T3 Arena Daimon Guide: Abilities, Team Combos, and Gameplay Tips

Master Daimon and unleash Hell on the Battlefield!

In the upcoming Super Season 3 update of T3 Arena, a new hero named Daimon makes her entrance into the battleground. Daimon’s tale is one of survival and transformation, once a genetically modified human, she turned into a mercenary after surviving an underground lab explosion. This T3 Arena Daimon Guide aims to delve into Daimon’s abilities, potential team combos, and gameplay strategies to help players harness their full potential in the T3 Arena.

With her red skin, bat-like wings, and cynical attitude birthed from a lack of guidance, Daimon’s notorious reputation precedes her in the T3 Arena. Known for her back-row DPS capabilities, Daimon’s prime objective revolves around unraveling the mysteries behind her transformation linked to T-crystals. Players can also check out our character guides for Iris, Vincent, Zero-Kelvin, Gatlyn, Sindri, Iris, Chemist, Gloria, Yaa, Jabali Fort, Cristina, Ruby, Kazama, Neon, and Ono. Now let’s dive right into Daimon’s guide and learn to master him.


Main Weapon: Wrath Cannon

Daimon wields the Wrath Cannon, a formidable weapon requiring strategic positioning due to its scoped feature. Scoping in and out takes time, and while scoped in, Daimon’s movement speed is decreased. However, this position allows for unleashing continuous fire, inflicting massive damage from a distance. A single tap on the shoot button scopes in, and clicking the cancel button or holding down the shoot button will unscope.

First Active Ability: Greedy Leap

T3 Arena Daimon Guide- First Active Ability: Greedy Leap
Image via XD Inc.

Greedy Leap propels Daimon forward at a fixed angle, with a visible projected flight path. Upon landing, Daimon hovers above the ground, gaining extra damage reduction. This state can be exited at any time by pressing the ability again. Besides attacking, Greedy Leap serves as a swift relocation tool, making it versatile on the battlefield.

Second Active Ability: Lazy Bomb

Deploying a Lazy Bomb reveals the bomb’s trajectory, allowing for precise targeting. Upon explosion, it damages foes within range and generates a gravity field that slows enemies, prevents jumping, and pulls them toward the ground—making it a potent counter against airborne adversaries.

Ultimate Ability: Glutton Beam

Glutton Beam emanates a light beam from Daimon’s current position, which gradually widens. Initially, foes may dodge it by moving around or jumping over, but as it broadens, it scatters enemies, creating chaos in their ranks. Coupled with Lazy Bomb’s gravity field, Glutton Beam becomes a deadly tool, making evasion difficult for enemies.

T3 Arena Daimon Guide - Ultimate Ability: Glutton Beam
T3 Arena Daimon Guide – Ultimate Ability: Glutton Beam

Passive Ability: Arrogant Shield

Arrogant Shield is Daimon’s passive armor, ensuring she remains standing even during intense gunfights. This shield fortifies Daimon’s durability, making her a tougher adversary.

Tips and Tricks to Use Daimon in T3 Arena

  • Positioning: Keep Daimon in the back row to maximize the Wrath Cannon’s effectiveness. Utilize Greedy Leap for quick repositioning to maintain a safe distance or to find vantage points for launching assaults.
  • Ability Combo: Employ a Lazy Bomb to control and cluster enemies, followed by a Glutton Beam to scatter and deal significant damage. This combo also synergizes well with other heroes’ area control or damage abilities.
  • Team Coordination: Ensure close coordination with teammates to capitalize on the control and chaos Daimon can create on the battlefield. Her abilities can set the stage for team combos, facilitating a domino effect of damage and control against opponents.

Best Team Combinations to use with Daimon in T3 Arena

Daimon’s abilities cater to a versatile range of team strategies. Her Lazy Bomb and Glutton Beam combo can significantly disrupt enemy formations and control the battlefield, especially when paired with other heroes capable of area control or airborne attacks. Moreover, Daimon’s Greedy Leap not only allows for strategic repositioning but also provides opportunities for coordinated assaults or retreats with teammates.

Heroes that can Counter DaimonHeroes that Daimon can Counter
OssasJohnny Jet

Final Thoughts

With the right strategies and teamwork, Daimon can become a formidable force in T3 Arena. Mastering her abilities and understanding her role within the team can lead to dominating performances in the Super Season 3 update.

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