Wild Rift Akshan Guide: Best Build, Runes and Gameplay Tips

Fixing the world, one scoundrel at a time!

The Ruination is still ongoing and spreading its Black Mist over the whole of Runeterra. The Sentinels of Light are trying their best in fighting back the darkness by traveling to each region. This is where Akshan joins the group. As a Marksman designed to be played in the Mid Lane though Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel, makes his entrance with a Hook. Literally. Equipped with a grappling Hook Akshan came to hunt down any scoundrel to avenge his fallen allies. Akshan is a complex champion with a lot of tools making him a solid A-tier pick in every team composition. In this guide, we will take a closer look at the best runes, spells, and builds, including tips and tricks to swing your way to victory with Akshan in League of Legends: Wild Rift.

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Skill Analysis

Akshan is a champion with the common five skill sets of one passive and four actives. In this Akshan guide, we are going to see how his abilities in LoL Wild Rift work and when you should use which skill to be in the best shape in the current rank season.

Passive – Dirty Fighting


Every three hits from attacks and abilities deal an additional 25 magic damage. Against champions, also gains a shield that absorbs 40 damage (+ 40% AD) for 2 seconds (12s cd). After launching an attack, Akshan will fire a second shot that deals 29 physical damage (+ 50%). He can cancel this shot to gain 40 Movement Speed decaying over 1 second. Holding down the attack button will fire the second shot.

Skill 1 – Avengerang

skill 1

Throws a boomerang that deals 52 physical damage (+ 80%) extending the range each time it hits an enemy. Champion hits grant Akshan 40% Movement Speed decaying over 1 second. Deals 60%  damage to minions.

Skill 2 – Going Rogue

skill 2

Passive: Enemies that kill allied champions become Scoundrels for 40 seconds. When Akshan takes down a Scoundrel he gains 100 gold and revives the slain allies.

Active: Become camouflaged for 1.75 seconds and gain 80% Movement Speed towards Scoundrels. Duration is infinite while Akshan is near terrain or in a bush.

Skill 3 – Heroic Swing

skill 3

Fires a hook to attach and swing around terrain, attacking the nearest enemy for 30 physical damage (+ 15% AD) per shot. If Akshan collides with an enemy champion or terrain, he will jump off the rope.

Re-cast: Jumps off the rope. Champion takedowns refresh this ability´s cooldown. Prioritizes champions recently damaged by Akshan. On-hit effects deal 25% damage.

Skill 4 – Comeuppance

skill 4

Locks onto an enemy champion, charging 5 shots over 3 seconds. Re-cast: Fires the shots, dealing 28 physical damage (+ 12.5%) to the first enemy or structure hit, increased up to 109 physical damage (+ 50%) based on target´s missing Health.

Skill Up Methods for Akshan

Skill up the Ultimate whenever it is available. Regarding other skills, upgrade the 1st skill, then the 3rd skill, and lastly the 2nd skill.

Best Runes Setup and Spells for Akshan in Wild Rift

Even though Akshan is designed to be played in both Mid and Bot lane his Runes stay the same in general. You might want to change them regarding the enemy composition accordingly.

Adc Runes

Wild Rift Akshan Guide


This Rune is the basic damage-giving rune for all ADC´s. It stacks either AD or AP the longer a fight will take. This rune will help with Akshan´s low-base stats.


The Brutal rune is used to compensate for Akshan´s low damage in the early game. Buffing his early game with this rune is a good strategy if you want to end the game sooner. On the contrary, you can exchange Brutal with Gathering Storm if you are aiming for late-game scaling.

Adaptive Carapace

Since Akshan is both a Marksman and an Assassin you will often find yourself being in sticky situations to get the final shot on an enemy target. Adaptive Carapace can help you survive those risky plays ( or at least support you long enough so you get that kill ).

Manaflow Band

Akshan is a champion who relies on his mana management. Picking up Manaflow Band is therefore very much advised to help you keep up with mana-less champions for example.

Battle Spells


For safety purposes, it is advised to pick up Flash. Akshan has a great mobility kit especially considering his hook so you might change the spell if you feel confident enough.

Either Exhaust, Heal or Ignite

As a Mid laner, you have the choice between Ignite or Barrier since your opposing enemy champion will have either one of them as well. As an ADC you have an additional spell to choose from: Heal. It is advised to take shields against assassins for safety and against mages, you can choose Ignite to be more aggressive.

Best Builds for Akshan in League of Legends: Wild Rift

ADC Build

Wild Rift Akshan Guide
  • Essence Reaver
  • Solari Chargeblade
  • Quicksilver Enchant
  • Navori Quickblades
  • Blade of the Ruined King
  • Serylda´s Grudge

League of Legends: Wild Rift Akshan Gameplay Tips

As we figured out Akshan is a Marksman suited to being played in the Dragon Lane or the Mid Lane. Always remember that the Wild Rift’s Map is a mirror so make sure you understand the map side before starting to lane. According to his gameplay, we can break it down into three phases. Our League of Legends: Wild Rift Akshan guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, mid, and late game.

Early Game

Akshan´s playstyle is almost the same in the Mid Lane or the Dragon Lane. You try to farm as much as possible while denying the enemy his farm by situational poking.

Wild Rift Akshan Guide
Akshan in the battlefield

The difference in playing Akshan Mid is the chances of getting ganked are higher. Also, it is advised to roam with your jungler if possible. If not try to push the farm into the enemy turret and then go roam if you see an opportunity in the other lanes.

Mid Game

The Mid Game will probably start after the first dragon thus the first team fight. Before that “clean up” your lane and push it into the enemy turret so the opposing champion on your lane has to deal with the minion wave. This could potentially be beneficial for a team fight since the enemy champion will arrive late to it thus giving your team a number advantage. After that as a Mid Laner try to farm on the side lanes since they are less dangerous to farm alone.

Late Game

The late game is very key for Akshan since by now he probably has got the majority of his items thus giving him his power spike. Remember to always push lanes in time before major objectives so you will not be late to any team fight. As a Marksman/ Assassin you would like to stay in the middle of your team.

Wild Rift Akshan Guide
Akshan in Wild Rift

Try to poke from the distance and as soon as you see a low health enemy champion go in and assassinate them. As an assassin, you also can let your teammates start a fight and “ clean up” after the enemy team is in low health. You might want to try specific skill combos like this to unleash her full potential.

Skill 2 + Basic + Skill 1 + Skill 3 + Ultimate

Champs that counter Akshan Champs that Akshan counters
Kai´saMiss Fortune

As the ADC playing in the Bot Lane Akshan has good synergy with crowd-control-focused supports such as Leona, Nami, or Alistar.

Final Thoughts

Akshan is a very unique marksman/assassin. He is not one of the strongest in either subgroup and takes his time to become stronger. His passive on the other hand is one of the strongest abilities in the game by giving him the opportunity to his whole team when used correctly. Both points make him a make-or-break character and it is definitely advised to take as much time as possible while training him. One thing is for sure: it is very fun playing him.

That’s all for today’s League of Legends: Wild Rift Akshan Guide. Do you prefer to use Akshan in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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