Pokémon Unite Gyarados Guide: Best Builds, Held Items, Movesets and Gameplay Tips

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Gyarados is a sea serpent kind of Pokémon specializing in Melee damage combat attack type. Gyarados has evolved from Magikarp, which is also an A-tier All-rounder Pokémon with high attack potential whilst possessing as much defensive potential. This guide will let you know about Gyarados in Pokémon Unite, their abilities, best items, and team compositions.

Previously, we have discussed how to master playing with other Pokémon like Pikachu, MamoswineEldegoss, Zeraora, BlisseyCharizardSnorlaxTsareenaDecidueyeDragoniteTalonflameCinderaceGreninjaGardevoirVenusaurWigglytuffTrevenantGengarLucario, Aegislash, Crustle, Hoopa, Garchomp Absol, Alolan Ninetales, Duraludon, Cramorant, Blastoise, Slowbro, Machamp, Mr. Mime, Greedent, Azumarill and Sylveon. Therefore, one must make sure to check those guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Gyarados.

Gyarados: In-game Cost

Gyarados is currently available in the Pokémon Unite Committee for 575 Aeos gems. It was released alongside a new skin which is available in the shop for a discounted bundle price of 1381 Aeos gems. It would be available for purchase using Aeos coins, as of February 1st, 2024. The shop consists of all the characters available from which players can view general info, stats, and abilities of the Pokémon before purchasing them.

Gyarados Stats and Evolution

1st Evolution 2nd Evolution

Magikarp (Lv. 1)

Gyarados (Lv. 4)

Pokémon Unite Gyarados Movesets

Gyarados, as an all-rounder in Pokémon Unite, is quite powerful in the game. It has a range of damage-dealing moves in its closet. Gyarados’ with its high offense and sustain, make it indeed a top all-rounder.

Basic Attack

When Pokémon evolves, its basic attack effects change.

Level 1 Basic Attack (Magicarp)

The Pokémon attacks the nearby opposing Pokémon, dealing damage.

Level 4 Basic Attack (Gyarados)

It becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, dealing increased damage.


 When the Pokémon evolves, its ability changes.

Rattled (Magikarp)

When the Pokémon is damaged by an opposing Pokémon, its movement speed is increased for a short time. This effect can stack up to 5 times. Each time the Pokémon with this ability knocks out an opposing Pokémon scores a goal or otherwise makes a contribution in battle, its effort gauge increases. Once the effort gauge is full, the Pokémon evolves into Gyarados.

Moxie (Gyarados)

When the Pokémon knocks out an opposing Pokémon or makes an assist, all of its move cooldowns are reduced.

Ability 1 – Flail

The skill will see the user flailing about, dealing damage to the nearby opposing Pokémon. The lower the user’s remaining HP, the higher the damage.

Ability Choices at Level 4

At Level 4, upon evolution into Gyarados, Flail has also evolved into either of the following:

Dragon BreathAqua Tail
The second stage of the move deals additional damage based on the percentage of HP the opposing Pokémon has lost.The skill will see the user swing its tail continuously for a set amount of time. If this move can be used again. This second stage of the move has the user charge power, then sweep its tail to attack a wider area. If the user charges power for a set amount of time or longer before attacking, the move’s area of effect is increased and it deals increased damage.
Upgrade: Increases the damage dealt by this move and basic attacks.Upgrade: The second stage of the move deals additional damage based on the percentage of HP the opposing Pokémon has lost.

Ability 2 – Splash

The skill will see the user jump to the designated location. A maximum of 3 uses can be kept in reserve for this move.

Ability Choices at Level 6

At Level 6, either of these two moves becomes available.

The skill will see the user charge three times in a row at awesome speed, dealing damage to the opposing Pokémon it hits. The charge can change direction between each charge. If the second charge hits an opposing Pokémon, the user is granted a shield. If the third charge hits an opposing Pokémon, the opposing Pokémon is thrown.The skill will see the user charge power, then bounce to the designated location and attack. The longer the power is charged, the farther the user can bounce. If power is charged for a certain amount of time or longer, the user is granted a shield when it bounces, and the user applies a movement speed decrease to opposing Pokémon it hits when it lands.
Upgrade: Reduces the move’s cooldownUpgrade: Strengthens the effect of the shield granted by this move.

Unite Move – Dragon Current

Has the user dive underwater, where it can’t attack or be targeted by opposing Pokémon. When this move is used again, the user leaps up forcefully and attacks.

If the user stays underwater for a set amount of time, it creates a whirlpool where it surfaces, applying a continuous slowing effect to opposing Pokémon it hits. If the user stays underwater for an even longer amount of time, it creates a waterspout where it surfaces, throwing opposing Pokémon it hits.

Best items for Gyarados in Pokémon Unite

Further in this guide, we will discuss the best-held items for Gyarados in Pokémon Unite, as well as its best battle item.

