T3 Arena Fade Guide: Abilities, Team Combos, and Gameplay Tips

Mastering Fade's Tactics and Counters in T3 Arena

Fade is a control-type Vanguard hero equipped with the deadly Quantum Cannon. This T3 Arena Fade Guide will unravel the intricacies of Fade’s abilities, optimal team combinations, and key gameplay tips, allowing players to harness the full potential of this relentless predator. Players can also check out our character guides for Iris, Vincent, Zero-Kelvin, Gatlyn, Sindri, Iris, Chemist, Gloria, Yaa, Jabali Fort, Cristina, Ruby, Kazama, Neon, Ono, Daimon, Lacia, and Tigris. Now let’s dive right into Fade’s guide and learn to master him.


Primary Weapon: Quantum Cannon

Fade’s primary weapon, the Quantum Cannon, unleashes bouncing cannonballs towards the ground. These projectiles not only deal area-of-effect damage but also possess the unique ability to rebound off walls. Mastering the art of controlling multiple cannonballs provides Fade with unparalleled versatility in targeting enemies.

First Active Ability: Plunder Rush

As a reckless predator, Fade employs Plunder Rush, a skill that propels him forward, sticking to opponents. The sheer force of this ability pushes enemies back, disrupting formations. Fade can choose to halt the rush at will or upon hitting a wall.

Fade's First Active Ability: Plunder Rush
Image via XD Inc.

Second Active Ability: Quantum Shield

This helps Fade deploy a dome of protection that both he and his teammates can use. Lasting for 8 seconds, its 16800 shield HP can protect the entire team from massive suppression fire and take objective control.

Passive Ability: C-Conversion

With the passive ability C-Conversion, under attack, Fade’s cooldown for Plunder Rush shortens, enabling relentless disruption.

Ultimate Ability: Atom Fade

Fade's Ultimate Ability: Atom Fade
Image via XD Inc.

Fade’s ultimate ability, Atom Fade, unleashes a supermassive black hole, creating a singularity that devours opponents within its range. Though consuming substantial T-Crystal energy, this ability stuns opponents upon reentry, providing an opportunity for strategic follow-up attacks. Whether delivering opponents to teammates or disrupting enemy formations, Atom Fade is a game-changer.

Tips and Tricks to use Fade in T3 Arena

1. Wall Peak with Passive

Utilize the Wall Peak technique to gather information before activating Fade’s passive. This minimizes opponents’ reaction time, ensuring effective hits. Precision in angle selection is crucial, considering the passive’s sensitivity limitations.

3. Pre-fire Angles for Maximum Effect

Optimize Fade’s cannonballs by shooting them into corners and entry points. Similar to Christina, exploiting indirect hits in open spaces adds an element of surprise to your attacks.

4. Passive for Resets and Heals

Fade’s passive is not only an offensive tool but serves for strategic resets and healing. Use it to get out of the line of fire, grab a heal, or reposition during intense encounters.

Best Team Combinations to use with Fade in T3 Arena

Pair Fade strategically with heroes that complement his disruptive abilities:

  • Gatlyn: Combines well with Fade’s disruption, allowing Gatlyn to melt blocked-in enemies.
  • Fade: Synergizes for massive damage on stunned targets from Fade’s shield slam and ult.
  • Diggy: Dive into the backline as Tigris disrupts and shields for him.
Heroes that can Counter FadeHeroes that Fade can Counter
Hua LingKazama

Exercise caution against Heroes like Shell, Hunter, and Skadi whose abilities can counter Fade’s mobility. Save the passive for close-range encounters, reducing the risk of getting countered.

Final Thoughts

Fade’s prowess in T3 Arena is unlocked through a blend of precision, strategic decision-making, and cooperation with the team. By understanding Fade’s abilities and implementing expert tips, players can transform into formidable vanguards on the battlefield, disrupting opponents’ strongholds and securing victory for their team. Players can unlock Fade through Hero Tickets available in their inventory.

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