eFootball PES 2021: Juventus Iconic Moments Review

Forza Juve!

The addition of Iconic Moments players has no doubt increased the appeal of eFootball to players around the globe. Users have been able to relive match-winning performances from many players of the game in coin packs where several clubs have their icons up for grab. The IMs have increased to such an extent that now there are more IMs in the game compared to Legends. Several users have a great array of Iconic Moment players over a set of different clubs. However, some mainly focus on collecting Iconics from their favorite clubs. With legends being easily churned out in the game slowly, Iconic Moments players can add to the real glam of your squad. In this article, we shall review the Juventus Iconic Moments in PES 2021.

All the reviews are made only after trying them out in both offline & online mode. Whenever any new Juventus Iconic Moments are released, this review will be updated with the new set of players. We have previously reviewed the Iconic Moments players of the following clubs from PES 2020 and also the below clubs from PES 2021, so feel free to check those reviews out.

PES 2021: Juventus Iconic Moments

We currently have four Juventus Iconic Moments released in PES 2021 this year. Whenever any new Juventus Iconic Moments are released in PES 2021, this article will be updated with the new set of players.

Alessandro Del Piero

Playing Style: Creative Playmaker

Looking back at the Iconic match

Real Madrid vs Juventus, that too on a Champions League night often resulted in Iconic Moments, but that match wasn’t any different. In the iconic Santiago Bernabeu, Alessandro Del Piero scored two stunning goals to give Juventus a 2-0 victory against Real Madrid to put the Italians through to the Champions League knockout stage.

Juventus Iconic Moments in PES 2021 - Del Piero
Juventus Iconic Moments in PES 2021 – Del Piero

The game started off well for both squads, however, breaking the deadlock was the World Cup-winning striker who scored in the 17th minute, crashing a left-foot shot past Iker Casillas as the defense backed off. He had earlier grabbed the opener in the 2-1 triumph over Real in Turin too, and this was a repeat. Sergio Ramos almost equalized on 24 minutes but his half-volley flew over the bar while striker Ruud van Nistelrooy blasted narrowly over before halftime.

Del Piero’s second came from a direct free kick on 67 minutes which he whipped past the wall into the left-hand corner of the net with Casillas rooted to the spot. He almost had a third near the end when a close-range effort slipped past the post and the crowd rose to applaud the 33-year-old when he was substituted in injury time, which was deserving of such an Iconic performance.

Player Analysis

Del Piero is undoubtedly one of the best Italian players of all time. His footballing grace, dribbling, and skill level displayed throughout his career are still talked about. At the club level, Piero’s time at Juventus is still remembered, and also his performances there are talked about often.

However, Del Piero’s best IM card was the 2020 edition of Juventus Iconic Moments released last season. This time, we don’t get Del Piero as a Goal Poacher, instead of as a Creative Playmaker. Del Piero’s stats lean on the creative aspects of his game, as he was nearing the closing stages of his career. So, for those who love using a creative playmaker in the game, Piero would be a very good choice.

PES 2021 Del Piero Juventus Iconic Moments Stats

Piero’s best abilities are Dribbling and Ball Control, he is amazingly smooth with the ball. He is very good at tight spaces and could dribble past any defense even with a lack of major dribbling skills. Also a very good finisher of the ball, he is good at long-range shots. Must agree, his Long-Range Shooting is one of the best in the game, with his curl shots being so smooth and very accurate.

An increase in age slowly decreases Speed, and the same goes for Piero here. He isn’t the fast Piero we have in PES 2020, but he isn’t very slow too. He is quick enough for a central role. Freekicks are precise, and with little added curl, it becomes even better. Passing is a plus too, he is good at creating chances.

Yes, compared to his previous card, this isn’t an upgrade over his previous card, but this can be a different utility purpose. Preferably, not a 90-minute player, with high pressing managers he gets drained quickly. A creative role in your squad would be a good fit.