Best Held Items

Scope LensScope Lens makes Gyarados’ attacks deadlier through increased critical-hit rate and damage, which works nicely with Dragon Breath’s buff.
Razor ClawWeakness Policy provides Gyarados offence via an Attack boost and defense through an HP boost. It also works well with Flail’s HP-based damage.
Weakness PolicyWeakness Policy provides Gyarados offense via an Attack boost and defense through an HP boost. It also works well with Flail’s HP-based damage.

Besides the above-suggested builds, a Gyarados player may also use the following item builds:

  • Attack Weight, Muscle band, and Focus Hand
  • Scope lens, Razor Claw, and Focus hand
  • Muscle Band, Weakness Policy, and Scope lens.

Best Battle Items

  • Eject Button: It helps Gyarados to quickly move to a designated place when retreating or chasing opponents.
  • Full Heal: It removes all Crowd-control effects and debuffs on Gyarados and also increases his critical hit rate and damage whilst the item is active.

Pokémon Unite Gyarados Gameplay Tips

Our Pokémon Unite Gyarados Guide will now discuss how to play or a perfect game plan for the Pokémon, across the game. The following division has two sections of the early and late game, which players must make sure to read, till the end.

Early Game

The game starts as Magikarp which has a different Basic and Passive attack than its evolutionary form. In terms of laning, going Top or Bottom Lane is mostly advisable. Players are also expected to unlock and use Flail as it’s a good damaging move, especially wild Aipoms and opposing enemy Pokémon. After that at Level 4, which is pretty much early in the game, Magikarp evolves into Gyarados.Image via The Pokemon Company

Pokémon Unite Sylveon Guide early game
Image via The Pokemon Company

Players must try to evolve within the first 2 minutes of the game, and not later than that. Flail evolves into either Dragon Breath or Aqua Tail. The former serves as a crowd control and damage-type move. Whereas, Aqua Tail proves to be an indeed useful move against enemy Pokemon or in Boss fights as it deals continuous AOE damage to surrounding targets.

Since the top lane is preferable for Gyarados, players should take on Rotom and also score as many goals as possible. They must level up as fast as possible and target opponent attackers. Early in the game, players should use Gyarados to mark and attack enemy Speedsters or Support role Pokemon to further delay their evolution and leveling.

Late Game

A couple of levels later at Level 6, a choice has to be made between either Waterfall or Bounce. Bounce is highly recommended as it easily lets Gyarados cover lots of distance while making sure he bounces and deals damage to enemy Pokémon whilst being sustained by the generated shield too. 

Pokémon Unite Sylveon Guide late game
Image via The Pokemon Company

However, Waterfall can also be a useful pick especially when faced with multiple enemy Pokémon targets as it ensures that each dash hits. Do choose according to the game plan. The Unite move can also be very useful during the Zapdos’ fight to kill and steal, as it can help him maim and target enemy main damage dealers.

Positioning of Gyarados

The best path for Gyarados would be the top or bottom lane. Be it either of its evolutionary stages, the moves Gyarados has are quite powerful for an all-rounder role Pokémon. Focus on farming the bottom lane Aipoms and Audinos.

The cluster of Combees and Vespiqueen should be hunted down as much as possible for early evolution into Gyarados. The attacking capabilities of Gyarados shouldn’t be wasted in the jungle, except when assisting your allied speedster or attacker-type Pokémon.

Gyarados with other Pokémon

Our Pokémon Unite Gyarados guide will also talk about the relationship between Gyarados and other Pokémon.

Best synergies with Gyarados

Gyarados is a Pokémon who would need an adventure partner to be an attacker.

Pokémon Benefits
MamoswineThe freezing moves and high endurance is a perfect companion for Gyarados.
SnorlaxThe shielding moves on opponents would help Gyarados have some kills. Snorlax being a defender would also take in a lot of damage.
ComfeyWould help Gyarados heal after battles besides also providing speed boosts or shields.

Pokémon which are strong and weak against Gyarados

Pokémon that Gyarados countersPokémon that counter Gyarados
Glaceon Zacian
Gardevoir Slowbro
Pikachu Trevenant
 Duraludon Alolan Ninetales
 Cramorant Zoroark

Pokémon Unite Gyarados Guide: Tips, tricks and strategies

Our Pokémon Unite Gyarados guide includes the perfect game plan for the early and late game during the Unite battles.

  • First and foremost, players should not venture alone, not especially into the enemy territory.
  • To continually fill up and increase the effort gauge, players must constantly attack enemies with Flail and Splash.
  • Take advantage of Moxie’s cooldown effects by engaging more in fights to end up with lots more kills or assists.
  • As Gyarados is a bit weak to enemy Pokemon with heavy crowd-control abilities, one must watch out for disables especially when using Aqua Tail.
  • Dragon Current and Lapras Express can form a good combo that will deal a lot of damage combined if timed well.
  • As said, in a gist, level up as early as possible, score plenty of goals, and most importantly, play as a team’s attacker.

Final Thoughts

Players must keep all the valuable points in mind while playing with Gyarados. It is indeed a gifted attacker and a perfect handler might make up a perfect team with it.

That’s all for today’s Pokémon Unite Gyarados Guide. Do you prefer to use Gyarados in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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