Pokémon Unite Dragapult Guide: Best Build, Held items, Movesets, and Gameplay Tips

Tips to play the latest Pokémon in the game!

The pseudo-legendary addition to the Pokémon Unite MOBA roster is now Dragapult. The generation VIII Stealth Pokémon joins the fray and is now a playable character across mobile and Switch platforms. Furthermore, the dual Dragon and Ghost-type Pokémon join as a ranged attacker, which will require some expert-level handling. In this Pokémon Unite Dragapult guide, we have entirely discussed how to play with Dragapult, the attacker, from start to end. One must make sure to read till the end.

Also, previously, we have discussed how to master playing with other Pokémon like  Pikachu, MamoswineEldegoss, Zeraora, BlisseyCharizardSnorlaxTsareenaDecidueyeDragoniteTalonflameCinderaceGreninjaGardevoirVenusaurWigglytuffTrevenantGengarLucarioAegislashCrustleHoopaGarchompAbsolAlolan NinetalesDuraludonCramorantBlastoiseSlowbroMachampMr MimeGreedentAzumarillSylveonEspeon, DelphoxGlaceon, Buzzwole, Tyranitar, Mew, Dodrio, Scizor, Clefable, Zoroark, Sableye and Urshifu. Therefore, one must make sure to check those guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Dragapult.

Dragapult: In-game Cost

Pokémon Unite Dragapult Guide cost properties
Image via The Pokémon Company

Dragapult is available in the Pokémon Unite Committee for 575 Aeos gems. The exchange for coins would only be possible after 1 week from its release, for either 12000 or 14000 Aeos coins. It also has Purple, Yellow and Orange-style skin available in the shop, which, as of now would be at a discounted price if bought together with the Unite license. The shop consists of all the characters available from which players can view general info, stats, and abilities of the Pokémon before purchasing them.

Dragapult: Evolution

1st Evolution2nd EvolutionFinal Evolution
(Lv. 1)
(Lv. 5)
(Lv. 9)

Pokémon Unite Dragapult Guide: Dragapult and its movesets

As expected, Dragapult has a combination of Dragon and Ghost-type moves. Here are the details of those movesets in Pokémon Unite.

Basic Attack

Each time this Pokémon deals damage to opposing Pokémon, its boosted basic attack gauge increases. When the boosted basic attack gauge is full, the Pokémon and its basic attacks become boosted attacks. Boosted attacks deal increased damage and have an area of effect centred on opposing Pokémon they hit. The boosted basic attack gauge will begin decreasing if this Pokémon does not deal damage to opposing Pokémon for a set amount of time.

Passive- Clear Body

The skill has reduced the duration of debuff effects inflicted on the Pokemon.

Ability 1- Astonish

  • Type- Ranged
  • CD- 7s

This Ghost-type move has the user let out a sound blast in a forward direction. The shout explodes when it hits an opposing Pokémon or after travelling a set distance, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon in the area of effect and decreasing their movement speed for a short time.

Ability 1 upgrades at Level 7

At Level 7, Astonish evolves into either of these 2 moves based on your choice:

Dragon BreathShadow Ball
This famous Dragon-type move has the user exhale a mighty gust in the designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon in the area of effect and decreasing their movement speed for a short time. The gust also leaves the ground burning for a set amount of time, and opposing Pokémon in this area of effect take damage over time and have their movement speed decreased for a short time. If this move is used while the user is flying with Dragon Dance, the might gust is exhaled along Dragon Dance’s flight path, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect and decreasing their movement speed for a short time as well.

In this powerful Ghost-type move the user hurls a shadowy blob in the designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon it touches and applying a mark to them. If the user attacks the marked opposing Pokémon, it deals additional damage to them. The fourth time the user attacks marked opposing Pokémon, the mark is removed, but the damage dealt by the attack is further increased and the user recovers HP. After using this move, the user moves a short distance in a designated direction. 

Upgrade (Lv. 13): Deals increased damage to opposing Pokemon and decreased their movement speed.Upgrade (Lv. 13): Increases the amount of base damage and additional damage dealt.

Ability 2- Quick Attack

  • Type- Dash
  • CD- 7s.

This normal-type move has the user move quickly in the designated direction, increasing its basic attack speed for a short time.

