Wild Rift Sion Guide: Best Builds, Runes and Gameplay Tips

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After getting Nautilus in the last patch, tank players were very happy. But there was one problem that was still unsolved, there weren’t many tanks available in Baron lane. Now, with the advent of Patch 3.3, a very durable, turret-taking machine has come to the Wild Rift. His name is Sion. He is the trump card in the hands of the Empire of Noxus, and because he is undead, he is one of their strongest warriors. Adding to a massive list of his war achievements, he is the one who slew the first-ever king of Demacia, Jarvan the First, when he was alive. The crown that he wears on his lower jaw belongs to Jarvan The First. In this guide, we will look at the abilities of Sion in Wild Rift, how to select runes for him, and which spells and items are the best for him.

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Skill Analysis

Sion is a very strong tank. Since he tends to play as a split-pusher, he can build items that grant him more Health. In this section, we will discuss what his abilities are, and how they work. His passive is very unique. It is perhaps one of the best in the game, as it helps him even after he is slain. Without further delay, let us get into what his abilities are.

Passive – Glory In Death

Sion permanently gains 6 bonus Health whenever he kills a unit, increased to 20 against large units, and champion takedowns.

Upon taking fatal damage, Sion will reanimate himself. Fearing those around him for 1 second, while slowing their Movement Speed by 90%. After reanimating, Sion can move and attack, but his Health decays, while he is reanimated.

Sion reanimates with 100% Health, attacks at 1.75 attacks per second, and gains 100% Physical Vamp, his attacks deal an additional 8% max Health magic damage, capped at 75 bonus damage against monsters, and deals 50% damage to structures. All of Sion’s abilities are replaced with Death Surge, which grants him 67% Movement Speed decaying over 2.38 seconds.

Ability 1 – Decimating Smash

Sion charges a heavy blow for up to 1.75 seconds.

Recast: Sion slams his axe down, briefly slowing enemies hit by 50% for 0.25 seconds and dealing between 54 (25 + 45% Attack Damage) and 152 (65 + 135% Attack Damage) physical damage based on charge time.

If Sion is charged for at least 0.75 seconds, enemies are knocked up and stunned for between 1.25 and 2.25 seconds based on charge time. Minions take 60% damage, while monsters take 150% damage.

Ability 2 – Soul Furnace

Sion gains a shield that absorbs 117 (60 + 40% scaling with Ability Power + 10% of max Health) damage for 6 seconds. After 3 seconds if the shield still holds, Sion can recast to detonate the shield to deal 40 ( 40 + 40% scaling with Ability Power) plus 10% of their max Health to all nearby enemies. Bonus damage is capped at 400 against monsters. The shield will automatically detonate after 6 seconds.

Ability 3 – Roar Of The Slayer

Sion fires a shockwave, dealing 65 ( 65 + 55% scaling with Ability Power) magic damage. Slowing them by 40% for 2.5 seconds, the skill removes 20% Armor for 4 seconds. Non-champions’ hits are knocked back. Enemies hit by a knocked-back unit take the same damage and effects.

Ultimate Ability – Unstoppable Onslaught

Sion charges unstoppably in a direction, turning with player input. Sion stops when colliding with an enemy champion, structure, terrain, or when recasting this ability.

When this happens, Sion will slam the ground with earth-shattering force, dealing between 150 (150 + 40% bonus Attack Damage) and 400 (400 + 80% bonus Attack Damage) physical damage, while stunning and knocking up enemies for 0.75 to 1.75 seconds, based on charge time. The skill deals 50% damage to structures.

Best Rune Setups and Spells for Sion in Wild Rift

Sion is a tanky bruiser. He specializes in split pushing, while his team takes objectives on the other side of the map. He wants to farm up and keep shoving in the wave, so that this enemy is forced to respond to the wave on their tower, or else risk losing towers.

This helps his team out, as the enemy team normally has to send at least two people to stop Sion, thus making the objective fight a 4v3 in Sion’s team’s favour. His runes help him do exactly this, so let us see what his rune setup is. In this guide, we will discuss the best Rune Setups and spells for Sion in Wild Rift.

Rune Setups

The following Runes work best for Sion in Baron Lane.

Keystone Rune: Grasp Of The Undying

Grasp Of The Undying is the perfect rune for Sion. It grants him bonus health after Sion procs 4 stacks of the rune. Another reason why it is great is that Sion can get bigger shields with items like Gargoyle Stoneplate, and health regen is improved as well.


Triumph helps Sion to deal bonus damage to enemies below 35% Health. This is helpful for Sion, because he is a split pusher. When split pushing, if the enemy sends someone to deal with him, it will be easier to kill them with Triumph. The health regeneration it provides upon a kill is great as well, which is another major reason to choose triumph as the Domination rune for Sion.

Wild Rift Sion Guide setups
Image via Riot Games

Second Wind

Having a rune that grants regeneration and more Health is great for Sion. Second Wind fulfills

that purpose. It grants Sion increased health regeneration. Along with that, when he takes damage from an enemy champion, he immediately starts regenerating a portion of his missing health. Second Wind also has a special effect for melee champions, as it doubles the healing effect for melee champions.


When Sion is within 550 range of a turret, he charges an attack over 3 seconds. Attacking the turret discharges the attack dealing 200 ( +30% of maximum Health) bonus adaptive damage. This is on a 30-second cooldown. This rune is the perfect rune for Sion as he is a split-pushing melee champion.

Summoner Spells


This is pretty self-explanatory. Flash teleports its user a short distance in the desired direction. Sion can use this to either escape a bad situation or score a takedown on a fleeing enemy. Along with these, he can also use Flash to take down a turret at very low health, and then escape when enemies arrive.


