Mobile Legends Badang Guide: Best Emblem, Build and Gameplay Tips

No one can escape my iron fist.

Badang since his day of release has been an amazingly fun hero to play with. He has one of the most devastating ultimate skills of the game which can destroy enemies in seconds. Though he is not a high-ranked pick hero and is very rarely seen in the professional scenario, Badang has really high potential with fun to play skill sets. In this Mobile Legends guide, we will take a look at the best emblem, spell, build, including tips and tricks to dominate every game with Badang.

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Skill Analysis

Badang mainly shines in the close combat where he can activate his passive and continuously harass enemy heroes by giving CC effects. Push enemies away with Fist Wind, block them with Fist Break. Use the first skill to push the enemy against an obstacle to stun. It is really important to connect the skills so that the enemy hero gets any chance to run from the fight. Lastly, use Fist Crack to burst out the whole enemy team whenever possible.

As Badang is weak against ranged and mobile heroes, always look for ambushes so that they can’t escape easily. Badang has three active skills and a passive skill like most other heroes in-game. In this Mobile Legends guide, we will also talk about the skills to use in certain scenarios as well as skill combos to be able to play Badang to his maximum potential.

Passive – Chivalry Fist

passive badang

After 4 Basic Attack, Badang’s next Basic Attack will knock the target back, dealing (+120% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage to them, and enemies that are knocked back to an obstacle will be stunned for 0.8 seconds, while minions and creeps will be stunned immediately.

Skill 1 – Fist Wind (AoE)

CD – 7.0/6.6/6.2/5.8/5.4/5.0

skill 1 badang

Badang coheres all his strength to his fists and performs an overwhelming Fist Wind, dealing 220/255/290/325/360/395 (+70% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage to the enemies on the path and slowing them by 30%.

The damage of this skill can trigger Basic Attack effects and grants 1 stack of Basic Attack for Chivalry Fist. All fist winds explode when hitting obstacles, dealing extra 155/180/205/230/255/280 (+50% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage to enemies hit.

Skill 2 – Fist Break (CC)

CD – 10.0

skill 2 badang

Badang dashes towards the designated direction, dealing 230/250/270/290/310/330 (+50% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage to enemies along the way. If Badang encounters enemy heroes along the way, he will create an obstacle along the path for 4 seconds.

Knocking back enemies hit and dealt 130/140/150/160/170/180 (+30% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage. On using the skill again, Badang immediately removes the obstacle he creates. If he doesn’t hit any enemy hero along the way, this skill’s cooldown will be reduced by 40%.

Ultimate Skill – Fist Crack (Burst)

CD – 30.0

ultimate skill badang

Badang quickly throws his fists in a designated direction, gaining a shield that absorbs 500/750/1000 (+150% Total Physical Attack) points of damage that makes him temporarily immune to Crowd Control effects.

Additionally, dealing 70/110/150 (+50% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage to enemies for up to 10 times for maximum damage of 700/1100/1500 (+500% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage. This skill benefits from Basic Attack effects, and when this skill hits an obstacle, Badang will deal an extra 42/66/90 (+30% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage to enemies knocked against a wall.

Skill-up method for Badang

Always upgrade ultimate as it is the main damage source of Badang. Then upgrade Fist Wind and lastly the second skill as the skill doesn’t deliver much damage. 

Best Emblem set and Spells for Badang in Mobile Legends

Custom Assassin Emblem

For Badang, use the Custom Assassin Emblem to get the maximum damage output. This emblem will provide both Movement Speed as well as Physical Penetration. For talent, we would recommend going with Killing Spree as it will provide some amount of HP restoration and movement speed after getting a kill. Badang has the ability to secure multiple kills by using his ultimate so Killing Spree can help him survive long in fights and give him the option to escape from the battle.

emblem set badang mlbb Mobile Legends Badang Guide
Custom Assassin Emblem for Badang
  • Agility (+3)
  • Invasion (+3)
  • Killing Spree

If you are thinking about dominating the side lane easily, then you have the other prospect to take High and Dry. Use this setting to get extra 7% damage when killing a solo enemy hero by ambushing or in the early phase in the lane. Hence alternatively, you can also set your emblem as the following:

emblem set 2 badang mlbb Mobile Legends Badang Guide
Custom Assassin Emblem for Badang
  • Agility (+3)
  • Invasion (+3)
  • High and Dry

Battle Spells

Badang’s only suitable role will be as the side-laner. He can go to the Exp. Lane and maybe some time if necessary to the Gold Lane too. In each case, Flicker should be the best option for him. With Flicker, he can easily engage in surprise dives. Also, Execute can be the other option as sometimes the enemy escapes his ultimate with very low HP. Some players use Vengeance to sustain and deflect damage from the enemy team while he is using ultimate.

Best Builds for Badang in Mobile Legends

As Badang needs to activate his passive faster to outplay the enemy heroes, he needs more speed items in his bag. Also, his ultimate gets benefit from basic attack stats. Thus using speed items with good basic physical damage will help him in both 1v1 and ganking situations. Items like Demon Hunter Sword, Windtalker.

