Mobile Legends Floryn Guide: Best Build, Emblem and Gameplay Tips

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Floryn, the Buddying Hope is the latest Support hero coming to the Land of Dawn. She has a good set of Damage, Heal and Crowd Control skills. She is a poke and protects type support since most of her skills deal damage to enemies while also healing her allies. We have previously made a detailed hero analysis of Floryn as she made his appearance on the MLBB advanced server. In this guide, we will take a look at the best emblem, spell, build, including tips and tricks to pave your way to victory with Floryn in Mobile Legends.

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Skill Analysis

Floryn has a set of 4 skills: one passive and three active skills. Let’s check out her skills to get a better view of her abilities and the order in which we should prioritize her skills. In this Mobile Legends guide, we will also talk about the skills to use in certain scenarios as well as skill combos to be able to play Floryn to her truest potential.

Passive – Dew

Cooldown: 30s

passive dew floryn

Dew’s Lantern can slightly increase Floryn’s attributes and evolve at full energy stacks (1000). When at the Fountain, Floryn can share the Lantern’s power with an allied hero, granting them an extra piece of equipment that does not take up equipment slots. The equipment will also evolve at full energy stacks. Floryn can accelerate the energy accumulation speed by hitting enemies with her skills. Floryn will never sell the Lantern.

Skill 1 – Sow

First Skill/Damage/Heal

skill 1 sow floryn

Floryn tosses an Energy Seed at a designated enemy, dealing 220 / 260 / 300 / 340 / 380 / 420 (+150% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage. Healing Fruits will then spawn and bounce to nearby allies, restoring 50 / 70 / 90 / 110 / 130 / 150 (+65% Total Magic Power) plus 5% of their lost HP for them (80% of the amount when cast on a non-hero enemy). Evolved Lantern: The attack range is increased to 125%.

Skill 2 – Sprouts

skill 2 sow floryn

Floryn casts a blob of energy in a designated direction, dealing 225 / 280 / 335 / 390 / 445 / 500 (+90% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to the enemy hit. Upon hitting an enemy or reaching the maximum range, the energy will explode, dealing an extra 135 / 168 / 201 / 234 / 267 / 300 (+54% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies in the area and stunning them for 1s. Evolved Lantern: The explosion radius is increased to 125%.

Ultimate Skill – Bloom

ultimate bloom floryn

Floryn resonates with Dew’s power, restoring 400 / 460 / 520 (+40%Total Magic Power) HP for all allied heroes 2 times (ignores distance). Also deals 300 / 345 / 390 (+60% Total Magic Power) 

Magic Damage to enemies around the allied heroes and slows them by 30% for 0.8s each time the healing takes effect. Evolved Lantern: Removes HP Regen and Shield Reduction effects on allied heroes and makes them immune to the effects for 3s each time the healing takes effect.

Skill-up method for Floryn

Unlock Sow (First Skill) followed by Sprout (Second Skill). Unlock Bloom (Ultimate) at level 4. Prioritize upgrading the First Skill as this is your main damage dealing/healing ability in one skill. Upgrade your Ultimate when available.
First Skill > Ultimate > Second Skill.

Best Emblem Set and Spells for Floryn in Mobile Legends

The best way to play Floryn will be as a support Roamer.

Support Emblem Setup

This is the Ideal Setup when playing Floryn as a support Roamer. Take Agility in Tier 1 which increases movement speed by 2/4/6%. Take Gift in Tier 2 which increases Healing Effect by 3/6/10%.

support emblem floryn  Mobile Legends Floryn Guide
Custom Support Emblem for Floryn

Finally, at the final tier take Focusing Mark talent which when dealing damage to an enemy hero increases allied heroes’ damage to that enemy by 6% for 3s. This effect has a 6 seconds cooldown.

Mage Emblem Setup

This is the recommended Emblem Setup when playing Floryn more aggressively than as full support. Take Agility in Tier 1 which increases movement speed by 2/4/6%. Take Catastrophe in Tier 2 which increases Magic Power by 1.5/3/5%.

mage emblem floryn  Mobile Legends Floryn Guide
Custom Mage Emblem for Floryn

Finally, at the final tier take Impure Rage talent which when dealing damage to an enemy with skills inflicts extra Magic damage equal to 4% of the target’s current HP and restores 3% Max mana. This effect has a 5 seconds cooldown.