Formation discussion

Del Piero is best suited as an AMF or a SS, in a creative role where he either plays off a striker or behind a 2-man forward line. In 4-2-1-3, he becomes vulnerable to pressing high, where his stamina isn’t enough for the 90. So, he works best in a 4-3-1-2 behind those two strikers, by creating space and proving the final ball, along with striking from a distance.

Pavel Nedved

Playing Style: Creative Playmaker

Looking back at the Iconic match

Juventus faced Inter Milan in Stadio delle Alpi, Turin, in front of around 50,000 football fans. Fighting for the trophy, this was an important match considering both teams were in a fierce title race. However, the match didn’t seem like it, because Juventus were all over Inter. Inspired by a Nedved masterclass, Lippi’s Bianconeri fire three past Cuper’s Inter. This is one of the most unforgettable Derby d’Italia clashes played in Turin.

Juventus Iconic Moments in PES 2021 - Nedved
Juventus Iconic Moments in PES 2021 – Nedved

The match opened with an own goal off Inter defender in the 4th minute, which was followed by chances for both squads until Nedved’s weak foot shot to the keeper’s left from outside the box stunned everyone on the pitch. Inter never recovered from this, and this dominance continued until Juventus’ Camoranesi finished the game off in the 83rd minute.

Player Analysis

Nedved is one of the most popular players in PES Mobile, he has been admired by many PES fans. His ability to play any midfield role has been very impressive and always has been in the debate of being the best midfielder in the game since his debut. Being one of the few midfield players to win Ballon D’or, Nedved is truly one of the greats.

About his new IM card in PES 2021, Nedved seems to be a match to match his PES 2020 version. Talking about his offensive prowess, he seems to be an improved player and also is a very good holder of the ball. He has 90+ stats in the ball control and dribbling departments. His Box-to-Box playstyle makes him go forward often and helps in linking with your forwards.

PES 2021 Nedved Juventus Iconic Moments Stats

Talking about this finishing, He is a very good and reliable finisher of the ball. But particularly talking about his long-range shooting, it is one of the best in the game. His shots are so powerful that the opponent keepers find it difficult to stop them. Also comes with the Rising and Dipping shots, it is nearly impossible to save them if they are on target, and also they are amazing to look at when those shots go in.

Nedved’s passing is also amazing. Has 90 plus stats in both low and lofted passes. Talking about this speed he isn’t slow nor very fast, but he’s very reliable for your midfield who can cover any ground. He can take decent set-pieces as well. The best part about Nedved is that he offers so much in the offensive areas and still does not get depleted in stamina, which is important for an Offensive mid.

Defensively, He is an aggressive midfielder but that doesn’t make him a good defender. Defending is average but that is enough to keep hold of the ball in the midfield. Again, his stamina becomes a plus here too and can manage the full 90 contributing.

Formation Discussion

Nedved is flexible in LMF, CMF, and AMF roles. You can use him in a 4-3-3 formation where a Box to Box midfielder on the left would be a good fit. He can also be played as an AMF/LMF/CMF in 3-4-1-2, 4-3-1-2, or as a CMF/LMF of 4-2-2-2 for great use of this engine.

Andrea Pirlo

Playing Style: Orchestrator

Looking back at the Iconic match

Juventus Iconic Moments in PES 2021 - Pirlo
Juventus Iconic Moments in PES 2021 – Pirlo

Matchday 6 of the Serie A featured Juventus head against Roma. The Bianconeri thrashed Roma to a convincing 4-1 victory at the Juventus Stadium. Andrea Pirlo opened the scoring with a genius low freekick in the 11th minute, where the rampage followed with Arturo Vidal, Alessandro Matri, and Sebastian Giovinco hitting the target for the hosts. Pablo Daniel Osvaldo’s second-half penalty would prove to be a mere consolation strike for the Giallorossi.

