Wild Rift Brand Guide: Best Build, Runes and Gameplay Tips

The Inferno begins

Brand, The Burning Vengeance has finally decided to show up on the Wild Rift with his counterpart Nunu designed wisely. Brand´s whole kit is about how to burn his enemy till there is nothing more left than their ash. He has a crowd control ability and an AoE damage spell with his ultimate being a massive damaging ability able to bounce between Brand himself and other enemies. Considering this Brand is an easy-to-use champion suitable for some team compositions making him a solid B-tier champion. In this guide, we will take a closer look at the best runes, spells, and builds, including tips and tricks to swing your way to victory with Brand in League of Legends: Wild Rift.

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Ability Analysis

Brand is a champion with the common five skill sets of one passive and four actives. In this Brand guide, we are going to see how his abilities in LoL Wild Rift work and when you should use which skill to be in the best shape in the current rank season.

Passive – Blaze

passive brand

Brand´s abilities set enemies Ablaze, dealing 3% of their max health as magic damage over 4 seconds. Stacking Ablaze 3 times on champions and large monsters causes them to detonate after 2 seconds, dealing 10% (+ 0.02% AP) of each nearby enemy´s max health as magic damage.

Ability 1 – Sear

ability 1 brand
  • Launches a fireball that deals 80 magic damage (+ 55%) to the first enemy hit.
  • Blaze: Sear stuns for 1.5 seconds if the target is ablaze.

Ability 2 – Pillar Of Flame

ability 2 brand
  • After a short delay fire erupts at a location, dealing 75 magic damage (+ 60%) to enemies.
  • Blaze: Pillar of Flame deals 25% more damage to enemies that are ablaze.

Ability 3 – Conflagration

ability 3 brand
  • Ignites enemies near the target, dealing 70 magic damage (+ 45%).
  • Blaze: Conflagration spreads farther if the target is ablaze.

Ability 4 – Pyroclasm

ability 4 brand
  • Releases a torrent of flame that bounces up to 5 times between enemies or himself, each bounce dealing 100 magic damage (+ 25%).
  • Blaze: Pyroclasm briefly slows by 30% if the target is ablaze.
  • Bounces attempt to max stack Blaze on champions.

Skill Up Methods for Brand

Skill up the Ultimate whenever it is available. Regarding other skills, upgrade the 2nd skill, then the 3rd skill, and lastly the 1st skill.

Best Runes Setup and Spells for Brand in Wild Rift

Runes Setup

As mentioned before you can play Brand in the Mid Lane and in the Bot Lane as support. So according to that besides the standard burst build (which is advised to be taken on the regular) another one suited for the support playstyle is presented on here as well.

Burst Runes

Wild Rift Brand Guide
  • Electrocute: This rune is the standard rune for all mages till now. Additionally it give a good amount of bonus damage to Brand which benefits his burning playstyle.
  • Brutal: Brand´s early damage already is high enough. With the Brutal rune you boost it up even more ending the game before it even started.
  • Bone Plating: This rune place can be changed with other defensive rune types. Picking Bone Plating is advised if you are playing against champions who easily can dive you or who have combo attacks to maximize their damage.
  • Manaflow Band: Since Brand is a champion who is bound to a mana bar taking the extra mana is helpful throughout the game.

Experimental Build

Wild Rift Brand Guide
  • Font of Life: Since you do not have any source of healing and shielding in your kit as Brand support Font of Life is an easy way to help your ADC get additional healing continuously. However it will take away some damaging power.
  • Weakness: With this rune setup you miss out on damage when playing Brand. And since you are not the damage dealer anymore getting the Weakness rune will boost your allies’ damage.
  • Loyalty: As a support, you not only have to look out for yourself but also your allies and here is where Loyalty will shine. While the rune gives you Magic and Armor Resistance it additonaly gives it to your nearest ally too.

Battle Spells

  • Flash: As an immobile and squishy champion, it is necessary for Brand to take Flash to have a back-out option when being in bad situations.
  • Ignite: Not only playing Brand in the Mid Lane but also as support picking up Ignite is a good option to boost your killing potential. It is highly advised to play aggressively since Brand´s early damage is strong but if you want to play more defensively you could take Barrier in the Mid Lane and Heal in the Dragon Lane.

Best Builds for Brand in League of Legends: Wild Rift

Our Brand guide in League of Legends: Wild Rift contains the best builds for the marksman in both the Baron and the Dragon Lane.

Mid Lane Build

Wild Rift Brand Guide
  • Ludens Echo OR Liandry´s Torment
  • Stasis Enchant
  • Infinity Orb
  • Void Staff
  • Rabadon´s Deathcap
  • Morellonomicon

Support Build

Wild Rift Brand Guide
  • Rod of Ages
  • Rylai´s Crystal Scepter
  • Redeeming Enchant
  • Luden´s Echo
  • Rabadon´s Deathcap
  • Morellonomicon

League of Legends: Wild Rift Brand Gameplay Tips

Brand is a Mage originally designed to be played in the Mid Lane but he can also work in the Bot Lane as damage support. Always remember that the Wild Rift’s Map is a mirror so make sure you understand the map side before starting to lane. According to his gameplay, we can break it down into three phases. Our League of Legends: Wild Rift Brand guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, mid, and late game.

Early Game

Playing Brand in the Mid Lane your main focus is farming your lane while also pressuring your enemy laner so he cannot roam onto other lanes. As a support Brand, you want to poke out the enemy ADC and Support so they are either too low health to farm more or to get a double kill.

Brand gameplay
Brand in Wild Rift

While Brand is not a great roamer try to counter roam or seize an opportunity if one occurs. With both playstyles try to poke with your second skill first and if successful follow it up with your skill 1 stun.

Mid Game

Before the first dragon always pushes your mid-wave into the enemy tower to build up pressure. As support try to get vision on the dragon pit and if possible even on the enemy jungle. In teamfights, your Ultimate is the strongest since there will be more options on where the skill can bounce onto for more damage. Always try to full combo a squishy target since it is the most effective if cast onto one. After that either roam as support or farm on side lanes as the mid laner.

Late Game

Brand is not the strongest in the late game since damage does fall off the longer a game lasts. But you still have utility to bring for your team as your skill 1. As mentioned before try to pick out with less MR and AR and one-shot them with your full combo.

Brand in the battlefield

Other than that get visions on the enemy jungle and try to zone out enemies while getting objectives. You might want to try specific skill combos like this to unleash her full potential.

Skill 2 + Skill 1 + Basic + Skill 3 + Ultimate

Champs that counter BrandChamps that Brand counters

As a support playing in the Bot Lane Brand has good synergy with high damage ADC such as Draven, Miss Fortune, and Ezreal.

Final Thoughts

Getting a new and proper mage after a while is a fresh breeze for the mid-lane which was/is dominated by assassins. We have to see if Brand is capable of staying in the mid-lane, unlike the PC version. As a support, he is the proper second damage-oriented one besides Lux which also brings more variety in the Bot lane as well. Brand´s kit is overall very easy to use with not only high damage but also some utility. Overall he is a good addition to the game and will definitely bring the fire onto the Rift.

That’s all for today’s League of Legends: Wild Rift Brand Guide. Do you prefer to use Brand in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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