Wild Rift Olaf Guide: Best Builds, Runes and Gameplay Tips

The Freljordian Berserker is set to run riots in the Rift!

What do you think about a berserker who can’t die in battle? Sounds terrifying, doesn’t it? That is exactly what Olaf is. Hailing from the icy regions of the Freljord, Olaf is a member of the Winter Claw tribe. He has been prophesized to never die in battle, therefore, he throws himself at every monstrosity and villainous being he comes across, and hence he got his title, The Berserker. In Wild Rift, he is mainly played in the Jungle, but can also do well in Baron Lane. Today, however, players will focus on their jungling prowess. In this Wild Rift guide, we will take a look at the best emblem, spell, and builds, including tips and tricks to dominate every game with Olaf.

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Skill Analysis

Olaf is a fighter. He is one of the best melee early game champions, and can even beat the likes of Lee Sin and Xin Zhao in combat. His abilities help him with this, and he has the tools to win fights 1v1 fairly easily. Let’s see what those abilities are.

Passive – Berserker Rage

This is a passive that is very useful in teamfights. When Olaf is low on health, he attacks faster. His ganks are feared because of this, as he tends to stick to his target and hack away at them, as they reduce his health. He provides one of the most powerful passives in League Of Legends: Wild Rift.

Ability 1 – Undertow

The axe that he throws deals 80 physical damage (80+ 100% of bonus attack damage) and also slows the enemy that got hit, for 25%, by 2 seconds. As said above, every time Olaf picks up the axe, the cooldown of Undertow is reduced by 4.5 seconds, enabling him to spam-throw his axes and clear the jungle faster than most other champions.

One downside to this ability though, is that it consumes mana very fast. Therefore, it is recommended to start Olaf’s jungle clear from the Blue Buff. Therefore, he can regenerate mana while clearing the rest of the camps.

Ability 2 – Vicious Strikes

Olaf gains 50% attack speed, and 16% Physical vamp. The vamp is a stat that means healing. The physical vamp is a sub-type of Vamp, which is a stat that grants healing equal to a percentage of the physical damage dealt), and increases incoming healing by 0.5% per 1% of missing health for 6 seconds.

This helps when jungling, because clearing jungle camps, while gaining back health is vital for a healthy clear. In teamfights, this is especially useful, if they have a healer on your team like Seraphine, Sona, Janna, Lulu, or Soraka.

Ability 3 – Reckless Swing

When Olaf dashes to an enemy, he deals 92 true damage to them (60+50% scaling with Attack Damage). However, if the enemy doesn’t die, Olaf takes 31 true damage (21+15% scaling with Attack Damage).

This is a unique mechanic. Olaf has to carefully use this ability in order to deliver the killing blow, or else he will take damage and lower his health. Though, if used correctly, this ability can reduce Olaf’s health and make him attack faster, because of his passive, while healing up with his 2nd Ability. Basic attacks lower the cooldown of Reckless Swing by 1 second.

Olaf Ultimate Ability – Ragnarok

This ability has a passive and an active.

  • Passive: Olaf gains 20 armor and magic resist.
  • Active: He becomes immune to all forms of crowd control (CC) and gains 30 attack damage (30+ 30% Scaling with Attack Damage), but loses the passive effect for 6 seconds. He also gains 20% Movement speed when moving toward an enemy champion for 1 second upon casting.

This ability is available for casting while under crowd control effects.

Best Rune Setups and Spells for Olaf in Wild Rift

Rune Setup

These are the following best rune setup for Olaf.

Keystone Rune – Conqueror

Olaf stacks Conqueror really fast. His Attack speed helps with this, and hence his damage increases by a lot. This is the best keystone rune for Olaf, without a doubt.


Brutal helps him to clear jungle camps faster by providing him with more damage in the early game. This makes room for ganks and helps to take objectives faster.

Wild Rift Olaf Guide runes setup
Image via Riot Games

Hunter Titan

Hunter Titan is useful against a lot of team compositions. When Olaf gets a takedown on an enemy champion, he gains tenacity, which in turn helps to reduce crowd control. It also grants max health and is a solid rune for Olaf.


The single best rune for a slow-moving champion like Olaf. It provides bonus movement speed in the bushes, jungle, and river when out of combat. This makes it a lot easier to move in the jungle and river, leading to more ganks and lane priority for Olaf’s laners.

Summoner Spells


This is pretty self-explanatory. Just like a lot of other champions, Flash helps Olaf to engage in escaping enemies or gets him out of sticky situations.