Ability 2 upgrades at Level 5

Upon Dreepy’s evolution into Drakloak, Quick Attack can upgrade into either of the following moves:

Dragon DancePhantom Force
This popular Dragon-type move has the user fly in a circular pattern in the designated direction. While the user is flying, it continuously deals damage to nearby opposing Pokémon with basic attacks, that deal less damage, but have increased attack speed. If this move is used again while the user is flying, the user stops flying and moves a short distance in the designated direction. If the user knocks out a Pokémon on the opposing team, this move’s cooldown is reset. If the user assists in knocking out a Pokémon on the opposing team, this move’s cooldown is reduced. When this move is used, Dragon Breath’s cooldown is reset.

Type- Dash
CD- 12s
For a short time, increases the user’s movement speed and has it enter stealth. While the user is in stealth, the boosted basic attack gauge increases. When stealth ends, the user’s basic attack speed is increased by this Ghost-type move for a short time. After this move is learned, if the user knocks out a Pokémon from the opposing team, this move’s cooldown is reset, and the user’s Attack increases for the remainder of the battle. This attack increase effect can stack up to 8 times.

Type- Buff
CD- 14s
Upgrade (Lv. 11): While the user is flying, its basic attacks also restore the user’s HP when they hit.Upgrade (Lv. 11): Also reduces this move’s cooldown when the user deals damage to opposing Pokemon with basic attacks.

Unite Move- Dreep and Destroy

Dragapult shoots two Dreepys’ in its head to deal damage. The damage dealt also increases when the opponent’s HP is low. If there are two opponents in Dragapult’s range, the Dreepy’s will home on both opponents. If there’s just one, all Dreepy’s will focus on that single target. Dragault can also store up to two (2) charges of this Unite move.

Best items for Dragapult in Pokemon Unite

Further in this guide, we will discuss the best-held items for Dragapult in Pokémon Unite, as well as its best battle item.

Best held Items

ItemWhy is it useful
Energy AmplifierThis item perfectly complements Dragapult’s Unite move since the move has charges instead of a cooldown. The Pokémon would constantly trigger the item’s bonus damage effect more than any other Pokémon throughout a single match.
Muscle Band Muscle Band increases the damage inflicted to a certain percentage whenever a basic attack hits.
Scope LensIt would be a must-recommend for any attacking Pokémon. This held item increases the critical hit rate and damage based on its own level.

Based on gameplay and suggestions from many sources, these 3 may be the best item build for Dragapult. However, players can also try the following builds.

  • Attack Weight, Muscle Band, Score Shield
  • Scope Lens, Rapid Fire Scarf, Attack Weight
  • Energy Amplifier, Focus Band, Buddy Barrier

Try to emphasize Dragapult’s Basic Attack Speed and Critical Hit Rate.

Best Battle Items

  • X- Attack: This would increase Dragapult’s damage output and attack speed on top of Phantom Force. It also helps in farming wild Pokemon.
  • X- Speed: This can synthesize mobility into a slow Attacker, that is Dragapult.

Best Emblem Build

  • White x4
  • Brown x6
    • Stats increased: Attack, Critical-Hit Rate
    • Stats decreased: Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, Defence

Note that, the emblem colour and stats here are suggestions only. The builds are still viable even without the suggested emblems. However, one must try to maintain the positive stats as much as possible, by trying other combinations too.

Pokemon Unite Dragapult Gameplay Tips

Our Pokémon Unite Dragapult guide includes the perfect game plan for the early and late games during Unite battles.

Early Game

If going for the jungle, learn Quick Attack and utilize the attack speed buff to secure Xatu and quickly advance towards level 3. However, if there’s much demand for the middle lane, which there is usually, go for either of the remaining two lanes and secure as many wild Pokemon as you can to reach level 5 quickly to evolve and acquire either Dragon Dance or Phantom Force. Just like Decidueye, Dragapult too has 3 evolutionary stages and is the strongest starting at Lv. 7. Hence, prioritise farming in the early stages, and evolve fully to the earliest. Also, remember to always fill the Attack gauge so as deal maximum damage henceforth.