One can try many builds on Badang. All one needs to do is to just follow the enemy’s pick and then decide the role on the battlefield. We have set out two following templates in our guide to try out with Badang on the Mobile Legends battlefield.

best build badang mlbb Mobile Legends Badang Guide
Best Builds for Badang
  • Warrior Boots: Badang is kind of fragile unlike some tanky fighters, Warrior Boots will give him a small amount of defense in the early game. If the enemy team has high CC and magic damage go for Tough Boots.
  • Demon Hunter Sword: Badang’s passive needs multiple hits and so it can trigger DHS’s passive easily. Using the ultimate of Badang will hurt enemy heroes a lot and also DHS provides a decent amount of life steal so Badang can continue to trigger passive with life steal.
  • Windtalker: It is one of the core items for Badang. Attack speed is very important for Badang to activate the passive skill. It gives 40% attack speed and also crits chances, with this item he will be able to deal good damage.
  • Corrosion Scythe: This item slows down the enemy with basic hits and increases damage with continuous basic hits. So, to chase down enemies and stop them from escaping Corrosion Scythe can be really handy for Badang.
  • Berserk Fury: This is the best item for critical hits in the game. Also dealing critical hits will open the option to deal extra physical damage of 5%. So this item will help Badang to wipe out large-scale damage at once. 
  • Blade of Despair: Providing the most Physical Attack, BOD is a must-buy for maximum burst damage output. Demon Hunter Sword lacks damage when the enemy is low on health, in this matter BOD’s passive strike on the enemy. When at below 50% HP, BOD will hurt enemies a lot.

As for extra item, take defensive items as per enemy composition. If the enemy has a high magic burst then take Athena’s Shield. Take Immortality if you seek another chance to engage or escape from fights.

Mobile Legends Badang Gameplay Tips

Badang might not be the very effective pick for the professional scene but it is very fun to play and effective in a few situations. The user has to ambush properly and get as many enemies as possible in the ultimate. Try to block them with the second skill then use the ultimate. Keep the farming up and engage where you have the chance to push the enemies against the wall so that they are stunned.

This Malay hero is one of the high-picked side lane fighters in classic matches. With a good amount of CC and massive bursts, Badang can be a real asset in team fights. He can easily turn the tide of a skirmish by his ultimate. Can block the enemy from moving by creating a wall quite similar to Grock. Very few fighters can dish out so much burst like Badang in the late game.

So all these potentialities should be used properly to outperform the enemy with Badang. However, a player must need a good understanding of the map to bring the best out of any hero. According to his gameplay, we can break it down into three phases. Our Mobile Legends Badang guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, mid, and late game.

Early Game

Badang is very squishy thus in the early game try to gain golds and level up. Don’t try to get into unnecessary fights. Try to reach Lvl. 4 as early as possible. Then ambush whenever possible. Focus on building items because if you fall behind it’s hard to catch up with the game with Badang. If possible poke your enemy side-lane hero with basic attacks so your passive pops off. Try to engage in ganks whenever Badang has his ultimate.

Mid Game

In the middle game phase, focus on pushing lanes and rotate around every corner. Try to push and move to the flanking positions. Hide in the bushes waiting for the enemies to come near. Block them with second skill and ultimate. Engage if Badang can ensure a kill or if there are follow-ups from the allies. Because Badang is very weak after his ultimate is used.

mlbb badang gameplay mobile legends Mobile Legends Badang Guide
Badang in Mobile Legends

In the middle game focus on enemy marksman and mages. As they are very squishy, Badang can easily burst them out. Adjust the timing of engagement according to the need. If possible help to secure the objectives such as Turtles. 

Late Game

Badang really shines in the late game when his items are completed. Badang can wipe out a whole team in seconds with his ultimate in the late game. Use Flicker suddenly to engage the enemy team and perform the second skill and ultimate combo. It’s very important to make sure the skills land properly. As Badang is a skill-based hero, missing the skills will result badly for him and his team.

mobile legends badang gameplay Mobile Legends Badang Guide
Badang on the MLBB battlefield

Try to zone the enemy by hiding in the bushes. Combo with specific heroes such as Atlas, Ruby, Tigreal, etc. Heroes who can gather the enemies and provide CC are best with Badang. Low HP enemies won’t stand a chance in the late game against Badang. Just stay careful about the fact that the enemies with high mobility can escape his wall and ultimate.

Heroes that counter BadangHeroes Badang can counter

Final Thoughts

Badang is a very beginner-friendly hero and super entertaining to play with. With a little execution and positioning Badang can be proven as a good pick in classic and rank matches. The builds, passive usage, and good timing sense will make this legend-inspired hero scary in matches. In future reworks, we might see Badang as a high-picked hero in the professional scene too. A smart outplay from Badang can change the tide of any match.

So before any major changes to this hero, players can still have some good time with him in the Land of Dawn. An excellent pick for rank games, Badang is definitely a good pick for the current meta. These tips will surely help you to guide easy wins with Badang in Mobile Legends. You can also refer to our latest tier list to know more about the revamped meta heroes in this current season.

That’s all for today’s Mobile Legends Badang Guide. Do you prefer to use Badang in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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