give you more map awareness and experience and allow you to leave your mark on the leaderboard.

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