This is a mandatory spell for junglers. In the latest update, a feature was added, where the player who has been assigned the jungle role automatically has the Smite spell chosen. This is excellent, because a lot of the times, before the aforementioned update, the jungler, when auto-filled, players forgot to choose to smite as a spell. This is an auto-filled meaningWhen the player selected “Fill any position”). Smite is a must-have for clearing camps and objectives, and also helps to deal more damage to champions.

Best Builds for Olaf in League of Legends: Wild Rift

In this part of our guide, we will discuss the best build for Olaf in League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Wild Rift Olaf Guide best builds
Image via Riot Games
  • Trinity Force: A great first item for a fighter like Olaf. It provides him with a whole host of stats like Health, Attack Damage, Attack Speed, and Ability Haste (Cooldown reduction). Sheen, one of its components, helps to deal more damage to enemies after an ability cast, making it an even better item for an ability spammer like Olaf.
  • Death’s Dance: It grants armour and attack damage to Olaf, making him a bit tankier. The item protects against burst damage and gives him more time to deal damage to enemies. In addition to that, when Olaf kills an enemy, Death’s Dance will help him to restore 15% of his maximum health in 2 seconds.
  • Armor Boots (Glorious Enchant): The armor boots grant him more armor. The enchant has an active ability, which is Unique – Glory. This helps to gain a 15% bonus movement speed for 4 seconds, increasing to 60% towards enemy champions or turrets. After 4 seconds or upon reaching an enemy champion, a shockwave is emitted that slows the nearby enemies by 50% for 2 seconds (45-second cooldown).
  • Sterak’s Gage: The item grants Olaf an additional 400 health. In addition to that, Olaf grows in size and gains a shield when he falls below 35% maximum health. This protects him from fatal damage and provides him with some time to escape.
  • Guardian Angel: The item gives Olaf 40 attack damage and 40 armor. Its unique trait is resurrecting the player after they die. This is useful for Olaf, as he wants to jump headfirst into fights and hence he takes a lot of damage. So, with the Guardian Angel, when Olaf dies, he comes back to life with 50% of his base health and removes all negative effects on himself.
  • Spirit Visage: Spirit Visage synergizes well with Olaf’s second ability. His 2nd Ability increases incoming healing, and Spirit Visage also increases all healing and regeneration effects by 30%. It also provides magic resistance, and hence it is a great last item for him.

League of Legends: Wild Rift Olaf Gameplay Tips

Olaf is a fighter, and as discussed before, he excels in early game fights. Keeping all this in mind, our Wild Rift Olaf Guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, mid and late game.

Early Game

Throughout the Early game, Olaf’s single most important focus is to clear camps as fast as possible, and loom for ganks with his first and third ability.

Wild Rift Olaf Guide early game
Image via Riot Games

Scuttlecrab fights are his strength, and if the enemy is a weaker jungler, players should go for a fight and on winning, and even if not, Olaf’s early game damage will get them the scuttle crab. This will establish the vision, and help with further ganks.

Mid Game

Objective taking and teamfights are the names of the game in the mid-stage. Olaf can be really strong in teamfights with his ultimate. His CC immunity, along with the Glorious Enchant enables him to run enemies down fast.

Wild Rift Olaf Guide mid game
Image via Riot Games

It is also recommended to take fights at a time when the enemies cannot easily run away without burning their summoner spells. For example, when the enemies’ abilities are on cooldown, and when there is only a single, separated enemy in the area, from the rest of the team. The dragon and Baron pits are also excellent places to start fights in.

Late Game

This is the stage where Olaf begins to fall off. As other champions get their items and their ability cool-downs get reduced, Olaf’s usefulness starts to decrease. Despite this, he remains a teamfight monster and can be used to flank the backline and weaker enemies from either side while the team’s frontline is engaging their frontline. He acts kind of like an assassin fighter, he goes into the fight, deals a ton of damage and kills one or two people, and gets out before he can be slain.

Champions that can counter OlafChampions that Olaf counters
Shyvana Amumu
EvelynnNunu and Willump

Final Thoughts

Against team compositions with a boatload of CC, Olaf shines the brightest. He doesn’t care about any crowd control during his ultimate, including knock-ups and knock-backs, though, he still takes damage from them. His true damage, along with his healing, makes him a great early game duelist. Overall, he is a reliable pick in the right situations, and when piloted properly, he can be unstoppable, like a Berserker.

That’s all for today’s League of Legends: Wild Rift Olaf Guide. Do you prefer to use/build her in any other, different way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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