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Cookie Run Kingdom Voice Actors updated list for 2022

The list comprises all of the famous household names!

A fun game with many plot lines and a large cast of characters is Cookie Run: Kingdom. The adventure begins with GingerBrave and his companions following a cute Cake Hound before running into various foes and visiting distinct gaming areas. You may check out who portrayed your favorite characters by viewing the list of all confirmed Cookie Run: Kingdom voice actors right here.

CharactersVoice Actors
GingerBraveJeremy Shada
Strawberry CookieAnairis Quinones
Wizard CookieKyle McCarley
Chili Pepper CookieKimberly Brooks
Custard Cookie IIIJaimie Kelton
Dark Enchantress CookiePatty McCormack
Licorice CookieCameron Bowen
Poison Mushroom CookieA.J. Beckles
Pomegranate CookieVictoria Grace
Dark Choco CookieIsaac Robinson-Smith
Pure Vanilla CookieYuri Lowenthal
Hollyberry CookieElizabeth Maxwell
Golden Cheese CookiePilar Uribe
Dark Cacao CookiePatrick Seitz
White Lily CookieErica Mendez
Moonlight CookieG.K. Bowes
Sea Fairy CookieLaura Post
Fire Spirit CookieAustin Lee Matthews
Wind Archer CookieKellen Goff
Millenial Tree CookieKeith Silverstein
Ninja CookieStephen Fu
Angel CookieErika Ishii
Muscle CookieJimmy Chau
Beet CookieElysia Rotaru
Knight CookieDaniel Amerman
Princess CookieEden Riegel
Cherry CookieKiera Please
Alchemist CookieJeannie Tirado
Adventurer CookieChristopher Lee Parson
Blackberry CookieMichelle Phan
Gumball CookieCaylus Cunningham
Onion CookieLilyPichu
Pancake CookieAlex Einstein
Avocado CookieCourtenay Taylor
Carrot CookieRosanna Pansino
Clover CookieLucien Dodge
Snow Sugar CookieAnalesa Fisher
Vampire CookieJason Kaye
Tiger Lily CookieStephanie Sheh
Werewolf CookieDesmond Chiam
Mint Choco Cookie / Eclair CookieZeno Robinson
Herb CookieKhoi Dao
Sparkling CookieXander Mobus
Purple Yam CookieSean Chiplock
Milk CookieDaman Mills
Madeleine CookieYong Yea
Espresso CookieZach Aguilar
Rye CookieAmber Lee Connors
Kumiho CookieKimlinh Tran
Cream Puff CookieCassandra Lee Morris
Latte CookieVivian Lamolli
Almond CookieRay Chase
Black Raisin CookieTiana Camacho
Strawberry Crepe CookieValeria Rodriguez
Fig CookieGiselle Fernandez
Pastry Cookie / Tails CookieColleen O’Shaughnessey
Red Velvet CookieMax Mittelman
Devil CookieAleks Lee
Mango CookieChistrian Banas
Lilac CookieBehzad Dabu
Sorbet Shark CookieArianna Ratner
Squid Ink CookieCourtney Lin
Parfait CookieAmanda Lee
Raspberry CookieChristina Kirkman
Moon Rabbit CookieCristina Pucelli
Twizzly Gummy CookieDawn Bennett
Mala SauceCaitlyn Elizabeth
Pumpkin Pie CookieSuzie Yeung
Cotton CookieCherami Leigh
Frost Queen CookieCristina Vee
Cocoa CookieKody Kavitha
Tea Knight CookieJason Marnocha
Affogato CookieConrad Haynes
Caramel Arrow CookieDani Chambers
Cherry Blossom CookieSarah Wiedenheft
Wildberry CookieKamran Nikhad
Clotted Cream CookieAaron Dismuke
Crunchy Chip CookieJustice Washington
Oyster CookieElley Ray
Sherbet CookieBryson Baugus
Pitaya Dragon CookieAndrew Morgado
Sonic CookieRoger Craig Smith
Red Velvet DragonTesterHoon
PineconeMara Junot

There are a lot of good names in the voice actor department. That’s the full list of voice actors in Cookie Run: Kingdom as of December 2022. Through time, more and more characters will be introduced to the game, so this list will be updated time. Be sure to check back every now and then to have the latest info on the in-game voice actors.

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