Battle Spells


Flicker is a great blink skill that comes in handy when escaping dire situations or chasing fleeing enemies. This spell works great for Floryn as she lacks any movement skills. Flicker will provide her that movement ability which she lacks in her kit.


Aegis grants a shield that can absorb 750(+50*Hero level) damage for 3secs. Nearby allied hero with the lowest HP also gains 70% of the shielding effect. This spell is a handy tool for Floryn and can be useful in many ways either to avoid burst damage or protect a squishy teammate.

Best Builds for Floryn in Mobile Legends

There can never be the best build for any particular hero which you can spam in every game. You always have to keep in mind who your opponents are, what items counter them, what items they are building to counter you, and only then you can adjust your build to your match needs. Floryn has a few core items which are essential for him and are a must to be built when playing her.

  • Floryn comes with a default item Lantern of Hope which can not be sold at any point of time by her. This item can only be used from the allied base. She can use the item for herself or share it with any of her teammates which provides them with an additional 7th item. This item can be shared again to another teammate after 30 seconds. She can only share this item one ally at a time. The lantern accumulates energy overtime when Floryn hits enemies with her skills. On reaching max stack at 1000 the item evolves granting Floryn +40 magic power, +10 movement speed and +5 cooldown reduction.
  • Start off your match by buying Favor Blessed Roaming Demon Shoes. This provides Floryn with the necessary mana regen to help her use her skills without running low on mana.
  • Fleeting Time should be built immediately right after as it reduces the cooldown of Floryn’s Ultimate by 30% every time she gets a kill or an assist.
floryn best builds  Mobile Legends Floryn Guide
Build for Floryn in Mobile Legends
  • Necklace of Durance reduces Shield and HP Regen of enemies by 50% for 3s upon dealing damage. This works extremely well with Floryn’s AoE Ultimate skill and other abilities.
  • Oracle is a Magic Defense item which raises shield absorption and HP regen by 30%. This also increases Floryn’s outgoing heals to her teammates.
  • Ice Queen Wand slows down enemies by 15% when skills deal damage to them. This effect lasts for 3 secs and stacks up to 2 times.
  • Defense items such as Immortality and Winter Truncheon can also be built as per situation.

Mobile Legends Floryn Gameplay Tips

As discussed earlier, Floryn specializes in a good set of Damage, Heal and Crowd Control skills. Our Mobile Legends Floryn guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, mid, and late game. However, a player must need a good understanding of the map to bring the best out of any hero.

Early Game

floryn mlbb gameplay
Floryn on the battlefield

In the early game help out your jungler in securing the buff and Lithowanderer. Then roam with the jungler providing them with the vision to avoid possible enemy gank. Rotate with the jungler and gank other lanes along with your teammates.

Mid Game

Rotate around the map and help teammates secure objectives like killing the lord, stealing enemy buff or creeps, taking down enemy turrets, or ganking out of position enemies.

floryn mlbb gameplay
Floryn in Mobile Legends

Remember you can use your ultimate to heal all your teammates no matter where they are on the map. So, always try to keep an eye out for the health of your teammates, and don’t feel shy to help them out with your ultimate.

Late Game

In the late gameplay as a pure support focus on helping your teammates. Provide vision, use your Skill 2 CC to set up a kill for your enemy or heal your teammates and make them sustain through team fights. Remember not to overcommit in fights as Floryn doesn’t have any mobility or escape skills and dying unnecessarily in the late game.

Heroes that counter FlorynHeroes Floryn can counter

Final Thoughts

Floryn is one of the best support heroes right now and very easy to play. The additional item she can provide to one of her teammates is pretty good. While playing solo she may not be much but if she can duo with a reliable hyper or in a 5 man party her support potential will be unmatched. The guide here will help you out on how to maximize the most out of Floryn in Mobile Legends. You can also refer to our latest tier list to know more about the revamped meta heroes in this current season. So, before she starts getting banned start spamming her in ranks to guarantee an easy ranking up the journey.

That’s all for today’s Mobile Legends Floryn Guide. Do you prefer to use Floryn in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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