Pokémon Unite Dragapult Guide early game
Image via The Pokémon Company

At level 5, choose Phantom Force if you wish to do aggressive plays, and Dragon Dance if you wish to utilize Dragapult’s mobility and play defensively throughout the game. Take note that the boosted attack gauge will not fill up if Phantom Force is used on Wild Pokémon, so use this move only when enemy Pokemon are near to benefit from the damage. Clear the second wave of jungle camps to level up more and reach level 7 quickly to learn either Dragon Breath or Shadow Ball. After acquiring either Dragon Breath or Shadow Ball, start farming for points and score as much as possible.

Late Game

Just like other Ranged Attackers, Dragapult has moves that can combine together in order to execute combos. Try out such combos late into the game on Wild and Opponent Pokémon. Secure objectives and turn defensive until Rayquaza spawns. Stick to the team and try out the following combo moves. Use Phantom Force to enter stealth and get into a position close to your target. If Dragapult’s Boosted Attack is still charging, wait for it to be fully charged first before proceeding. From the stealth, use one charge of Dreep and Destroy, then immediately follow up with Shadow Ball and mark the target. Keep attacking the marked target until Shadow Ball’s second effect triggers. You can end the combo there or use another charge of Dreep and Destroy. If you managed to knock out the target, use Phantom Force again and choose another target.

Pokémon Unite Dragapult Guide late game
Image via The Pokémon Company

The Ring of Fire move: Start by using one charge of Dreep and Destroy, and unleash Dragon Breath. Quickly follow up with Dragon Dance, which will reset Dragon Breath’s cooldown, then use Dragon Breath again while circling around to burn the area. Once Dragon Dance ends, use another charge of Dreep and Destroy for good measure. Dragapult may have an innately high crit rate when fully evolved, however, it is still squishier than many other Attackers. Always watch out for clash initiators and team up with a Defender ally before engaging. Use Dragon Dance or Shadow Ball to deal damage from afar and provide ranged assistance in taking an All-Rounder enemy down.

Positioning of Dragapult

You may use the Pokemon’s attacking capabilities early in the game, but only if you have a defender or a supporter with you. Otherwise, go for the Bottom lane for more Exp. and switch to the top sometimes, if support is required.

Dragapult with other Pokémon

Our Pokémon Unite guide will also look at the combination of Dragapult with other Pokémon during Unite battles.

Best Synergies with Dragapult

PokémonSynergy Benefits
MamoswineA melee defender can be a very useful partner for Dragapult. While Mamoswine takes up damage and attacks opponents from close range, Dragapult does its job from a distance.
Mr MimeThis Pokémon has the means of inflicting debuffs and shutting down targets with its moves. This helps Dragapult dominate the lane quickly and have enough time to steal enemy camps.
TyranitarThis allrounder perfectly complements Dragapult’s company with its endurance, and offensive melee attacks.

Pokémon which are strong and weak against Dragapult

Strong againstWeak against

Pokémon Unite Dragapult Guide: Tips, tricks and strategies

This guide will also discuss some tips and tricks for playing the attacking Dragapult in Pokémon Unite.

  • Remember to play as a team throughout the match. Dragapult is too squishy for solo adventures.
  • Ranged attacking Pokemon like Decidueye, Pikachu, and Duraludon often fight from a distance, behind their allies, or inside a goal zone due to their low HP. Execute Dragapult’s Dragon Dance to glide around then follow up with Dragon Breath to deal damage and slow them down.
  • Whichever held item combination you use, try to include either Muscle Band, Rapid Fire Scarf or Scope Lens in your plans.
  • You may use moves like Dragon Dance and Phantom Force to retreat too.
  • Pokemon that are highly mobile, like Dodrio, Gengar, etc., usually aim to score and destroy goal zones as fast as they can. Dragapult can catch up to these Pokemon by utilizing movement from Dragon Dance and slowing them down using Dragon Breath.
  • In case you use X-Speed, use it to quickly approach empty goal zones and score quick goals to stack up your Attack with Attack Weight.
  • Lastly, players must avoid using it much in Ranked Matches until they master all of its moves and playing style. They should use offline mode or Standard Battles as their Practice Arena.

Final Thoughts

Mew’s successor in the team of Attackers does seem pretty strong. Before playing in Ranked matches, however, it is necessary that one tests and practices the said tips in this guide in Practice or Offline mode. Now, the wait for the supporter Comfey begins as we move on to a new year full of new additions to the game.

What are your thoughts on the Dragapult guide in Pokémon Unite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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