Mobile gaming news roundup (January 2024): New releases, Industry movements and more

What was the month's talking points?

As we are now into the second month of 2024, let’s take a moment to check out the mobile gaming advancements over the preceding month. If I were to collectively describe the month of January 2024, it unfolded as a delightful experience for mobile gaming enthusiasts, presenting a collection of lively new titles and bringing forth thrilling updates and revelations about forthcoming mobile games. So, in this article, I aim to give a comprehensive look at all the thrilling gaming experiences the previous month had in store for us with this Monthly Mobile Gaming News Roundup for January 2024.

Monthly Mobile Gaming News Roundup for January 2024

Week 1: January 01 to January 07

Executive Summary

The first week of January 2024 kicked off with the mobile gaming news of Phoenix 2 debut on Android, offering thrilling space battles, while Need For Speed Mobile teased exciting updates, including 40-player races. Valiant Ark, the survival RPG, entered early access for Android users in the US.

Nexon faced a $8.9 million fine for alleged MapleStory drop item manipulation. Persona 5: The Phantom X commenced its third closed Beta Test in China, creating anticipation. Controversies surrounded Twitch which banned ‘implied nudity and reverted it back within a day while NetEase Games has implemented an ‘Underage Mode’ across all its games.


Persona 5 The Phantom X
Image via Perfect World Games
ROM Remember Of Majesty MMORPG cover, Mobile Gaming News January 2024
Image via Kakao Games

Week 2: January 08 to January 14

Executive Summary

VibeCity, a GTA-inspired RPG, was announced for Android and iOS. Ark Battle Girls, a captivating RPG, started its open beta test for Android. Goddess of Victory: NIKKE altered character designs amid artist concerns. Marvel Snap creator Second Dinner secured a $100 million funding boost.

ByteDance confirmed talks for its gaming assets, and Furry Battlefield: Iron Desert was revealed as an upcoming battle royale title, along with soft launches with Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice, Whalsea Legends, and others.


  • VibeCity Announcement: VibeCity, a GTA-inspired open-world RPG, is set to make its way to Android and iOS platforms.
  • Ark Battle Girls Open Beta: Ark Battle Girls, a captivating RPG from Loongcheer Game, commences its open beta test for Android.
  • Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Design Change: In response to concerns raised by an artist regarding similarities, the game Goddess of Victory: NIKKE announces alterations to its character designs.
  • Second Dinner Funding Boost: Marvel Snap creator Second Dinner secures a substantial $100 million funding injection from Griffin Gaming Partners.
Furry Battlefield Iron Desert upcoming
Image via Furry Battlefield
Haikyu!! FLY HIGH
Image via KLab
  • Haikyu FLY HIGH Pre-registration: Haikyu FLY HIGH, a sports card game based on the popular anime series, opening pre-registration for mobile.
  • Rust Mobile in development: Survival gaming takes a new turn as the mobile version of Rust is in development, with Level Infinite expected to take on the role of the publisher.
  • ACEFORCE 2 Global Launch in sight: Tencent Games gears up for the sequel as ACEFORCE 2 is currently in development, with expectations of a global launch.

Week 3: January 15 to January 21

Executive Summary

Third week had a good mix of news announcements in my opinion. HunterxHunter, an action RPG based on the anime, launched in China. Netflix collaborated with Atlus for multiple mobile games. CSR 3 – Street Car Racing entered early access in Malaysia, alongside Plants vs Zombies 3 and The Elder Scrolls: Castles title and Rumble Racing Star opened pre-registration. Rust Mobile is in development, alongside ACEFORCE 2 by Tencent Games.


CSR 3 cover image, Mobile Gaming News January 2024
Image via Zynga
Love and Deepspace
Image via InFold Pte. Ltd.

Week 4: January 22 to January 28

Executive Summary

Kicking off the fourth week of the mobile gaming news this January 2024, Nier Reincarnation’s shutdown on April 30, 2024, shocked me the most. We also saw Death Stranding Director’s Cut open pre-orders on iOS. NFL 2K – Card Battler entered early access for Android. Elf Islands and Dreamster World began early access, and Candy Crush Blast soft-launched in the Philippines.


Dreamster World, Mobile Gaming News January 2024
Image via Yiqiao Wang
Love Live School Idol Festival 2 Japan, Love Live School Idol, Love Live School Idol Festival 2 shut down
Image via Bushiroad

Week 5: January 29 to January 31

Executive Summary

Tokyo Debunker opened pre-registration, and The House of Da Vinci announced a new puzzle game. CrisisX – Your Last Survival entered early access in Southeast Asia, and NEOWIZ’s anime RPG, BraveNine Story, is set to end its service. Sea of Conquest: Pirate War became available on PC.


Crisis X Game News Guide Cover Image, Mobile Gaming News January 2024

That is all for the Mobile Gaming News for this January 2024!

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