Player Analysis

Pirlo is one of the best midfielders the game has ever produced. The Italian was instrumental in the successes of teams wherever he went. However, being that deep-lying midfielder who orchestrated the game, Pirlo was immense in creating the threat from any deep positions.

PES 2021 Pirlo Juventus Iconic Moments Stats

Pirlo’s biggest attribute is his Passing, and we shall start with all praise on that. Just like in real life, he can find space for through balls and provide defense-splitting passes going forward. His Through Passing coupled with those sweet Weighted Passes is a master of destroying the best of defenses within seconds. His Lofted passing is also amazing, especially with Low Lofted Passing skill. Having almost all important passing skills, he instantly lifts any game with his crisp passing.

His dribbling and ball control is on point. He is good with his feet, not a dribbling skiller but good enough. Since most of his offensive contribution comes from Passing and Set Pieces, Pirlo isn’t a huge scoring threat. In fact, he has a big dip in Finishing considering his PES 2020 Iconic version. Offensive movement is also isn’t much. Defensively, he is average and doesn’t help much since his lack of pace is clearly visible. Overall, he is a great player for controlling the tempo, and that’s what he used to do best.

Formation Discussion

Pirlo isn’t good as a sole DMF, but with a Double Pivot, he is fantastic and does layout amazing passes to your forwards, links up beautifully. Pair him with a pure defensive midfielder to provide cover. Formations with a Double Pivot, such as the 4-2-1-3, 3-2-4-1, 3-2-2-3, are some amazing formations in which Pirlo excels.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Playing Style: Prolific Winger

Looking back at the Iconic match

Juventus faced Napoli in the Super Cup final on January 21, 2021, at the Mapei Stadium. The game started well, and after a nervy first half in the Super Cup, Juventus controlled the half with Ronaldo being very impressive even without scoring. So scoring would have happened anytime soon as he was posing threats, and eventually, it did in the 64th minute.

Bernardeschi swings in a dangerous corner that ricochets off Bakayoko and into the path of an unmarked Ronaldo, who smashes a close-range finish gleefully into the roof of the net to get the lead. However, in injury time, Morata sealed the win as Juventus secured the Super Cup as Cuadrado raced through on goal on the counter, before knocking it selflessly around Ospina and into Morata who tapped into an empty net.

Player Analysis

Well, does this man even need an introduction. Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the greats of the game, and almost his entire career has been filled with Iconic Moments. Out of the few selected, this Juventus Iconic Moment card was distributed for free in the game as part of an event. Still, it matches with the best cards in the game, and we can feel it while playing him in-game.

As an LWF with a Prolific Winger playstyle, it is a shame that we can’t utilize one of the best poachers to his fullest. However, that doesn’t stop him from being immense. He is a constant threat, his offensive awareness is still one of the best in the game. He finds himself in good scoring areas, even though not as good as a pure poacher, but still brilliant.

PES 2021 Ronaldo Juventus Iconic Moments Stats

Dribbling is not easy with Ronaldo, he feels sluggish, but his Cross Over Turn works well sometimes to go off defenders. His finishing stat is usually killed by KONAMI, but here his finishing is too good to ignore. His long-range shots are accurate too, just as you expect from Ronaldo. He has almost all good finishing skills, so that is a plus too. With no weak foot, he can score from any angle and position with ease.

No need to mention his Heading ability, he is still the best in the world in that department. A dip in speed is a disappointment, but it is expected as he is aging. But still, he is quick enough to use and can be very instrumental in delivering goals for your squad. a consistent player to have, and this gift for free is very much received.

Formation Discussion

Ronaldo is best suited as an LWF/CF. In a 4-3-3, you can play him either as a CF or LWF. But as a CF, he does not poach much, so players would have to trigger runs with him. So, the best formations would be 4-2-2–2, 4-3-1-2, etc.

Which Juventus Iconic Moments do you have in PES 2021 and what are your thoughts about them? So, let us know in the comment section below!

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