Ignite is a good summoner spell for Sion. This is because when he is split pushing and the enemy sends someone to deal with him, he can take them on 1v1 and then use ignite so they can’t heal back up. Once they are down to a low-enough threshold, Triumph and Sion’s ultimate will help him to take down the enemy.

Best Build for Sion in League of Legends: Wild Rift

In this section of the guide, we will discuss the best item build for Sion in League Of Legends: Wild Rift.

Wild Rift Sion Guide build
Image via Riot Games
  • Sunfire Cape: Sunfire Cape grants Sion 500 Health and 15 Ability Haste. Along with that, the unique passive of Sunfire Cape, Immolate, constantly releases a small ring of fire all around Sion, and the damage the passive deals with increases when facing enemy champions or epic monsters. But the main use of Sunfire Cape for Sion is to clear minion waves. This is possible due to the second unique effect of Sunfire, called “Flame Touch“, where the ring of fire from Immolate will deal 150% damage to minions. This will greatly help him to clear enemy minion waves, making it easier for him to split-push faster.
  • Hullbreaker: For any tanky, bruiser-like Attack Damage split pusher in the game, Hullbreaker is a very important and core item. Sion, being a tanky bruiser needs Health and Attack Damage. Hullbreaker is the item that helps him with it. It provides Sion with 300 Health and 55 Attack Damage. But again, the main quality which makes Hullbreaker a must-build item for bruiser AD split-pushers is it’s unique passive that buffs minions around the player. Whenever Sion is near allied minions while Hullbreaker is equipped, allied siege and super minions gain bonus Armor and Magic Resist, while also growing in size up to an additional 10%, and dealing 200% additional damage to structures. All of this makes it much easier for Sion to split-push, making Hullbreaker the perfect item for him.
  • Plated Steelcaps (Gargoyle Enchant): Gargoyle Enchant’s unique effect, Stoneplate, grants its user a shield when activated. This shield is worth 20% of Sion’s bonus health, and it decays over 4 seconds. When there are 3 or more enemies nearby, the shield value increases to nearly 100% of Sion’s maximum Health. This makes it easier for Sion to survive in 1v2 and 1v3 situations while split pushing. The best enchantment for Sion.
  • Thornmail: Thornmail is the best item for tanks against AD champions, and as a tank item in general. It grants Sion 200 Health and 75 Armor. One of its components, Bramble Vest, applies Grievous Wounds to enemy champions who attack Sion. In addition to this, if Sion is able to immobilize the enemy champion attacking him, the Grievous Wounds effect increases to 60%, making him Its unique effect, Thorns also reflect damage to enemies when they deal basic-attack damage to him. So, whenever Sion is up against an Attack Damage-based champion in the Baron lane, this item helps him a lot.
  • Force Of Nature: Force Of Nature is the best anti-magic item for tanks. Sion also uses this item in the Baron lane as protection against magic damage-based champions. It grants Sion 350 Health and 50 Magic Resist, making it the best magic resistance item for him. Another good thing about Force Of Nature is it provides a 5% Movement Speed boost to Sion. All of this along with the 350 Health makes this a great item for him overall.
  • Randuin’s Omen: These days almost in every game, there is a champion with decent attack speed or champions who deal critical strike damage. Randuin’s Omen is the perfect item against both. It grants Sion 400 Health and 55 Armor. In addition, it has two unique effects, Armored and Cold Steel. Armored reduces damage to Sion from critical strikes by 15%, making Randuin’s Omen an excellent item against most ADC champions. The Cold Steel effect reduces the attack speed of enemies by 15% when Sion is struck by their basic attacks, again making it easier to handle high attack speed, basic attack-based champions like Yasuo, Tryndamere, and most ADCs.

League Of Legends: Wild Rift Sion Gameplay Tips

In this section of the Wild Rift guide, we will discuss how to best play Sion in the early, mid, and late game.

Early Game

Wild Rift Sion Guide early game
Image via Riot Games

One of the most important things to remember with Sion in the early game is that he is not going to win the lane. Compared to other bruisers like Darius and Sett, Sion’s early game is abysmal. He is a very resilient tank who scales into the mid-game, so it is recommended to play him safely in the early game. This means not dying, not getting into many fights, and not losing lane, just maintaining control so that enemies don’t have a chance to push their lane in.

Mid Game

Sion in the mid game is a bruiser who wants to stay alone in whichever lane he is in. He wants to keep split pushing as much as he can in whichever lane he is in, and whenever enemies come to confront him, he can back away and push another lane. This helps his team to maintain pressure in all lanes, and helps them by distracting enemies to other lanes while his teammates aim for objectives.

Late Game

Similar to the mid-game, Sion wants to split push in the late game as well. But in addition to that, he can help his team out whenever he can. The ultimate does a ton of damage to champions in the late game, and he is like a literal truck rolling through the rift, with the strength to nuke enemies out of existence. In the late game, he will have all his items and he will be at max level.

Wild Rift Sion Guide late game
Image via Riot Games

He will hit harder than any tank currently in the game, except Nasus. The most important thing in the late game is to use all the ability Haste to recharge the ultimate quicker and keep hitting the enemies and their towers. This will help his team to win fights, as well as take down their Nexus.

Champions that counter SionChampions that Sion counters
Darius Teemo

Final Thoughts

Taking all things into consideration, Sion is one of the stronger tanks in the game. Due to Wild Rift having a smaller map, his ultimate ability feels even more powerful. He is easy to pick up for beginners, and he can easily be used to climb to the middle ranks in the rank ladder. His kit is very unique, and that makes him one of the most fun champions to play.

That’s all for today’s League of Legends: Wild Rift Sion Guide. Do you prefer to use/build him in any other, different way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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